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Kel Tec P-32 to P-3AT .380 Conversion?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by JackDRipper, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. JackDRipper

    JackDRipper Well-Known Member

    It would be great if Kel Tec will make a.380 coversion barrel and slide like the p-40 conversion kit for the p-11 for the P32 frame.
  2. firestar

    firestar member

    What about a necked down .380 to .32? Does it exist? If it does, I think it would be easy to fit a P-32 BBL to the new KT-.380 and have a nice little cartridge.
  3. Watch-Six

    Watch-Six Well-Known Member

    North American Arms has done just that with their Guardian 380. They have a new 32 caliber round based on the 380 necked down. If you are interested, you can read about it at:
  4. alamo

    alamo Well-Known Member

    No conversion. I spoke to KT this morning. The frame, grip, slide & barrel are all slightly bigger, won't work.
  5. Zander

    Zander member

    Don't know if anyone has posted the particulars yet on the P-3AT, but here they are:

    Length: 5.16"
    Height: 3.52"
    Width: .75"
    Weight: 7.3 oz. [unloaded]
    Barrel: 2.76"
    Capacity: 6+1 rounds of .380 ACP [Kurz]

    The frame size and weight are between the P-32 and the P-11. Production and shipping should start in May, per Kel-Tec...
  6. alamo

    alamo Well-Known Member


    You may not have seen this thread yet:


    Here is a side-by-side comparison:

    P-32 / P-3AT

    Weight: 6.6 oz / 7.3 oz
    Length: 5.06" / 5.16"
    Height: 3.52" / 3.52"
    Width: 0.74" / 0.75"
    Barrel length: 2.68" / 2.76"
    Capacity: 7+1 / 6+1

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