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Limit 3 Handguns, 3 Rifles, 2 Shotguns

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by gbran, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. gbran

    gbran Well-Known Member

    We've all seen the threads, "if you could only have one handgun"....... or 2 or ?

    Well, this post is meant to be practicle because I've wrestled with this. No I won't be getting rid of all my excess firearms, but I would like to choose a battery that fits my uses, needs. I also have a 3 handgun limit for my CCW and I like to have my SD/CCW gun, my hunting gun and my target/plinking gun on my permit, which means I can only list one true ccw gun.

    Here is my choices (not in stone);


    - Ruger Stainless Single Six, 22lr/22wmr for plinking and small game.
    - Glock G29 10mm with extra longer barrel. Good CCW/SD and OK for pretty good sized critters in the boonies.
    - 454/45LC Super Redhawk....... great for bigger critters and hunting.


    - Thompson G2 Carbine w/rimfire barrel, .204 Ruger and 30-30 or 6.8SPC, this covers plinking, targets, varmints and close range medium game.
    - Stainless Remmy in .270, this will cover most bigger game and long range varmints (yotes). Can find/load from small to large bullets.
    - Stainless 700 Remmy in 300 winmag........ bigger game, longer distances.


    - Light weight SXS 26" with removable chokes in 12ga for upland birds, misc.
    - Rem 870, short barrel for SD

    Right now I have 14 handguns, 4 shotties and about 11 rifles, but I'm trying to cover the most with the least. What do you need and why?
  2. spwenger

    spwenger Well-Known Member

    A Different Perspective

    I would want at least one duplicate of my everyday carry gun(s) in the event that one was either seized as evidence or (more likely) had to go into the shop for repairs. Mere theory? I carry a pair of S&W 640-1's and keep a third (normally fitted with LaserGrips) as a teaching gun. Not too long ago, I noticed that the tritium bulb in the XS Big Dot sight on one of my carry guns had gone dim prematurely. It was very comforting being able to go to the safe, swap the LaserGrips on my teaching gun for my preferred Spegel Boot Grips from one more Centennial in the safe and continue business as usual until the affected gun got back from its trip to XS Sight Systems.

    I would think that everyone would benefit from having at least one .22 LR rifle. I think there's more room for debate about a .22 LR handgun although the late Skeeter Skelton once wrote an intriguing article about a S&W K-22 revolver being a good choice if you were restricted to a single firearm.

    As to shotguns, if you get a good pump-action gun, it's somewhat analogous to a T/C pistol or carbine in that you could swap barrels, albeit it in the same gauge, for different applications, such as a shorter barrel for use with buckshot and slugs and a longer one for birds. In this day and age, I would assume that the latter would be purchased with a set or interchangeable chokes.
  3. Regolith

    Regolith Well-Known Member


    3 handguns:
    Ruger GP101, 4", .357 magnum
    Springfield GI M1911 .45ACP
    Ruger Single Six .22LR

    3 Rifles:
    Marlin 1894C in .357 magnum
    Springfield M1A or FN FAL
    Savage 10 or Remington 700 in .308 Win

    2 shotties:
    2 Remington 870's, one in sporting configuration (30" barrel), one in HD config (20" barrel w/rifle sites).

    There you go.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2008
  4. RyanM

    RyanM Well-Known Member

    Going by categories, I'd say the roles I need fulfilled, and my ideal guns (some of which I don't own yet) would be:

    -Full-size or mid-size service caliber auto with .22 conversion (Glock 23)
    -Small-frame service caliber auto (Kahr MK40)
    -Subcompact small caliber handgun (Seecamp LWS380)

    -"High-powered" long range rifle, .308 caliber or similar, semi or bolt (M1A)
    -Intermediate caliber, high-capacity, semi-auto rifle (AR-15 in 6.5 Grendel, though I'd really like to see a 6mm cartridge for the AR that replicates .243 Win ballistics; something like 107 gr at 2800 fps)
    -Cheap .22 for plinking (Ruger 10/22 or something)

