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Laser sights - Crimson Trace

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by norwegianoperator, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. norwegianoperator

    norwegianoperator Well-Known Member


    Do any of you guys have any experience with the crimson trace grips/laser sights or the sights from Lasermax? do they make you hit the middle of the target? :what:

  2. 340PD

    340PD Well-Known Member

    For me, a great product

    I have Crimson Trace products on three snubbies. It takes some practice to forget the gunsights and rely on the laser. My hit ratio went way up. As a added bonus, the laser sights do not depend on which angle the gun is held at. Bad guys do not like red dots on them. Get the size that fits your needs.
    I use the LG 305 and 405. Try both out.
  3. norwegianoperator

    norwegianoperator Well-Known Member

    Thanks... well, i just have to check if its legal here first...cause i really want a laser on my gun
  4. norwegianoperator

    norwegianoperator Well-Known Member

    Thanks... well, i just have to check if its legal here first...cause i really want a laser on my gun
  5. norwegianoperator

    norwegianoperator Well-Known Member


    Thanks... well, i just have to check if its legal here first...cause i really want a laser on my gun:uhoh:
  6. norwegianoperator

    norwegianoperator Well-Known Member


    Thanks... well, i just have to check if its legal here first...cause i really want a laser on my gun:uhoh:
  7. jaydubya

    jaydubya Well-Known Member

    I have Crimson Traces on my "classic" Browning Hi Power, my S&W 637 snubby and 686+. Needless to say, I hate them. You asked, "do they make you hit the middle of the target?" Gracious no! I can still pull my shots left whenever I feel like it. But it is deeply satisfying to see a hole appear in the target right where the red dot is. I practice weekly with the Hi Power and one of the revolvers, fifty rounds each, half with iron sights and half with the lasers. I replace the batteries every six months, just to be safe.
    Cordially, Jack
  8. norwegianoperator

    norwegianoperator Well-Known Member


    Thanks... will you guys recomend Crimson Trace or other manufacturers?
  9. hit or miss

    hit or miss Well-Known Member

    I put a set on my wife's model 15 for her. She can stack bullets one on top of the other in the target, double action. The only complaint I can make against them is now the grip is too large for her small hands and she refuses to give them up! It really makes the gun uncomfortable for her. One other problem is she thinks the red dot will make scumbags scared so she doesn't have to shoot.

    You still have to practice good shooting form and trigger control though.
  10. tiko_joe

    tiko_joe Well-Known Member

    personally i feel that lasers are more of training aid, and damn near black out situations. there great for the quick shot, i have a set of crimson trace on a taurus 1911 and for all intended purposes i like them, when you dont have time or in an awkard self defense type posotion. i've seen alot of people actually get worse from laser because they focus on timing the laser with their natural movement, creating a snap or other fundamental flaw. i would recommend crimson trace over laser max or other guide rod style laser, a flashing light in a high pressure moment is lust another thing to distract your mind.
  11. 3rdpig

    3rdpig Well-Known Member

    Got CT grips on my S&W J frame, my Glock 26 and my Glock 29. I love them and recommend them highly.

    Like others I thought lasers were only useful as a training aid, and that's why I got my first set for the J frame, to help my SO with her shooting, but after using them myself, and being in an encounter with them on my G29, I wouldn't have a carry gun without a pair. Once you start realizing the added capabilities they bring to the table you'll want them on your carry guns too.

    And this from a guy who swore as little as 5 years ago that he'd never own a laser sight or a plastic framed pistol.
  12. blutarsky

    blutarsky Well-Known Member

    speaking of crimson trace.

    i've read of a couple ways to use these. one is to sight them in at a given range, perhaps 15 yds (heck if i know that's close, maybe it's 25yds?). ANYWAY, sight them in so the dot is where the bullet goes at given range. problem is that as the range increases or decreases, the point of impact changes drastically and intriduces quite a bit of guess-work.

    the other way i've read is that you sight it in where the laser is exactly parallel to the bullet's path -- so that at any given range the off-set is exactly the same. at 10 ft you know the dot is 1.5 inches low and to the right of where the bullet will hit. and likewise at 50 yds the dot is the same 1.5 inches low and right. the benefit being that at any reasonable range you can mentally adjust the point of aim to the point of impact... but the dot would never ever mark the spot.

    for me, it seems the second way makes the most sense. if i know that at any range where i aim will be slightly low and to the right from point of impact, i'd feel a whole lot more comfortable that knowing that i'm sighted in dead-center for 15yrds and knowing that anything less than or greater than that range would necessarily be "off".

    so... what's the best plan?
  13. crankshop1000

    crankshop1000 Well-Known Member

    That subject is discussed in the instructions that come with the laser.You adjust the laser to be dead on at 50'. You will be the distance of the laser sight axis to the bore axis high at point blank and the same distance low at 100'. No big deal when you are dealing with a handgun.
  14. elderboy02

    elderboy02 Well-Known Member

    I have Crimson Trace Lasergrips on my G23 and I love them.
  15. LegalAlien

    LegalAlien Well-Known Member

    +1 on Crimson Trace. The biggest advantage of the grip type lasers are that they are integrated into the firearm and not a rail attachment. That means that any regular holster for your firearm will continue to fit your gun.

    As for accuracy . . . I have a Crimson Trace on my Beretta 92FS and here is the proof:-


    As for the comments about it being a 'training tool' only, I have to respectfully disagree. As you get older, your eyesight deteriorates, your focal length changes and it becomes almost impossible to focus on three levels - (back sight; front sight; target) - the red dot puts your focus right on the target - period. Yes, it is still a good training aid as well, as it will show up the slightest movement in your gun during the aiming and firing process.
  16. Arcticfox

    Arcticfox Well-Known Member

    I have Crimson and love it! Its a hit at the range! The laser shining thru the smoke makes me feel like I'm in a Terminator movie, lol!
  17. Kind of Blued

    Kind of Blued Well-Known Member

    I am 100% behind them. As controversial as they are, I don't think I've ever heard a logical argument against them.

    If you think about it, its basically like having a sight radius equal to however far away your target is.
  18. 1 old 0311

    1 old 0311 member

    Two points:
    I have CT's on two of my pistols, and love them. Been using them for 8-10 years with NO problems.
    I also have a friend who is a LEO firearms instructor for a big (1,000,000+ population city.) He said they don't use them because of the rough, bump, bang, life use LEO pistols get. It CAN throw your aim off if banged enough, and not checked from time to time.
  19. M2 Carbine

    M2 Carbine Well-Known Member

    I know some THR members are probably getting sick of seeing these targets. I have to take some new ones.:)

    Anyhow I'm a big CT laser fan. I've got them on five handguns.
    I practice several evenings a week with lasers and lights.

    The bullet will hit the laser dot only at the distance that you have zeroed it in for.
    But within "normal" pistol range the bullet will hit within a couple inches of the dot.
    For instance I sight in all my lasers at 25 yards. So from close to the target, back to 40-50 yards the bullets will hit within COM.

    The evening I shot these targets, by the time I shot the 40 yard target it was so dark all I could see was a gray blur. As you can see, if you identify the target at all, the laser will help you hit it.
    (but you must learn how to properly use the laser)

  20. The Annoyed Man

    The Annoyed Man Well-Known Member

    I just bought my wife a S&W 642 with CT grips for Valentines day. I'm already jealous.

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