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LA Hog

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by 1prcntr, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. 1prcntr

    1prcntr Well-Known Member

    Shot this 160 lb sow yesterday morning at 110 yards. Used a Kimber 84 M 7mm-08 with a 140 gr Fusion. She went 20 yards and piled up with a high double lung shot. These things have really taken over our lease this year. they are eating 50 lbs of corn in less than 12 hours. It will be game on Feb 01, as we can hunt them at night. tn.jpg
  2. alsaqr

    alsaqr Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the porker. Good shot too.
  3. 1prcntr

    1prcntr Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Ribs tomorrow night:D
  4. electrode1998

    electrode1998 Well-Known Member

    Nice!!!! Good size for eating.............they get too big they arent good for anything..........except target practice
  5. Ms_Dragon

    Ms_Dragon Well-Known Member

    The cover around you looks fairly thick so you did really well!
  6. 1prcntr

    1prcntr Well-Known Member

    Typical southern pine forrest/paper company land. Actually my food plot is 264 yards long on a power line, but yes it is thick. Swampy as all get out now, we've had lots of rain lately. They had a 330 lb'er hanging at the camp a couple days ago. It's a shame we've killed almost as many hogs as we have deer.
  7. electrode1998

    electrode1998 Well-Known Member

    That is one small reason I gave up on my deer lease I was in a few years ago.........hogs chasing out the deer.............

    but mainly the CLUB DRAMA.............
  8. surjimmy

    surjimmy Well-Known Member

    Please shoot one for me. Good going.
  9. herkyguy

    herkyguy Well-Known Member

    whewww, i clicked on the link thinking wild hogs had invaded Los Angeles.

    Nice pig.

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