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Legal purchases under the previous AWB

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Texpatriate, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. Texpatriate

    Texpatriate Member

    Feb 7, 2005
    West TN
    So lets hypothetically say I have 2 fully completed AR15 lower receivers, but no uppers or upper parts for either of them yet. Of course, I sold all of my firearms in a private face to face transaction a couple of weeks ago, so this is purely hypothetical...

    So with that as a context, I have a question. We can't predict the the wording of any future "Assault Weapons" Ban(s), but we can look at past precedent. Under the previous Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, was it legal to purchase, sell, or manufacture banned items (bayonet lugs, collapsible stocks, pistol grips, magazines with a capacity of more than 10, shoulder things that go up, and other scary looking items) for firearms already owned by an individual? Or was it simply illegal to manufacture new firearms with those scary looking features, and put aftermarket scary looking features on new "post-ban" manufactured firearms?

    In other words, under the ban, could you walk into a gun store and buy a newly manufactured collapsible stock (for example) for a "pre-ban" lower receiver? Or was it illegal to manufacture a new collapsible stock?
  2. green country shooter

    green country shooter Member

    Jul 28, 2008
    The old AWB was a very complex law. You can can read it for yourself if you google 18 usc 922 v and w.

    I am not sure if I am remembering and reading the law correctly. The law is front of me but I have limited patence for it.

    I think it was illegal to make or sell new magazines, but the other add on parts were legal. You just couldn't put more than two of them on a gun.
  3. Prince Yamato

    Prince Yamato Senior Member

    Aug 16, 2006
    New parts were not illegal, but they cold only be installed on a previously manufactured "pre-ban" gun. In addition, an unassembled lower receiver could only be assembled in post-ban fashion after the ban (even if the receiver was pre-ban). Of course, nobody would know for sure if the receiver ever had a pre-ban upper on it so... well, you could basically put the pre-ban upper on it anyway.

    The law was stupid and I'm pretty sure any new law will make sure that you can't exploit previous loopholes.

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