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Last weekend as a civilian

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by AZTOY, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. AZTOY

    AZTOY Well-Known Member

    Well it time for me to say good bye for few months..........

    I leave for MEPS on Sept 7 and basic training on Sept 10.
    I will be going to Fort Jackson in South Carolina for basic training.
    Then i'm off to Fort Gorden in George for 3 weeks for common core training!
    Then i have my choice of places for the rest of the 14 weeks of MOS training.

    I will be trained as a 31Romeo .

    So wish me luck and i will talk to you guys in a couple of months.:D

    Last edited: Sep 6, 2003
  2. 444

    444 Well-Known Member

    Good luck my man.
    Enjoy the experience.
    I envy you.
  3. Preacherman

    Preacherman Well-Known Member

    Best of luck. If you find yourself needing company, drop a PM my way - I'm not too far from Mississippi, and I'm sure myself and other THR members in the area would be happy to provide some leisure time activities. :D
  4. Orthonym

    Orthonym Well-Known Member

    31-R; Multi-Channel Transmissions Operator?!

    What does that mean in English? Do you dig differing ditches for Powerglides, Turbo-Hydramatics, and 4-speed manual trannys?

    Not to denigrate your presumably well-considered choice, but I hope they explained it to you better than the Army URL you provided explained it to me!
  5. Archie

    Archie Well-Known Member


    Do well. Study hard and do us proud.
  6. C.R.Sam

    C.R.Sam Moderator Emeritus

    Absorb all the good that you can.
    Watch your six.
    AND....come back.

  7. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    Good luck and like I told MicroBalog: You'll be Sorriiiiiieeee!

    Kidding of course. ;)
  8. AZTOY

    AZTOY Well-Known Member

    I will be working on digital telephone and data networks.
  9. Lancel

    Lancel Well-Known Member

    Your tour of duty makes both you and the nation stronger.


  10. 10-Ring

    10-Ring Well-Known Member

    Good luck to you & I hope you're able to make the most out of your experience!
  11. Duncan Idaho

    Duncan Idaho member

    Good luck! Take what Sam said to heart, and come back safe.

    And GO NAVY!!!

    Sorry, couldn't help myself. :p
  12. Waitone

    Waitone Well-Known Member

    Best of luck to you.

    One question. I'm aware of an Army basic training facility at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. You might check the destination on your ticket.
  13. AZTOY

    AZTOY Well-Known Member


    You are right:D

    Maybe i should stop posting when i'm drinking[​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. seeker_two

    seeker_two Well-Known Member

    Good luck in Basic, AZTOY....

    ...what 31-Romeo REALLY means is that, as a private, he'll be digging latrines and doing KP, but they'll let him carry the company radio while he does it.... :evil:
  15. DorGunR

    DorGunR Well-Known Member

    AZTOY......been there done that.
    I also had basic training at Fort Jackson.......way back when we were still issued M-1 Garrands.......you're also gonna learn about "Drag A$$ Hill", double timing up that bugger with your rifle at high port just ain't much fun. :D

    I also went to Fort Gordon for field radio repair school and later to Avionics school.
    At least you're not going to be at those places in July/August, so it won't be quite so hot and humid.

    Looking forward to hearing from you on your return. Good Luck.:)
  16. OEF_VET

    OEF_VET Well-Known Member

    Good luck. Do what you're told, don't volunteer for nothin', and keep your mouth shut when appropriate. It's always best to be 'the gray man'. If the Drill Sergeants get your name into their heads, you can bet it won't be as enjoyable an experience as it could otherwise be.

  17. Sergeant Bob

    Sergeant Bob Well-Known Member

    Good luck to ya! Remember, you get out of it what you put into it.

    Oh, and trust me on this, don't go out drinking till 0300 the night before reporting to MEPS! I did (it was called AFEES then) and I do believe that was the longest day of my life! ;)
  18. chaim

    chaim Well-Known Member

    Good luck, I wish I could be going with you.

    Oh yeah, Ft. Jackson? Enjoy "Tank Hill":evil:
  19. cdbeaver

    cdbeaver Well-Known Member

    Good going, young fellow. I wish you only the very best, and a safe and healthy homecoming. May only good things happen to you.

    I think I had one of those MOS numbers when I was in the Army. Only it was 50 years ago, before digital, before M16's and almost before Custer. My title at the time was "intermediate speed radio/telephone operator." But it was two-channel . . . had a pair of crystals in every radio.
  20. AZTOY

    AZTOY Well-Known Member


    Ok i need to know....

    Please, tell me about "Tank Hill"?:D

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