    -Obnoxious SBS/AOW range toy (Serbu Super Shorty)
    -Another obnoxious SBS/AOW range toy (cut down double with about 8" barrels)

    But I don't hunt, and prefer an intermediate caliber rifle for home defense, so that influences my choices.
  5. orionengnr

    orionengnr Well-Known Member

    Three handguns:
    --Ruger MkII .22LR (or if you prefer revos, an S&W M-18 .22LR)
    --S&W M-19 4" (got it) or M-27 5" (want it) 357 revolver
    --Kimber Ultra CDP 1911 (since I CCW, I prefer the 3" size)

    Three rifles:
    --Marlin M-60 (or Ruger 10/22 or maybe a bolt .22LR)
    --Remington 700 in 30-06
    --AR15 or Mini-14 in .223

    Two shotguns:
    --Remington 870 Wingmaster (12 ga) with several barrels
    --"This space available"
  6. -terry

    -terry Well-Known Member

    Three Handguns

    .22 Browning Buckmark [for cheap fun] Mine has a red dot
    9mm Walther P99c for carry
    .45 acp Sig P220 for home social occasions

    .22 Ruger 10/22. I currently ghave a scoped mossburg
    9mm or 45 acp semi auto carbine
    A what? SKS? AK47? (I don't hunt or shoot rifles much)

  7. ftierson

    ftierson Member.

    I don't like your 'rules'...

    So I'm not playing...


  8. timmyb21

    timmyb21 Well-Known Member


    P229 .40 for carry
    P220 for just having .45
    something in .44 mag.

    10/22 w/ scope, for the bunnies
    AR 15 for SHTF
    Savage 10FP or Rem 700P in .308 for long-range SHTF and deer

    Rem 870 12 ga.
    another 870 12 ga. with a shorter barrell and an extended mag.

    I have half of them already, now it's time to finish the collection.
  9. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    I'll do it in six:

    Thompson Center - swap barrel, different handgun.
    CZ-75 with 22 Kadet Conversion. OK, now you know I'm a cheater. That's two guns in one.
    Ruger DA revolver in .357. Because I enjoy DA shooting.

    AR-15 Lower. Swap uppers, different gun from 22 LR to M-2 50 cal.
    Rem 700 LTR in 7.62 Nato. Hunting arm.

    Rem 870 Wingmaster in 12 Ga. Swap barrels, different gun.
  10. Hoppy590

    Hoppy590 Well-Known Member

    1911a1, smith and wesson m41, smith and wesson large frame .44

    AK47 with switch. M14 with switch. M2 50 cal :)

    Winchester Model 12. THERE IS NO OTHER SHOTGUN! the rest pale in comparison.
  11. kd7nqb

    kd7nqb Well-Known Member

    Ok this one looks like fun although if I could trade 1 shotgun spot away I would

    1. Smith and Wesson M&P .40
    2. Kimber Prop TLE II with laser grips -.45acp
    3. Ruger Alaskan .454c/.45LC

    1. SKS- 7.62x39
    2. M44 Nagent 7.62x54r
    3 AR-15- .223

    1. Mossberg 500 -12gauge
    2. Generic Shot gun in 20gauge (their fun) (Do they make the Saiga in 20?)
  12. arflattop

    arflattop Well-Known Member

    1. Colt 1911 45acp
    2. Ruger GP-100 .357mag 6" bbl
    3. S&W 642 (.38spec)

    1. Colt AR in .223
    2. Ruger K77/17 (.17HMR)
    3. Beretta CX4 Storm in .45acp

    1. Ruger Red Label O/U in 12ga
    2. Rem 870 in 12ga
    3. Rem 1100 in 12ga
  13. Dilbert

    Dilbert Well-Known Member

    Caliber most important.

