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Kimber Solo mag release

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by MrBill120, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. MrBill120

    MrBill120 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone handled the Solo? I held one the other day and the magazine release was impossible to depress. The amount of pressure required was insane!!

    Was this a fluke, or are they all this difficult to depress?
  2. allaroundhunter

    allaroundhunter Well-Known Member

    I have handled two and shot one and they were each the same way. However, I have a friend that carries one in a good pocket holster and the magazine release oftentimes gets pressed inadvertently while in the holster.
  3. WRGADog

    WRGADog Well-Known Member

    I own a Kimber Solo. The mag release is very difficult to depress with every type of ammo I have used, and it is impossible to depress if the magazine is loaded with Remington Golden Saber. I am 6' 210 and I absolutely cannot depress the mag release using both hands to apply pressure with the Golden Saber ammo. I have sent the gun back to Kimber twice along with a detailed explanation letter in an attempt to fix the problem with no success. So, I changed ammo to Winchester Ranger JHP. It is still very difficult to depress but not impossible as with the Golden Saber.
  4. MrBill120

    MrBill120 Well-Known Member

    The Solo I held was on display at the gun shop. Beautiful firearm, but if I can't remove an empty magazine that's kind of a turn off for me. LOL
  5. larryh1108

    larryh1108 Well-Known Member

    I also own a Solo and sent it back to Kimber for the mag release issue.
    From my understanding, the earlier Solos had issues with the mag release so they beefed it up and this is what we are stuck with. However, you can easily drop the mag if you push up on the base of the mag when releasing it. It sucks because you need 2 hands to reload but it's better than trying to force the mag release with 1 hand. I am considering selling my Solo for this reason. 2 hands=easy. I hand=nearly impossible....
  6. Drail

    Drail Well-Known Member

    Ususally caused by trying to dump a loaded 8 round magazine....and a big old burr. It can be fixed by any decent pistolsmith.
  7. MrBill120

    MrBill120 Well-Known Member

    A loaded 8 round mag???
    I was trying to remove the magazine this with an unloaded, brand new Solo straight from the display case. I thought maybe is was a defect....guess not.
  8. smalls

    smalls Well-Known Member

    Wonder if anyone has some serious amount of rounds through theirs, and maybe it lightened up from use?
  9. allaroundhunter

    allaroundhunter Well-Known Member

    I have shot a friends that has about 1500 rounds through it.... And it is still stiff as all get out.
  10. smalls

    smalls Well-Known Member

    Well, then. There goes that theory...
  11. allaroundhunter

    allaroundhunter Well-Known Member

    But even with the magazine release issues, that is a SMOOTH trigger.
  12. Casefull

    Casefull Well-Known Member

    I just purchased a solo and I love the stiff mag release...too many pistols I carry in a pocket or a bag get bumped and the mag is loose...not a good thing in an emergency. I would rather have to press hard on a mag release than have a loose mag.
  13. YZ

    YZ member

    Perhaps Kimber decided that mag retention in a pocket pistol is more relevant than speedy reloading. I did the same as described in #5.
  14. RH45

    RH45 Well-Known Member

    I've had my Solo for over a year now, and it is a PITA to unload, but, if the slide is locked back, they release fine.
    I can't say I really like their design, but, as stated, for a concealed carry gun, the mag isn't going to accidentally fall out, leaving you with a single shot.
  15. Fishbed77

    Fishbed77 Well-Known Member

    As far as I'm concerned, the Kimber Solo is a pistol that was dead on arrival.
  16. gym

    gym member

    It's too expensive to have this type of problem to be allowed to exist by the manufacturer.
  17. YZ

    YZ member

    I am surprised they are still going for $700++. I don't get it. But the people at Kimber must know something about us the unwashed. They sell every Solo made.
  18. gym

    gym member

    I will take my PM9 any day.

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