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Late season Iowa buck

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by muleshoe, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. muleshoe

    muleshoe Well-Known Member

    I got to looking at my profile and read the catagory about what I'm doing for the RKBA. Well, this is it! Take your kid/s hunting.[​IMG]
  2. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    Well, dang! Doesn't he know better than to ruin a bunch of meat? You oughta explain about neck shots! I mean, there's a lot of meat in those shoulders!

    :D, Art
  3. mothernatureson

    mothernatureson Well-Known Member

    iowa buck

    nice buck , nothing wrong with a slug through the shoulder, the good, plentiful meat is on the spine and rear quarters anyway. i a corn fed deer in iowa during the ml season, with my 44 cap and ball(only as a backup to my rifle, which i missed with somehow.mine did not carry such headgear as yours. good job!
  4. meathammer

    meathammer Well-Known Member

    That is a nice buck, muleshoe! Congrats!
  5. 444

    444 Well-Known Member

    Very nice. I hope he was as excited about it as you were. And thank you for supporting RKBA, do all you can as often as you can.
  6. Guyon

    Guyon Well-Known Member

    Excellent buck. That gun's about as tall as that little feller.
  7. Jaegermeister

    Jaegermeister Well-Known Member

    Iowa is wonderful

    Iowa is a great place to make a living while being able to enjoy the oudoors.

    Lots of deer here in western Iowa. Pheasant hunting is getting better, especially with this year's mild winter. I wish we had black bear and feral hog hunting, however.

    Another great place for deer is SE Minnesota where I grew up. Lots of corn and apple orchards.
  8. edlsen

    edlsen New Member

    Eastern Iowa bucks aren't too bad either

    This is my first deer. I took it during the opening weekend of early muzzleloader season. I was laying in a pasture with my gun resting on a pine branch that I was hiding behind. The shot was about 25 yards. It is a 10 point and the neck measured 32 inches. It weighed 235 lbs without the guts. I ended up with 125 lbs of sausage, 50 lbs of jerky, and 70 lbs of deer sticks. (The weight doesn't add up because of the pork they add to the sausage) Yes, I'm having it mounted. The neatest things for me were that my very pregnant wife had gone out with me that day and that I got this guy with a muzzleloader. My biggest disappointment is that this is the deer I should have worked up to. Now I can't take anything less. :D

    Happy Hunting

    Sorry the picture is so dark, but I took my shot with about 5 minutes of light left so by the time I got to getting a picture it was pretty dark.
  9. muleshoe

    muleshoe Well-Known Member


    Do you have some measurements of the buck? With your dark picture along with my crappy monitor all I can see is a light colored blob in the lower half and what looks to be a pair of eyes.

    My boy was with me when this deer was shot, early morning on the last day of the late ml season(Jan, 10th). The sun wasn't up yet when I made the shot and it's a good thing, because the goofy kid had to pee every 10 minutes it seemed. He was real pumped, I think I've got a hunting partner for a long time to come.

    We were laying on top of a terrace about half a mile walk from my house. The shot was 83 yards with the Redhawk in the picture. The buck gross scored 152", and has a 16.5" spread inside of the main beams. He is an above average buck for the neighborhood, but we do find some larger on occasion. My son helped me put the antlers on a board and we hung them in his room, he thinks that is soooo cool. :cool: So do I.
  10. 12-34hom

    12-34hom Well-Known Member

    Iowa a place for deer to grow!

    Iowa is becoming a meca for deer hunters who like to shoot large antlered deer.

    Nice deer in both pictures.

  11. 5ptdeerhunter

    5ptdeerhunter Well-Known Member

    WoW! Those are some great bucks.

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