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lions and tigers and bears IN MY CHILI!

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Bondo_Red, May 2, 2007.

  1. Bondo_Red

    Bondo_Red Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna make chili with lion,tiger,and bear meat in it sometime.Bear meat won't be that hard.the only big cats around here are cougars/mountain lions or whatever you call em.So do I use the cougar meat as both lion and tiger meat replacement?I don't wanna go all the way to africa,besides I think either lions or tigers or both are endangered I think.What should I do?
  2. marksman13

    marksman13 Well-Known Member

    Find a new recipe.....:scrutiny:
  3. Bondo_Red

    Bondo_Red Well-Known Member

    isn't there a loophole for the namesake?cougars could count for something.
  4. Biker

    Biker Well-Known Member

    Cougar makes for some damn fine eatin'. A cat roast cooked up nice and slow in a crockpot comes out just like a good pork roast. OTOH, bear meat is the only wild game I don't care for. I don't even like it jerked.

  5. Bondo_Red

    Bondo_Red Well-Known Member

    Well the recipe just needs at least three different game meats.I just wanted to to be able to call it "lions and tigers and bears in my soup"I like wordplay.

    NRA4LIFE Well-Known Member

    Check to see if Boston has any exotic game meat stores. I know out here in Seattle they do and you can buy just about anything you want.
  7. Biker

    Biker Well-Known Member

    Go ahead, cook it up, your dogs will have a feast 'cause no one else will eat the swill. Of course, wild game gives dogs gas that will melt glass and peel wallpaper. Sadly, I know this for a fact...

  8. marksman13

    marksman13 Well-Known Member

    Dammit Biker, you owe me a laptop...feed that dog a peppermint along with the chilli and your house will smell minty fresh all day.
  9. ZooFuzz

    ZooFuzz Member

    Them's good eatin

    He is either a survivalist or Chief Cook at the Zoo. And the latter I'm more inclined to believe.

    A friend of mine at the local zoo give me these sites: Some of the recipes listed here are really good, almost no fat, low cholesterol, and constipation a thing of the past.

    These recipes will truely dazzle the palate.

    You must realise how hard it is to get fresh roadkill, armed only with a pushbike.

    No need to send me the pics of guys with big balls though...I've already got 'em all! Visit Maisie Stewart Living for my roadkill recipes

    We're all looking for some good game recipes, so please, share your secrets! If you have a good recipe and want to share

    Some of these are quite tasty

    These recipes have no equal!!!

    And something to wash (or force it depending on how you see it) down.
    A delicious recipe for Roadkill, with Jose Cuervo® Especial gold tequila, DeKuyper® Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps and Crown Royal® Canadian whisky.

    And for that added treat on those 4Th of July cookouts
    Roadkill Bar-B-Q Sauce
    Our sauce is specially formulated to enhance and/or cover the flavor of any meat. Try it on possum, squirrel, rabbit, skunk, armadillo, pigeon, road hen, deer, moose and bear

    Also one of my favorites:
    Michigan Road Kill Stew Recipe
    Take 3 lb fresh roadkill (no more than 3 days old) . Remove fur, feathers and remaining internal organs. Place in pot with 1 can diced tomatoes, 1 T brown sugar, 1/2 C. wine, 4 T tapioca, 1/2 C. bread crumbs, 1 Bay leaf and salt and pepper. Cook all day. Serve over rice so that the maggots won't be noticed. For added flavor, add any bugs or moths scraped from the windshield.

    When you're finished with that meal that has no comparison.

    Take a look at the Top 102 cooking shows that didn't make The Food Channel.

    Have a great meal.
  10. Biker

    Biker Well-Known Member


    It was *horrible*...

  11. Mannix

    Mannix Well-Known Member

    The damned baked carp gave me splinters on my tongue :fire: !
  12. EricTheBarbarian

    EricTheBarbarian Well-Known Member

    I have a similar recipe. Racoons, oppossums, and squirrel oh my!:D I thought mixing with the other two it would make the oppossum meat more appealing. It didnt work as I planned, it just made the other two taste worse. This was an idea i got when i bought a meat grinder at the flea market for 10 bucks. I was making 'woodland blend' burgers. The only way Ive been able to semi enjoy oppossum was in the slow cooker for most of the day smothered in teriyaki, bbq, and hot sauce. I guess it all depends how hungry you are. Lions tigers and bears would be cool if you can find the meat. unfortunately, theres not too many of those in ohio, not sure about MA though. maybe try the zoo?
  13. Bondo_Red

    Bondo_Red Well-Known Member

    i'm not a cook or survivalist,just creative.:D
  14. bb21

    bb21 Well-Known Member

    I would consider the Mt. Lion a Lion of course, Bear is Bear and the Tiger you could use a house cat, but I would suggest something with stripes. mmmm!
  15. Sharps Shooter

    Sharps Shooter Well-Known Member

    I'm sure Biker remembers "Ligertown." It was a place not too far from here where they crossed lions with tigers to produce ligers. The authorities shut the place down and we taxpayers payed for cleaning up the mess and providing decent care for the animals they had caged up under deplorable conditions. Before "Ligertown" was shut down, some of the animals (lions, tigers and wolves) were known to have been escaping at will. An African lion was spotted in someone's back yard near Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.
    At any rate, if you could get a hold of some liger meat, wouldn't that count for two of the meats in your Lions and Tigers and Bears Chili?:D
  16. marksman13

    marksman13 Well-Known Member

    Biker, damn...I can't imagine that my dog would be able to stay in the house if he was that bad. Guess I couldn't say much. My wife doesn't gripe too bad when I eat chilli. chilli + beer+a hearty helping of Maker's Mark= wife sleeping on the couch.:D
  17. tenbase

    tenbase Well-Known Member

    first thing that popped into my head upon reading the thread title:


  18. koja48

    koja48 member

    . . . that will melt glass and peel wallpaper

    Not to mention the "molten canine lava" aftermath . . .
  19. SoCalShooter

    SoCalShooter Well-Known Member

    Ok someone owes me a new rib cage cause seriously I think my side split. Guys I can't believe some of you BIKER your crazy@!
  20. marksman13

    marksman13 Well-Known Member

    "molten canine lava" I think I am gonna die laughing at this thread. Mods please delete this thread for health reasons. I would dearly hate for a high roader to choke to death on a spoonful of bear chilli while reading this.:D

    I just got through eating a big ol bowl of deer chilli myself. Wife is going to bed. Time for "Operation Cover Trap" to begin. Got ten dollars that says one of us is sleeping on the couch in twenty minutes. Good night high roaders. Thanks for a good belly roll laugh session.

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