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Liberty Safe - Electrical Outlet Kit?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Lake Front, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Lake Front

    Lake Front Member

    I recently purchased a Liberty safe from Gander Mtn. I read several of the threads on this site regarding the safe vs. RSC argument and feel comfortable that the Liberty safe/RSC will more than meet my needs (but reading the discussions certainly helped in the overall decision process).

    Due to the location I will be storing the safe, I will need to install a golden rod due to the elevated relative humidity in this area. When I purchased the safe, I made sure that the back of the safe had the dummy plug for later installation of the Liberty electrical outlet kit ($40). However, I never read the fine print on the Liberty website that they only allow installation of their electrical outlet kit by the dealer or at the factory. Factory installation would not have been an option since the deep discount/sale on the safe was limited to in store selection. Unfortunately, Gander Mtn does not offer the kit, and I could only imagine what the local "real" safe dealer will charge for the installation when the safe was not purchased from them in the first place (I'm figuring another $160 w/ the house call for installation). I’ve talked with them in the past about buying a safe from them, but they commented several times that they can not beat the sale price at Gander Mtn (they indicated many times Gander’s sale price is better than his cost!). Plus, I'm frugal and tend to be very disappointed with the quality of any contracted work :banghead:- typically the quality of work is equal to mine (or many times less) and the fit finish is not perfect - I can do imperfect without paying $xx per hour (fill in the blank – electrician, carpenter, plumber, mechanic, etc) – obviously this is a generalization, but I sure I’m not the only one with this experience – maybe it’s just a New York thing :)?.

    Anyway, my question - Is the Liberty electrical outlet kit worth the money to have installed (is the kit designed to melt and seal the safe penetration in the event of a fire - I don't get the impression it is based on previous comments regarding sealing the passage with gypsum)? Or, could I just make a penetration with electrical conduit (metal or pvc?) and junction boxes on each side mounted tight to the safe wall, and then fill the conduit with a fire resistant epoxy or gypsum as previously suggested? I'm leaning to the later, but would appreciate any input from safe/RSC dealers (I obviously realize that the later modification would void any warranty - - but my experience is that most warranties are useless - - plus their warranty is not why I purchase this safe).

    Alternatively, are there any Liberty dealers willing to sell me the electrical kit without the installation :)?

    Thanks in advanced for your input.
  2. earlthegoat2

    earlthegoat2 Well-Known Member

    In my experience with Gander Mountain, you should hire the independent safe man to do the job (as long as Liberty will honor it) and it will be 160 dollars well spent.
  3. FC

    FC Well-Known Member

    I bought the Liberty kit for my new safe just a few weeks ago, I paid $40 + shipping direct from a local Liberty dealer and got it within 2 days. It took me about a minute to install it, the hole will already be cut in the fireboard so all you have to do is cut a slit in the carpet and pop it through after removing the plastic knock-out from the back.

    If you have one of the bigger safes this is probably your part. Call the dealer and ask.

  4. Lake Front

    Lake Front Member

  5. cuervo

    cuervo Well-Known Member

    Why bother with an outlet kit at all?

    Goldenrods com without the plug attached to the cord so you can push the cord through from the inside and then attach the plug to power it. The hole is large enough for two cords usually so you can have a second rod if needed.

    The hole is not large enough to affect the fire rating of the safe but you could buy a tube of fire-stop caulk if you wanted to.
  6. bkhosken

    bkhosken Active Member

    SInce we're talking about the electrical plug hole...I have a problem. I bought a Liberty Centurion 20, and I remember seeing the plug hole from the outside, but I mounted, bolted it down and it's not moving ...but I forgot to punch out that hole. WHere is it?
  7. calljon

    calljon Member

    Lowe's Carries the Plug Kit

    Our Lowe's store carries the Liberty plug kit around here for $34
  8. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    You know, I bought a Goldenrod when I bought my RSC; but I found out that
    if you have your RSC in an environmentally controlled environment such as
    central air and heat, its really not needed. Therefore, I have never even taken
    mine out of the package~! Be advised, that I do treat my weapons with a lot
    of TLC; with handguns being stored [sprayed down often] with Eezox and
    placed in "SACK UPS". Another great product is Blue Wonder Armadillo; I
    have this on the slide of my SA XD-.45 ACP, and it shows no wear of any
    kind. All thats needed is time, a little water, and a lot of elbow grease~! :cool:

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