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(KY) New indoor range offers a state-of-the-art facility

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Drizzt, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. Drizzt

    Drizzt Well-Known Member

    Lexington Herald Leader (Kentucky)

    July 6, 2003 Sunday


    LENGTH: 698 words

    HEADLINE: shooting start;
    New indoor range offers a state-of-the-art facility


    The idea popped into Win Underwood's mind about 25 years ago as he was practicing with his handgun outdoors in inclement weather.

    "I always appreciated shooting sports and thought a state-of-the-art indoor range in Lexington would be well-received," said Underwood, a former conservation officer who is a partner in the Bluegrass Indoor Range, a new indoor handgun range off Old Frankfort Pike. "We're open to groups and individuals, anyone who wants to shoot for accuracy and fun."

    The indoor range, in the Enterprise Industrial Park, was built from the ground up to be a shooting facility. "I attended an NRA (National Rifle Association) conference on range design and construction," Underwood said. "The facility was 21/2 years in the planning, and construction was finished in Dec. 2002."

    There are two shooting ranges open, each with six firing positions. "We have space for a third range," Underwood said, "if we decide to expand in the future."

    From the outside it looks like a typical metal and concrete block industrial building, but the interior design and construction make it a safe, environmentally friendly facility for shooters.

    "The walls are filled with material that makes them impervious to bullets," said Underwood.

    Sound-absorbing insulation and double doors limit noise. Shooters are protected by armor plating between lanes.

    "Any time we have a new shooter we give them a safety orientation, and the range officer observes them from behind the glass," Underwood said.

    The shooting bays are lighted, and an electric trolley controlled by the shooter, moves targets downrange.

    "In handgun shooting the distances are 21 feet, 50 feet and 75 feet," said Stu Sampson, who shoots at the range once or twice a week. "It's the best range in 150 miles."

    Sampson's favorite handgun is his Kimber, in .45 caliber. "The law enforcement target is shot at 21 feet. The 50- and 75-foot (bulleye) targets are shot in matches."

    Bullets are fired into a self-healing rubber mat, over 30 inches of rubber chunks from recycled tires.

    "The rounds stay intact, and eventually settle to the bottom," Underwood said. "Once a year you separate the bullets from the rubber chunks."

    The ranges are heated and air-conditioned, and a special "push and pull" filtration system keeps primer gases and burnt powder smoke away from shooters.

    "Air is circulated from above and behind the shooter downrange into an air intake and exhaust," Underwood said. "There's no cross contamination with the sales area up front. The heating and cooling systems are separate."

    By-products of the range -- spent brass cases and lead -- are recycled.

    A classroom is adjacent to the ranges, complete with tables and desks, a chalkboard and a TV with video capability.

    "This is where we conduct our conceal and carry classes," Underwood said. "We also let other instructors bring their groups here for educational sessions and range use."

    Bluegrass Indoor Range is used extensively by local law enforcement officers from several agencies.

    "We wanted the facility to be sensitive to their special needs, so we offer then 24-hour entry (for practice)," Underwood said. "We also sell the entire line of Glock handguns and have an armorer on staff."Want to take a shot?

    The Bluegrass Indoor Range is located at 1051 Enterprise Drive.

    Hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday.

    The cost to shoot is $14 an hour per person, or $21 for two shooters in one lane. Monthly, yearly, and family memberships, which offer unlimited range use, are also available.

    The range is open to .22s, centerfire semi-automatic handguns, revolvers, single-shot pistols, and rifles that shoot centerfire pistol cartridges only.

    Shooters can purchase targets, firearms and ammunition at the range, and rent handguns for range use. Hearing and eye protection is required for all shooters and anyone on the firing line.

    Youngsters 17 and under, when accompanied by an adult, can take advantage of a free range session.

    For information call range manager Frank Hollingshead at (859) 225-0333, or visit the Web site, www.bluegrassrange.com
  2. yesterdaysyouth

    yesterdaysyouth Well-Known Member

    anybody a member here?? how much for that?? what kinda dumb rules do they have like no rapid fire, double taps, have to use range sold ammo, etc....

    how far is this from frankfort?
  3. Hijinks

    Hijinks New Member

    I have seen people rapid fire, but it tends to piss others off.

    I have double taped there many times, no problem.

    You can bring your own ammo.

    Its probably 25 minutes from frankfort.

    Really nice place! Now if they would just open a range in louisville...
  4. Darrin

    Darrin Well-Known Member


    I should move back to Kentucky.

    Will they let you shoot shotguns there? The indoor range I use here is handgun/shotgun.
  5. Logistar

    Logistar Guest

    I'll have to check that out since we have no indoor range in LOUISVILLE! :cuss:

  6. Hijinks

    Hijinks New Member

    No shotguns.

    STPRMON1 Member

    shooting range

    We have a similiar state of the art shooting facility in Clearwater,Fl.
    Anything goes. 25 yard pistol and 50 yard rifle. Full auto, 50 BMG or whatever. The air filtration sysytem is supposed to meet EPA regulations until 2014. The only drawback is the the price. $11.00/per hour is alot if you intend to shoot awhile. The other local indoor rangeis the same price to shoot all day and the outdoor range is $15.00 to shoot all day and my younger son shoots for free.
  8. mrstang01

    mrstang01 Well-Known Member

    BIR is a super range! I've shot there several times, and Logistar, it's worth the trip from Lou. to Lex. Ray's was no comparison. You can shoot 3 or 4 hours and not come out coughing powder like a coal miner.

    Winn and his guys are super, they've always been very helpful and friendly.

    I can't recommend them enough!

  9. Kentucky Rifle

    Kentucky Rifle Member In Memoriam

    It WOULD just HAVE to be in Lexington...

    Why can't Louisville have some place nice to shoot. A good gun club would be just great. I don't want to have to drive all the way to Lexington!


  10. mrstang01

    mrstang01 Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to talk Winn and his group into opening a range in Louisville, since apparently Ray isn't going to reopen his. I'll make sure and point him to this thread.
  11. Logistar

    Logistar Guest

    Thanks Mrstang01, I am going to make a trip up there to check it out. I couldn't go often but I need to go SOMEWHERE!

    I really think Louisville would do a nice job of supporting an indoor range. I am really perplexed as to why Ray didn't re-open one.

    I'd also like to know what happened to all those guys who had purchased memberships at Ray's. I guess they just "lost their money". - I did.

  12. mrstang01

    mrstang01 Well-Known Member

    Lost mine too. Apparently it was a financing issue, as in couldn't get any.
  13. Logistar

    Logistar Guest

    I am sorry to hear that Mrstang01. :( I called Knob Creek this morning and was thinking about going out there today. They told me it was already crowded. When they tell me that, I usually regret going. - So I didn't go.

    Besides, Knob Creek doesn't work very well for pistols as far as I am concerned. It's OK for rifles though. An indoor range (where you can run targets in and out) works much better for handguns. YMMV

  14. mrstang01

    mrstang01 Well-Known Member

    I agree, the creek is good for rifles, but tough to get enough breaks to set targets for handguns. Also have to keep an eye on some of the other shooters, their weapons handling often leaves a bit to be desired.

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