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Lee Experts, What Do I Need To.......

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Uncle Chan, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Uncle Chan

    Uncle Chan Well-Known Member

    Good evening everyone! I hope you all are having a good weekend!

    I was hoping that you all could help me???

    I have a Lee Challenger Single Stage press that I load 99% of my rifle stuff on. Lately, I loaded about 1000 rounds of 223 on it. The most cumbersome part of the process was charging the cases. I have about 1000 more cases to load and I'm thinking that there must be a better way. :)

    I have, at my disposal a Lee Auto Pro Powder Measure that I use in conjunction with my Dillon 550B to load "grits" in my 45LC cases (please send me a pm and I'll explain :) ). If I wanted to attach the Lee Powder measure to the Single Stage to auto charge my 223 cases, what all would I need? I've researched and research and truth be told, the more I research, the more confused I get.

    Would I just need the Auto Pro powder measure and Lee Auto-Disk Rifle powder charging die? Can I assume the charging die activates the powder measure?

    Help! :)
  2. evan price

    evan price Well-Known Member

    Powder measure, rifle charging die. There should be a plug inside the charge die that actuates the powder measure. If the measure is a "disk" type, depending on charge volume, you may need a disk doubler kit.
  3. Uncle Chan

    Uncle Chan Well-Known Member

    Thanks Evan. Looks like I'll be ordering the Rifle Charging Die then (already have the doubler). Visited Midway today. Nearly everything I need is on backorder there. Odd.

    Anyway, thanks Sir.

  4. evan price

    evan price Well-Known Member

    Check on eBay, there are some reloading places that have their stuff on there for reasonable.

    Good luck, happy loading.
  5. FieroCDSP

    FieroCDSP Well-Known Member

    I think we covered that in a different thread recently, but regarding Cream of Wheat. :D All signs looked good, and I'll have to try it if I start shooting massive amounts of lead again.
  6. CZ223

    CZ223 Well-Known Member

    Uncle Chan

    I would like to suggest an alternative method. I have 2 550Bs and several single stage presses. Until recently I loaded all my rifle cartridges on a single stage press, an RCBS Rock Chucker, to be exact. Once I started loading for a couple ARs I realized I had to come up with "a better way". As you probably know, the hardest thing about going progressive with bottle-necked cartridges is having to lube them or buying a very expensive carbide sizing die in the case of the 223 at least. What I now do is this.

    1) Tumble cases to clean
    2) Lube cases and resize/deprime on rock Chucker
    3) Tumble cases to remove excess lube
    4) Inspect primer pockets and flash holes for media and remove. Clean primer pockets if you feel the need at the same time.
    5) Use the 550 to to load as you would any other case.

    You could also eliminate step 4 if, when you resize the lubed cases, you don't deprime. You can then depime your cleaned and resized cases at station one on the 550 along with repriming just as you would for any straight walled case. I find that the dilon powder measure works juust fine with ball powders like Tac, BLC-2 and H-335.
  7. hsiddall

    hsiddall Well-Known Member

    Check your pm box for a great Lee supplier...
  8. C.F. Plinker

    C.F. Plinker Well-Known Member

    CZ223--Have you considered putting a universal decapper on station 1 to get rid of any leftover media (assuming that you don't need to clean the primer pockets), priming there and then just following the regular routine to complete loading the rounds?
  9. Uncle Chan

    Uncle Chan Well-Known Member

    You all are just great! Thanks for everything!

  10. ForneyRider

    ForneyRider Well-Known Member

    I didn't see what powder you are using.

    With Varget, you can dip the case into the powder, because the load can handle compressed charge with that powder.

    Hodgdon Varget measures great in Perfect Powder measure, and is a great powder in .222, .223, .22-250 caliber.

    You can drop charges pretty quick with the Perfect Powder measure and a loading tray.

    I've used the Lee Auto Disk in the Pro 1000 with .22-250 (use .45ACP(.308 Win) shellplate). The Pro 1000 has .222/.223 shellplate as well.

    I have the double disk and the rifle charging die.
  11. Uncle Chan

    Uncle Chan Well-Known Member


    I load the 223 with H335 and the 45-70 with IMR3031 and Black Powder.


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