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Largest Kershaw Spring Assisted Knife?

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by jwalker497, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. jwalker497

    jwalker497 Well-Known Member

    I have many knives from many companies. I have found that Kershaws are way under priced - Or other brands are way over-priced. Regardless, Kershaw make a really solid knife in my opinion and I am courious as to what their largest spring assited folder is? Anyone know?
  2. Pax Jordana

    Pax Jordana Well-Known Member

    That would be the offset at 5.25in closed.

    Though it's only got a 3.75in blade - there are a few more AO kershaws out there with that blade length.

    For my money (and hands) I'd just get a Blur.
  3. wuluf

    wuluf Well-Known Member

    concur on the blur, great knife!
  4. rbmcmjr

    rbmcmjr Well-Known Member

    Offset, Tyrade, and Junkyard Dog II:


    Of the three, the JYDII is the easiest to carry, due to its slimness.

    (the little ones are the Bump, Mini Cyclone, and Whisper)
  5. JackalJones

    JackalJones Member

    Would the Zero Tolerance line be in there too?
    The 0301,0302 are pretty big.
    According to Kershaw's site. The Offset and the ZT 0301 have the same dimensions and almost the same weight. 8.5oz to 8.6oz.

  6. rbmcmjr

    rbmcmjr Well-Known Member

    The ZTs are large, but the Offset handle dwarfs them.

    This is the only shot I have of my ZT0300DW with another knife (BM 630 Skirmish)for scale:


    The Offset blade is ~1/4" longer. It is the WIDTH of the ZT blade that seems so freakish.

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