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Lesson Learned from Labgrade Put into Practice

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by roo_ster, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. roo_ster

    roo_ster Well-Known Member

    Some of y'all might remember labgrade's post wherein he responded to a neighbor's call for help and/or general odd events in the neighborhood:

    Well, last night a neighbor (N1) calls up and asks, "Are you dressed? Can you come over here as quickly as you can?" Quite a bit of agitation in his voice.

    Why, yes I can...after stuffing wallet, keys, CCW, cell phone, & a reload in my pockets. I had labgrade's incident on my mind as I stuffed my snubbie in my front pocket & locked the door behind me.

    I high-tail it across the alley to see N1 & another neighbor (N2) in N1's driveway watching agitated neighbor (AN) tear off on his red Honda mid-life-crisis-o-cycle.

    Turns out, AN was using his wife (ANwife) for a punching bag. ANwife was on the ground & he was pasting her good. N1 hears her cries for help, & tries to get AN of ANwife, to no avail (N1 recently suffered from an illness wherein he was hospitalized for nearly 2 weeks & lost ~30 lbs...he's not in any shape for physical confrontations). The spirit was willing, the flesh was weak. (My wife & I regularly invite him over for "stick-to-your-ribs" dinners, to fatten him up.)

    He called me after he failed to stop AN from pummelling ANwife. He has some notion that I might be useful in such a physical situation.

    By the time I arrived, AN's son/stepson (ANss) had called the police, which caused AN to cease his pugilistic exploits and think about moving on. I arrived to see AN makein' like the sheep & gettin' the flock outta there.

    Not only had ANss called the police, but N2 put in a call. A policeman shows up about 3 minutes after I arrived & we directed him to ANss & ANwife, inside AN's house.

    Since I did not see anything other than AN's exit, I decide that my presence is unnecessary.

    1. Richardson PD was on the scene pretty quick. Probably 5-7 minutes form the first phone call, IME. Pretty quick, but still enough time to beat someone to death.

    2. N1 will go out of his way to square a neighbor/friend away (already knew that...he's good people).

    3. N2, by his own admission, will not involve himself in such a situation, other than to call 911. (By himself, he couldn't have stopped AN, but in conjunction with N1, they likely could have). Keeps his yard/house in immaculate condition, though.

    4. I made sure I was legal WRT CCW, due to labgrade's incident. It took, maybe, 15-30sec to do so, however.

    5. I sure hope that, if a neighbor desperately needs help in the future, the 15-30secs don't make the difference between me squaring them away & me wishing I had arrived 15-30sec earlier.

    6. What is it with all these mid-life-crisis guys? Were they so common before the baby boom generation? A guy turns 40- or 50-something & he gets all messed up in the head, buys expensive adult toys (motorcycles, sportscars, etc.) generally acts like a nitwit.
  2. mpthole

    mpthole Well-Known Member

    Do you think there will be any attempted retribution on the part of AN towards you or N1?

    Maybe ANwife needs to get the heck out of there.
  3. Andrew Rothman

    Andrew Rothman Well-Known Member

    Taking the time to lock your door and grab a cel are the only things that I imagine slowed you down. Each is merely prudent; you shouldn't unneccesarily endanger your family or yourself.
  4. Andrew Rothman

    Andrew Rothman Well-Known Member

    Whoops. Double tap.

    Good thing I didn't go for slide lock -- there'd be 16 messages...
  5. LoneStranger

    LoneStranger Well-Known Member

    There have always been Midlife Crisis. It is just that in the past a majority of people died before they reached what we now call Midlife. Cuts down on the people having Midlife Crisis.

    As such we are just now trying to figure out how to handle such.
  6. Sylvilagus Aquaticus

    Sylvilagus Aquaticus Well-Known Member

    well boo. You had all that fun and didn't call me to come watch?

  7. roo_ster

    roo_ster Well-Known Member

    Can't predict what an irrational chowderhead will do. By gettin' the heck outta Dodge, he showed some understanding that he was in the wrong.

    I am not worried about retaliation, as he likely didn't get a good look at me as he tore off on his Honda.

    WRT N1, I am not sure. N1 has squared AN away on several occasions, the latest being helping him fix a garage door that had broken & slammed down on AN's automobile. AN would have been SOL w/o N1's help.

