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Let's talk about CZ-82's and answer my questions.

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by gfanikf, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. gfanikf

    gfanikf Well-Known Member

    While I had planned to move entirely out of centerfire to rimfire, my recent acquisition of a C&R licence and the recommendations of fellow posters (and my own interest) have moved me closer to a CZ-82. I just have a couple of questions about the gun (and ordering).

    1; What are people's ordering experience with Century Arms for C&R Handguns? I've been told the the condition is generally one lower than what is listed. For me the prices are better and they give two magazines vs the other C&R sellers who seem to sell one mag and keep the other to add on (for extra cost) or sell separate. The shipping is also cheaper and next day air...which makes me wonder if I order today, can I get it on Friday?
    2. How is the gun for lefties? I found a youtube review where the person mentions it has an ambidextrous safety and thumb rest. Does anyone whose left handed and shot the gun have any thoughts on it?
    3. Are the (default) holsters right handed only?
    4. How does the gun handle silver or brown bear ammo? Every time I've tried to save money and use steel ammo (in everything but my old 1911) I wound up having issues (granted that was often Wolf and Tula). The one time I used silver bear for my Beretta it was fine. I figure that the gun was designed with use of steel ammo in mind, is that the case?
    5. Is there a way to restore the cosmetic defects (it's not a huge issue, but I'd like to be able to spruce the gun up as much as possible)?
    6. Any good guides on how to remove Cosomoline?

  2. bigfatdave

    bigfatdave Well-Known Member

    1 - dunno
    2 - pretty good for an '82 design, I'm not of a sinister bent, but it works for left-handed practice
    3 - dunno, but CZ83 holsters fit, too
    4 - superbly, I just buy Silver Bear HP at this point
    5 - you can refinish, I've seen some good ones ... mine just runs ugly
    6 - google "cosmoline" and half the entries will be about removing ... also it shouldn't be filled from entrance to exit with cosmoline, you won't need extraordinary measures
  3. MrDig

    MrDig Well-Known Member

    Take yourself to Home Depot, Buy an unused Fresh Paint Can for 5.00 bucks, Buy a Can of Mineral Spirits
    Go to a Second hand store, buy a Wire Mesh Kitchen strainer All Metal construction.
    Put your Detail Stripped Surplus CZ parts in the Strainer, DO NOT put painted Parts in Mineral Spirits you will wind up refinishing your gun weather you want to or not Put the Strainer in the Paint can, Cover Parts with Mineral Spirits, let stand over night. The Next day swirl the can around and lift the strainer out you will have nice clean Parts to oil and reassemble in your gun.
    DO NOT put painted Parts in Mineral Spirits you will wind up refinishing your gun weather you want to or not
  4. Shadow 7D

    Shadow 7D Well-Known Member

    sorry, but the pistol will come in a light coat of OIL
    don't know where all this ignorance is coming from
    Esp. as the entire pistol is PAINTED (well poly coated)
    two words of advice, buy LOTS of ammo, don't worry about it, it was designed for hotter ammo than anything you'll find in the US
    if you do, CZ-USA will be happy to reassemble your gun for you, for the small charge of $70 and shipping both ways.

    Oh, the guns are all shot out, why look at that barrel, OR it's really good poly rifling ;)

    google fu

    try it
    Oh, and if you had bothered to google it, you just might find the answer to ALL the questions, if your a lefty, this is the gun for you as it's ENTIRELY AMBI with the left controls being in better condition than the more heavily used right, usually the mag release.
  5. Shadow 7D

    Shadow 7D Well-Known Member

    the army holster is ambi, it's patented, look it up, it looks like a 'Bruno' man purse
    the Police holster (WOW, there's quality for almost nothing cash wise) come both left and right, I have 3, if you get a right handed holster, PM me and I'll trade you my lefty.
  6. MikeJackmin

    MikeJackmin Well-Known Member

    I got mine here:


    The finish was worn a bit, as you'd expect a used military or police pistol, but the mechanics were in excellent shape. No cosmoline, either, it cleaned up the same as any other used gun.

    You'll probably want to replace the recoil spring. Most people who do find that the gun is more pleasant to shoot afterwards, and it will probably last longer, as well. My Wolff replacement spring was supposed to be the standard weight, but I found it to be too heavy and I cut a coil off. Next time I'll just get a standard CZ part.

    These things eat cheap ammo without complaint, and tend to be quite accurate.

    The trigger is a little unusual - the single-action pull is almost like the last tiny bit of the double-action pull, not a crisp break but a smooth release. I understand that it is normal and correct for the hammer to move rearward slightly during the single-action pull as well. Don't get me wrong, the trigger is very nice, it's just different.

    I have several small, .380/9mm mak pistols. The CZ is by far the one I shoot best, and like my EG Makarov, it has been 100% reliable. I think they are an incredible bargain right now.
  7. nater762

    nater762 Well-Known Member

    I loved mine, but having to mail order ammo sucked. I hated buying a box from a gun shop for $25 when I could get the same stuff online for $8, and walmart don't sell it. Extremely accurate! I was shocked first time on paper. It would make my hand bleed cause they are rather large and I've got a big old scar that sticks up quite a bit in my thumb crotch the slide would smack, certainly not the pistol's falt. I came across a nice ole' S&W 1905 HE that at the time, I had to have but didn't have the funds for, the guy made me a pretty good trade, but that's the only reason I don't have her. I'm gonna get another someday, great glove box gun.
  8. jonnyc

    jonnyc Well-Known Member

    I'm also a lefty and love my CZ82. Great trigger, very accurate, eats everything. Why bother refinishing it???

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