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Kel-Tec P3AT clip extension

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by flphotoguy, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. flphotoguy

    flphotoguy Active Member

    I got the magazine extension from Kel-Tec for my P3AT and the install was a breeze but.... I thought it would increase the capacity from 6 rounds to 7. It didn't. 6 rounds go with no problem, but if I try to insert a 7th there isn't room. Has anyone else had experience with this?
  2. senior

    senior Member In Memoriam


    I beleive that the extention is meant to be just that, an extention for the pinky, not a mag extention to give u more ammo holding ability, least thats how mine works also.
  3. LightningMan

    LightningMan Well-Known Member

    Hello, I also got one of these extentions that are supposed to be able to increase the mag. by 1 round. I too found that I was unable to add that 7th round. The kit I bought came with a spring I thought was unnecessarly too long so I clipped a little off and that worked. Was able to get that 7th round in and it would still feed the last round. Worked for me, good luck, LM
  4. gpr

    gpr Well-Known Member

    + one extension

    some times that little 'L' clip gets installed wrong and then the follower can't get passed....i also had a follower hang up on the extention/mag body, just take the sharp edge off the follower...gpr
  5. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    +1 Magazine Extension

    It does add 1 round if you do it right.

    The follower is probably hanging up on the sharp edge of the extension.
    Or the L-Clip is in wrong.


  6. blackcash88

    blackcash88 member

    The L-clip goes OUTSIDE the back of the extension. I have several and never had a problem. They're really quite simple to install.
  7. flphotoguy

    flphotoguy Active Member

    blackcash had it right. The L-clip on the bottom has to be outside of the magazine. I made the change and now I can get in 7 rounds, although it is very tight. I haven't tried it at the range yet. It may sound trivial for one round but with one in the chamber, and an additional six round clip, you can have 14 rounds in your pocket. That's pretty reassuring.
  8. VTKFJoe

    VTKFJoe Well-Known Member

    The instructions are pretty clear about the "L" clip but many people still install it wrong. My 7th round goes in as easy as the other 6. I too like 14 in the pocket.

  9. DawgFvr

    DawgFvr Well-Known Member

    What's that point of one more .380 round? The only viable reason for the P3AT is the fact that it will slide into a pocket and is relatively easy to draw and present from the pocket. It just barely does that in its stock configuration...and now you want to add length to the grip? That would make it more difficult to draw/present striking out its only true advantage IMHO: Bad idea.
  10. GigaBuist

    GigaBuist Well-Known Member

    6+1 in the gun and 7 for your reload.
  11. DawgFvr

    DawgFvr Well-Known Member

    It is already a "finicky" pistol to reload...why change the stock mag configuration and chance a miss-feed for a meager one round advantage? I'd say you were inducing unreliability in a weapon that is prone to malfunction.
  12. TennVOL

    TennVOL Well-Known Member

    I thought KT's had magazines. When I read the title of this thread I thought it was about the pocketclip for the KT.
  13. LightningMan

    LightningMan Well-Known Member

    Hello again, I too after I installed the mag. extention didn't like it for pocket carry, so I opt to leave it off but it is nice to have on while shooting it at the range, as it's easier to control. LM
  14. Rex B

    Rex B Well-Known Member


    I don't use the mag +1 extension, but I do use the NAA or Bersa pinkie lip. Without it, I might as well be gripping a bar of soap. I just never feel like I have control of it.
    But I'd prefer it were slightly smaller. I may need to go back and look at that +1 extension.
  15. sort00

    sort00 Active Member

    A picture please?? So I can change 1 of Mags.
  16. Dan-O

    Dan-O Well-Known Member



    I think it makes the gun more controllable for follow up shots, and makes the gun more accurate.
  17. DawgFvr

    DawgFvr Well-Known Member

    I can see the Bersa "pinkie lip". I, too, added that on as it did not affect the OEM magazine's function in any way and it improves the handling greatly.


    An extension to the OEM mag, on the other hand, could very possibly affect the feed reliability; why mess with it for one additional round??????
  18. flphotoguy

    flphotoguy Active Member

    The magazine extension is made by Kel-Tec, so it is OEM. The logic behind the additional round would be to fire 7, change magazines and fire 7 (or 8) more, if needed. The slide on the P3AT does not stay open on last round fired, so leaving the extra round in the chamber can save time when switching magazines. That one extra round could indeed make a BIG difference.
  19. DawgFvr

    DawgFvr Well-Known Member

    flphotoguy...I stand corrected. Kel Tec does make the one round extension mag. It is OEM.

    Having said that, I could not possibly fit the P3AT w/the one round extension in my pocket. The weapon barely fits my pocket now; as it is, I can just get my hand in and draw it fairly well. With the extension? Nope...doesn't work for me. Now...why carry back-up mag with the one round extension? I mean, hell, the mags are so small...just carry three or four regular back-ups.

    I just do not see the logic to it at all.
  20. flphotoguy

    flphotoguy Active Member

    I keep my P3AT in a Sting holster and it fits nicely in just about every pocket I have. The mag extension is so small, it makes no difference at all as far as size goes but does give the gun a better feel. Here's how it looks in a Desantis Sting:

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