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Kel-Tec PF9 grip extension on a Taurus 709 magazine

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Ben86, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. Ben86

    Ben86 Well-Known Member

    I cannot seem to locate any 709 grip extensions, but I have read that one can use the pf9 grip extension on a 709 magazine and it works fine. I was wondering if anyone has tried this and whether or not it worked out before I buy a couple.
  2. wnycollector

    wnycollector Well-Known Member

    If the PF-9 grip extension works, then the Pearce kahr PM-9 grip extensions will work on it with minor modifications. Check out KTOG for a sticky on how to modify the grip extensions!
  3. AJChenMPH

    AJChenMPH Well-Known Member

  4. Ben86

    Ben86 Well-Known Member

    I just want to make it clear that the pf-9 grip extensions do not properly fit the T709 magazines. The magazine spring "peg" on the Taurus is square and the hole on the pf-9 extension is round. Square peg, round hole you get the picture.

    I really wish Taurus would make an extension dang it. I'd even take a pierce extension. Oh well.
  5. AJChenMPH

    AJChenMPH Well-Known Member

    Looks like you posted on that thread that I linked -- if so, you probably saw that I mentioned that I did ask Pearce if they were planning on making an extension. This was their reply: "An extension for the Taurus PT709 Slim is being discussed, however there are no start or completion dates set at this time."
  6. Ben86

    Ben86 Well-Known Member

    Oh well, the stock grip is still fine enough. Perfecting perfection, you know how that goes.
  7. Ben86

    Ben86 Well-Known Member

    I just want to add the Kel-Tec customer service is very prompt and kind. I almost feel like a jerk for getting my money back on the grip extensions. Gosh.

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