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Light 270 varmint loads?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by rbernie, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. rbernie

    rbernie Well-Known Member

    Anyone have any favorite recipies for 90gr-115gr varmintin' bullets in a 270?
  2. RugerOldArmy

    RugerOldArmy Well-Known Member

    You bet, I have two:

    Both of these shoot very, very well in my Savage

    90 Gr Sierra Flat-based BTHP (Varminter)
    49.2 Gr of RL-15
    Win Cases / WLR Primers
    3.178" OAL 3450fps
    110 Gr Hornady V-Max
    50.2 Gr Varget
    Win Cases / WLR primers
    3.200" OAL (never chrony'd 'em, maybe 3250fps

    Interestingly enough, the first is Sierra's accuracy load. Their hottest load for the 90 Gr FB BTHP go 3500+fps, and still shoot MOA. The lighter load I listed is 1/3 - 1/2 MOA average (from a rest, of course).

    The faster powders such as Varget and RL-15 shot the lighter bullets much better, for me, than H4350, IMR4381, RL-19, or H4381.

    I think you really should to have a good 90-110 Gr load, a good 130 Gr load (IMR4831 baby), and a good 150-160 Gr load (RL-22!) for .270 Win.

    This is still such a great cartridge, my second favorite to 6mm BR Norma!
  3. RugerOldArmy

    RugerOldArmy Well-Known Member

    Hmmm, I missed the word 'light'. There is little recoil in the loads I listed, but there would be about half a rabbit where there had been a full rabbit with those loads. You likely wouldn't find the other half, even if you had a team of forensic experts with a week of time on their hands.

    Ken Waters 'Pet Loads' book had lighter .270 Win loads with cast bullets (including one of T. Whelen's favorites, if I remember correctly) more suitable for small game hunting, as opposed to varminting. They were much slower, but they are cast loads, not varmint bullet loads. He listed cast loads that were dead on at 50 yards, when his rifle was sighted in for 3140 fps 130 Gr Spitzer loads zeroed at 200. That way, he could hunt small game, while hunting big game, with the same scope zero. As I said, .270 Win is just a great versatile cartridge.
  4. Norm Lee

    Norm Lee Well-Known Member

    light load for the .270

    Try a 100 gr (or thereabouts) bullet over 25 gr. of IMR 4198.

    Excellent light target load, small game getter. From my model 70 it crosses line of sight at 25 yds and then again at about 100. Low recoil.

    If you use cast bullets from about 90 through 130 gr, try 17.5 gr of IMR 4759



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