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Large Bore Snub Nose?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by TanklessPro, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. TanklessPro

    TanklessPro Well-Known Member

    Another thread got me thinking.
    Most of my wheelies are Smiths and was thinking I need a snub nose. I have several 4" or longer 357's. I want a large bore snub nose for CC. I prefer SS but I do love some good bluing.
    So let's see what y'all suggest and pictures don't hurt at all.
  2. 460Shooter

    460Shooter Well-Known Member

    S&W 696. 3" 44 spl. They can be found from time to time on Gunbroker.com for around $1000.
  3. Mayvik

    Mayvik Well-Known Member

    Are the "classic" style Charter Bulldogs released yet?
  4. 243winxb

    243winxb Well-Known Member

    Seen a Taurus Raging Bull 454 2 1/4" barrel at the club this summer.
  5. silicosys4

    silicosys4 Well-Known Member

    If you run across one of these, they are great guns, and usually underrated and underpriced. Astra terminator .44 mag 2 3/4"

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  6. silicosys4

    silicosys4 Well-Known Member

    And another pic from the side

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  7. Snubnoses don't get much bigger than this: .................................... [​IMG][/URL][/IMG][​IMG][/URL][/IMG]
  8. Lucky Derby

    Lucky Derby Well-Known Member

    3" 696 (.44 SPL), 3" 625(.45 ACP or Colt), 3" 624(.44 SPL).
  9. evan price

    evan price Well-Known Member

    Ruger makes the Alaskan (Snub nose Super Redhawk) in 44 mag, 454 Casull and 480 Ruger.

    Alternatively a S&W 396 in 44 special, or a S&W 325 in 45 auto might be more recoil-friendly.
  10. bannockburn

    bannockburn Well-Known Member

    Always thought the Colt Lawman with a 2" barrel made for an awesome .357 snubbie.
  11. KSCCHTrainer

    KSCCHTrainer Well-Known Member

    If you can find one - the discontinued Taurus model 445 which is a stainless 2" barreled DAO, 5 shot .44 special. It's only slightly larger than a J-frame Smith, a little heavier, but it fits the pocket nicely. I think they made a DA/SA model of this as well but not sure on that.

    Bought mine off a forum member here a couple years ago and been carrying it ever since in a modified "Uncle Mike's" pocket holster. (Had to open up one side a little to allow it to cover the trigger.)

  12. farm23

    farm23 Well-Known Member

    I have a 3" 629 but have thought of getting a lighter one for every day carry and the Charter Arms is probably the one I will end up with. There are others out there but they are more expensive. My friend has a CA and has shot 100's of 200 gr thru it without problems.
  13. pendennis

    pendennis Well-Known Member

    This one is still in my carry rotation:
  14. dprice3844444

    dprice3844444 member

  15. mgkdrgn

    mgkdrgn Well-Known Member

    Taurus 450, snub nose, ported, 45 Colt. Comes in steel and an ultralight version.

    Been out of production for about 10 years, but you still find 'em around.

    Nothing like having 45 Colt as a pocket carry! :evil:
  16. Coyote3855

    Coyote3855 Well-Known Member

    I like my stainless Ruger Security Six with the 2" barrel.
  17. Old Fuff

    Old Fuff Well-Known Member

    One of my pet carry revolvers is a Taurus model 445. My particular variant is slightly larger the a S&W K-frame, blued hi-carbon steel, 5-shot, .44 Special. Barrel length is 2 inches and not ported.

    I much prefer it over any .357 Magnum with a similar configuration. Less blast and flash, and the bullet is expanded before it leaves the bore.

    It's a bit large and heavy for side pocket carry, but works well from an IWB rig or in a coat pocket during colder weather.
  18. SwampWolf

    SwampWolf Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if the .41 Magnum qualifies as being a "big bore" or not, but I've had good experiences with my 5-shot, s/s, Taurus Model 415 revolver chambered in this fine cartridge. The gun appears to be a hair larger than a Smith K-frame and is surprisingly controllable with quick, follow-up shots (the "ribbed" grips and ported barrel seems to help in handling recoil). I like the fact that it has a 2 1/2" barrel (as opposed to the 2" length) and, though the ported barrel helps in controlling recoil, this advantage is somewhat offset by the increased muzzle flash. Seldom in life can you have your cake and eat it too...:(
  19. Ditchtiger

    Ditchtiger Well-Known Member

    Old Fuff,

    You must have an older model.
    I bought a 445ul this fall, it only weighs 22 ounces.
  20. Snake Plisskin

    Snake Plisskin Well-Known Member

    Well a good ole 2.5" 686 would CC you nicely however its .357 but still a good choice. IMO


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