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Letter to My School Board!

Discussion in 'Activism' started by Airbrush Artist, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Hello Kari, My Name Is XXX I'm currently employed as a School Bus Driver for the Kettering School System ,I have been driving for 11 years now.I wanted to share with you my thoughts concerning the current state of Affairs we all are faced with concerning school security in light of recent and past events.I accepted the fact when I decided to become a school Bus Driver That I would be responsible for the most precious cargo anyone could Transport in a Vehicle ,Children ,other peoples children.I and every Bus Driver in this country are responsible for their very lives as well as our own.I listened to a tv newscast a few weeks ago from Our Superintendent that School Security is a ongoing process and that we are forever diligent to make it the best that it can be,I certainly concur with the points He expressed.A few years ago early one Morning in Oakwood on Peach Orchard Drive I experienced the worst case scenario any one of Us here at the Bus garage in recent years has had, as I pulled up to pick up to 2 Of my Young female students,they were being
    accosted by a man in gym trunks and no shoes covered up to his knees in mud,and was under the influence. To this very day I’m so Thankful it turned out the way it did ,Thanks To YYY on the other end of my radio and Her professionalism under a dangerous situation and some quick thinking on my part as well as the girls we manage to handle the situation..The one thing That is forever embedded in My Mind Kari was as I looked at the terror on the girls face and The man approaching us as I hurriedly was able to and get them onto the bus was the fact that I Had Nothing to protect the students or myself as I put the bus keys from the ignition in my pocket.I was able to pull away with no regard other than to get the girls and other students away from the Threat that confronted us.Quickly Sue was able to get the Kettering Police Dept.There and the man was arrested.fortunately He was unarmed as well.with that said ,I think there is a lot to be desired in Our security on the buses and at the schools here in Kettering and other parochial schools we service,I was upset today when I arrived at the bus garage to get on my bus for my PM routes,a Maintenance man was Installing the No weapons No smoking signs on the entrances to the building, most of Kettering's school areas are designated as Safety zones disallowing weapons.Kari does Our school board and Superintendent actually believe anyone intent on evil acts as we have seen in the past going to conform to those ridiculous signs,if anything It opens the door for them because they know their intent will not be met without any resistance ,much like those teachers at Sandy Hook,with these points made I solicit to Our Administration and school board members to go the extra mile Here in Kettering.I have for 11 years being a staff manager been involved in the security aspects of large Concert crowds at the Fraze Pavillion and other venues that experience has made me well aware of the Risk and what needs to be done concerning large scale Security.I recently on my own accord signed up for Some extensive training to be offered By the Ohio Buckeye Firearms Association for Teachers and School employees here in Ohio so that I will be prepared as best I can in the event a active Shooter situation erupted in front of Myself and the Students I'm respondsible for.I would like the info on the school board meetings as far as expressing my concerns or if It possible to address my thoughts If You have any guidelines I would Like that info Thank You ,Sincerely XXX Bus #00 Kettering City Schools
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  2. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Take a look at this edit -

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  3. Thank You very Much HSO...I will use this Edited letter...Thanks again...
  4. Ryanxia

    Ryanxia Well-Known Member

    Good letter, glad you're doing your part. I would remove your name here on the internet though, might not be the safest bet, especially with the anti's prowling.
  5. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Good idea, done.
  6. bthr22

    bthr22 Well-Known Member

    I graduated from Kettering City Schools in 2010. From what I've heard, crime has been increasing throughout the city. I hope they take your letter to heart.
  7. zxcvbob

    zxcvbob Well-Known Member

    Those ridiculous signs do exactly what the school board want them to do -- if someone brings in gun and shoots up the place, "They were in violation of the policy! See the sign? Not our responsibility!" The actual safety of the kids and employees is not a real concern, and if the signs actually make the problem worse... well that's good too because dead bodies make a good soapbox to stand on while campaigning.

    I wonder if the Superintendent secretly carries... like Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer?

    I like your letter, especially after HSO reformatted it. Don't expect anybody to actually read it, but send it anyway in case I'm wrong.
  8. bthr22

    bthr22 Well-Known Member

    Having met the superintendent and interacted with him on multiple occasions, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he did have a permit. Generally he is a pretty good guy. And that's not to say that he doesn't oppose the gun free zones. I'm sure he can be outvoted by the school board. (Assuming that that is how the school board works)
  9. School Board and My Boss want to talk to Me regarding my letter.

    Today I received a letter in My Box concerning the letter I wrote with the help of HSO helping Me with the editing,Isolicit Input from each of You on the direction I should Go ,Thanks again HSO the ball is Rolling..[​IMG]
  10. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Just don't say anything about carrying a firearm until the program that you're willing to help them setup is in place.

    You don't want to be trapped into saying you've ever violated policy.

    Tell them that your plea and your offer was to establish a program so that others as well as yourself could carry in compliance with the school board.
  11. We think the same HSO. I will let them go there...My superintendent who is My Boss knows I have years of security experience he has been coming to shows at the concert venue where I have been staff and event manager for years .last year he even spent some time with me prior to a concert and I gave him and his wife the back stage restricted area tour.whats ironic is I took him back to the tour buses where I set up the security for the performers where they go from The buses to the stage ,I kinda made the Joke I cannot get away from Buses.lol. anyway thanks for the help and input Hso ,I'm calling him to schedule our meeting tomorrow..One more point he has been appointed Our school districts Administrator to draw up the new schools security Guidelines ,so I'm sure wherever this goes it will recieve a ton of Coverage in the media..I also Have sent a letter with all the work we have done up to this point to Buckeye Firearms Association who is the first orginazation in the Country to Offer training for Teachers and school employees,,I'm register in the first initial group they are training, if I get selected The whole course will be free of charge,as far as response they have had 1,800 people sign up in Ohio..they are only selecting 24.Heres their Program Buckeye Firearms Association
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