    For me the caliber of the guns is most important. Calibers that ammo can be easily, and cheaply, found.
    A Marlin lever gun in .357 (a great gun that with skill will take rabbits to deer).
    A bolt gun in .308
    A Ruger 10/22. (can any gun collection not have a .22 rifle?)
    A 6" revolver in .357.
    A 9mm automatic (9mm ammo is like roaches, always around).
    A 1911 in 45 ACP (and a .22 conversion kit if that's not cheating).
    A single shot 12 gauge (it will last forever).
    A Remington 1100.
  14. esq_stu

    esq_stu Well-Known Member

    I'll play:

    9mm service-type pistol (Glock 19)
    Concealable revolver (S&W 642)
    .22 (Ruger Mk II target model)
    no illusions about handgun hunting

    5.56 semi-auto compact (AR-15 M4 configuration)
    A decent .22 (CZ, accurized 10/22, either with scope)
    .308 Bolt action - sturdy military or scout (Mauser, Enfield, R700)

    20 ga semi-auto with clays and HD barrels (Rem 1100)
    12 ga pump with clays, deer, and HD barrels (870)
  15. GTSteve03

    GTSteve03 Well-Known Member


    9mm such as Glock or HK
    Ruger GP100 or SP101
    Ruger MKII or 22/45


    AK or SKS
    Mauser or other surplus rifle
    Scoped precision rifle like Savage 10FP


    Semi-auto like Saiga 12 or Mossberg 930
    Remington 870 or Mossberg 500
  16. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member


    .22 pistol or revolver (plinking or small game targets of opportunity) OR small hideout/backup (defense against human attack; the limit was three)
    Service-size/caliber revolver or auto (human attack)
    Large heavy-caliber revolver (hunting of/defense against larger, four-legged animals)

    Accurate .22 (small game hunting)
    "High-powered" rifle (hunting of larger game)
    Semi-auto military-type carbine (human attack)

    Short barrel/extended magazine (human attack)
    Longer barreled with interchangeable choke tubes (bird hunting)

    I have not been very specific about action types, since that is a personal choice and one is about as good as another.
  17. Sun195

    Sun195 Well-Known Member

    1) Glock 19: go-to, combat tupperware
    2) S&W 60 3": I just like this gun a lot; decent size for concealed carry; versatile
    3) Colt .22: I have one of these, so I'd go with this as my .22 handgun. However, I'd be happy with a BuckMark or S&W also. .22 handguns are cheap to shoot and good for introducing new shooters

    1) Marlin 60: this is the .22lr I'm used to; gotta have at least one .22lr; might go with a CZ452 instead
    2) Marlin 336C 30-30: all-around gun medium-caliber gun
    3) Remington 700 30.06: another good all-around gun, a little better for larger critters

    1) Remington 870 12ga: 26" barrel and 20" deer barrel; home defense, big critters, birds - this gun can do it all
    2) Beretta 686 28" 12ga: need something classy to shoot clays and whatnot
  18. Just Jim

    Just Jim Well-Known Member

    I am lost, I guess I need a scenario.

  19. Gunz

    Gunz Well-Known Member

    i have the EXACT scenario, except it is luggage limited, and not by legal rights of ownership.

    I travel, so the hardside pelican can only keep a limited number of firearms.

    here is what I can fit:

    Mossberg Military 590-A1 GHost sights (I really need to thread it for chokes)
    Marlin 336-C in 35 Rem (for heavier 200gr bullets)
    Remington 700 in 30-06

    5 inch Smith Model 629 in 44 Mag
    Dan Wesson 1911 BObTail (on me)
    Kahr K-9

    The rest of the case has the ammo. it also reminded me that one is usually limited what one can lug around. Glad the Pelican has wheels.
  20. bannockburn

    bannockburn Well-Known Member

    Colt 1911 .45 ACP with .22LR conversion unit
    Browning Hi-Power with .22LR conversion unit
    S&W Model 686
    Colt AR-15 with .22LR and 6.8 Rem uppers
    Remington Model 700 Heavy barrel .308
    Mossberg/Maverick Arms Model 88
    Mossberg Model 9200

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