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Legal to carry in Kenai Fjords NP?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by wqbang, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. wqbang

    wqbang Well-Known Member

    I friend of mine is planning on hiking in Kenai Fjords NP, Alaska. I was browsing the site and stumbled upon this:

    http://www.nps.gov/kefj/trip_planning/Rules and Regs faq.htm

    "Rules and Regulations - Frequently Asked Questions"
    "May I carry a gun in the park?"
    "It is legal to possess a firearm anywhere in the park in accordance with all other applicable state and federal laws. This is different than the rule in most Lower 48 National Park areas, but is allowed here for protection from bears and other dangerous wildlife. Hunting is strictly prohibited within the park."
  2. Yakko

    Yakko Well-Known Member

    That's right, we have no dangerous animals scurrying around our national parks in the lower 48. (Of the two or four footed variety.) :scrutiny:
  3. atlctyslkr

    atlctyslkr Well-Known Member

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