    Agreed...or kick AN out. I hold no confidence that a gal who acts as a female punching bag will do the rational thing, however.

    Maybe so. Maybe the term "Midlife Crisis" was developed as a crutch to keep from having to face one's own deliberate acts of nitwittery and irresponsibility.

    Next time I'll ring you up on my way over & tell you to bring yourself, your FAL, a dog or two, and a horde of semi-domesticated felines. If THAT scene doesn't restore order, NOTHING will. ;)


    I have not had much interaction with AN. His female boxer got out of his gate (which had become open due to soil shifting...what are the odds in Dallas, TX?) a while back. I caught her, put her back in AN's yard, tied the gate shut, and informed AN of the situation when he arrived home. He behaved oddly when I informed him of the event, certainly not the way I or others behaved in a similar situation. I just marked him as odd, not a woman-thumper.
  8. gigmike

    gigmike Well-Known Member

    "I am not worried about retaliation, as he likely didn't get a good look at me as he tore off on his Honda."

    Don't be too sure. People get so irrational in these situations that everyone around them can easily look like a hostile. When I was a kid we had a neighbor who confided to my mother that her husband was abusive. Somehow he found out and made his displeasure known to all. We lived on a private lane in the country and walking to the school bus was a little tense for a few months.

    I suppose this is why responding to domestic violence calls concern police so much.
  9. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    I'm sure Labgrade would be proud.
  10. Jim March

    Jim March Well-Known Member

    You did right :).

    That moron is in trouble though. Wrong day and age to pull that crap.

    It's *always* been common. Our tolerance has dropped and people's willingness to talk about it and do something has gone up. It only looks like it's gotten worse, it's really gotten better EXCEPT for the false claims of such which do happen.

    Not this time though.

    The exact same is true of child abuse (both sexual and physical). Reporting and awareness are up, not the rate.
  11. Matt G

    Matt G Moderator Emeritus

    Good report! Sounds like you handled it from your end just fine.

    I hold with the responses of the others, here-- grabbing your own cell, your own pistol(s), and locking your own door behind you were exactly the right call. Making sure you had your CHL with you was a really (really) good idea, too. In a real emergency, not 100% necessary, but you had absolutely no idea what you were going into, how far from your front door you were going, or how you would be expected to present yourself.

    Then, when your role there was through, you made yourself scarce. Also a good idea. (I am NOT encouraging people to just high-tail it when the cops arrive.)

    Only things I could see that would make it better are things *I* don't usually have ready at my house: a decent flashlight and an intermediate force option (like OC spray) to go with you. If your flashlight was a 4-cell Maglight or a fullsize StreamLight, the light and intermediate force option could be the same article. Lights are good for identifying friend or foe.

    Good neighbors are important. :)
  12. roo_ster

    roo_ster Well-Known Member

    Good point. I completely overlooked the light/iintermediate force detail. Will not do so in the future.

    I own 6-cell & 3-cell Maglights. The 6-cell is a bit much for a Harries with a pistol, though I would bet that any goblin I whack in the noggin with it won't wake to see another dawn. The 3-cell would have been ideal for Harries/IF option. I can't believe I left it behind, as all my "leavinig the house" articles as well as the 3-cell are next to the bed (firearms inside Wal-mart quick-access safe...best $41 I ever spent).

    "Leaving the house" articles:
    Keys w/ Leatherman Micra
    Beretta Knife (skeletonized blade)
    Cell phone
    CCW & carry method
    Reload or BU CCW

    Maybe one day I'll get one of those tiny combat lights lotsa folks rave about to add to the mix.

    Yeah, I didn't think that I could add much to a report, other than to relate 2nd-hand information. I don't shy away from Richardson PD, though, since every encounter with them has been cordial & professional. Sylvilagus Aquaticus has lived here longer than I & might have more to say WRT RPD.

    He's an idjit in more ways than one. Let's say he doesn't get picked up that evening. Well, he is gainfully employed. If I were a cop, my next move would be to go to his place of work the following AM & apply some steel bracelets. Now, not only do his neighbors know he's a wife-beater, but so does his employer. He might have been able to keep it quiet from his employer. Heck, if I were an employer & knew I had a wife-beater working for me, I would find some way to see that he was an ex-employee if he were found guilty.

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