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Lead or brass

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by RAVEN1, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. RAVEN1

    RAVEN1 Active Member

    I want to reload my own 380 bullets. I have a chance to buy a good .355 95gr mold. The question is does it matter, when it comes down to it. I have one person saying that I should stay away from lead and another saying it doesn't matter. I have a ton of soft lead.
  2. cfullgraf

    cfullgraf Well-Known Member

    I have shot lead and jacketed in my 380 ACPs with no problems. I prefer to use a lead alloy harder than dead soft but generally velocities of the 380 are low enough that dead soft should not be a problem.

    When I was casting bullets, I cast a Lee 105 SWC sized to .356" that worked great in my Beretta M84.
  3. Cherokee

    Cherokee Well-Known Member

    I shoot my cast lead bullets in my 380's all the time - works fine. I would use something harder than dead soft lead.
  4. jcwit

    jcwit Well-Known Member

    I shoot lead in all my handgun calibers from .32 ACP to .45 ACP. If loaded correctly you should have no problems and yes .380 is one of the calibers I reload for.

    I cast and reload for the following
    .32 ACP
    .38 Spec.
    357 Mag
    9 MM Lugar
    9 MM Largo
    9 MM Makrov
    .40 S&W
    .45 ACP

    These are only the handgun calibers, I also cast and load for many rifle calibers.
  5. Blue68f100

    Blue68f100 Well-Known Member

    You need to slug you barrel to confirm the size you need. Bore + 0.001" is recommended. I have shot lead in my 380 without any problems. Sizing is probably the most important thing when it comes to shooting lead.
  6. LightningMan

    LightningMan Well-Known Member

    FYI, Be aware that some pistols like the Khar P380 has polygonal rifling and the manufacturer states not to use cast lead ammunition, only jacketed and plated are supposed to be used. Some here will tell you they shoot cast lead bullets through their Glock or other polygonal rifled pistols without problems, but I will comply with the manufacturer on this issue. Do what you think best, but just letting you know. LM
  7. jcwit

    jcwit Well-Known Member

    Many manufactures also state in the manual that comes with a new handgun not to shoot reloads.

    Now what does one do?

    Should one cut the tag off the matteress?
  8. oldreloader

    oldreloader Well-Known Member

    Yep! I just picked up a new PT845 this morning and that's what the book says. SOOO I'll run a couple of hundred factories through it (I need the brass anyway) then I reckon I'll void the warranty.
  9. RidgwayCO

    RidgwayCO Well-Known Member

    When firearms manufacturers say "don't shoot reloads", that's their liability release in case you decide that Clark's loads are kinda wimpy, and upping all published max loads by 50% is reasonable... I mean really, what firearm manufacturer can say "Oh, any reloads are just fine!"

    But when a manufacturer says "don't shoot lead through our polygonal-rifled barrels", then I tend to listen more closely.
  10. oldreloader

    oldreloader Well-Known Member

    that is EXACTLY the reason RidgewayCO.
  11. zxcvbob

    zxcvbob Well-Known Member

  12. Canuck-IL

    Canuck-IL Well-Known Member

    What's the question?
    Matter in what way? Damage to the gun? Accuracy? Warranty?

  13. jcwit

    jcwit Well-Known Member

    So they say don't use/do this and one shouldn't

    Then they say don't use/do that and its OK

    Quite a conundrum.

    What to do, what to do!
  14. clutch

    clutch Well-Known Member

    I've never cast 95g .380 but I cast a bunch of 102g .380 for my Bersa 95. That was with a lee mold I found at a gunshow when actually looking for a mold for my .380 .

    I never had a lick of trouble with it. Pistol fed fine, shot well, I lubed them with Lee Liquid Alox.

    Make sure you get a bit of flare to the case mouth to enable seating w/o shaving. The crip die will iron that flare back out.

  15. LightningMan

    LightningMan Well-Known Member

    zxcvbob, not all Khar firearms have polygonal rifling, mostly just the PM series along with the P380. Thats one of the differences between the PM9 and the new CM9. Least thats what I have been told. LM
  16. zxcvbob

    zxcvbob Well-Known Member

    That's why I went and looked up a P380 manual -- that's what the link was in my last post -- and I didn't see where it said anything about using lead bullets.

    I have a CZ with polygonal rifling. I watched it pretty carefully when I first started using lead bullets to make sure there wasn't a problem with the load I was using. I think that's all you really have to do. (and it doesn't lead at all; maybe I got lucky)
  17. LightningMan

    LightningMan Well-Known Member

  18. x_wrench

    x_wrench Well-Known Member

    i shoot a lot of wheel weight lead through my 380's using the lee 6 cavity 105g 38 special swc mold. i size them down to .356 and load them. as long as you get the oal correct (you may have to experiment a little), they function fine. i do not have any leading issues. i have shot 400 rounds in one session with each of my guns using them. no cleaning what so ever in there. there is no reason not to use cast bullets in a 380. my soft lead is quite limited, so most of what i shoot is w.w. lead. so i do not know how the soft stuff will work.
  19. Marlin 45 carbine

    Marlin 45 carbine Well-Known Member

    the .380acp is one of the rounds I load for but I cast slugs only for my black powder guns, and usually buy MasterCast for the centerfire handloads. I've got as good groups if not tighter than jacketed with cast in .380 - mine is a BDA.
    the loads are R Dot about midway on the data for powder charge. recoil is easy and I've used this load to 'coach' several women that had never shot a pistol after 'starting' them with a .22lr revolver and Ruger MkII. just one said the 'blast is too much' and she got a .32acp Beretta that she does ok with.
    a couple of these gals moved on up to 9mm Para pistols.
    IMO the .380acp is an underated s-d and h-d round. as is the .32acp and S&W long .32

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