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Llama 1911 style 9mm

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by tigeroldlone, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. tigeroldlone

    tigeroldlone Well-Known Member

    I am buying a Llama 1911 9mm from a friend. I would like some general info on them. It seems that most of the comments I have seen about them have been negative, are they really that bad?
  2. Ron James

    Ron James Well-Known Member

    They are not bad firearms for the money, the big problem now is parts. . Some 1911 parts will interchange, some can be made to interchange, but most are unique to the gun. You roll the dice and take your chances
  3. oldbear

    oldbear Well-Known Member

    Llama pistols were an excellent value, not a Colt, but a decent handgun for the money. As the other poster stated, parts may hard to find and pricey when you do. So make sure it is in good condition before you spend your hard earned money.
  4. C5rider

    C5rider Well-Known Member

    Are they as bad as everyone makes them out to be?

    Far as I can tell, not really. There will be others come on here and will be able to give you their years of experience with these guns. I can only give you my personal experience. I bought a Llama 9mm parabellum after reading posts and websites that either praised or demonized these guns. Some tried to explain the faults and fixes while others reported no problems. I decided that for the small cost of the gun, I'd give it a try.

    I bought the gun and went to the range, it jammed. A lot. I tried several magazines (it came with three) and some worked better than others. I suspected the magazines so, I bought another (can't have too many, right). I took the gun back out and STILL, it jammed but not as much. I tried different ammo and so far, it seems to like TulAmmo the best.

    In an attempt to find the root of the problem, I decided to tear down the gun and SERIOUSLY clean it, with carb cleaner. You should have seen the black crud that came out of that frame. I've since learned to tear the gun down more than simply pulling the slide for cleaning. It seems that the more I clean the gun, the better it shoots.

    I've determined that this gun is going to teach me about the finer details of what it takes for a gun to operate properly. For what I've got in this gun, I've paid a whole lot more and gotten a whole lot less useful information in the past. Would I carry it for self defense, probably not. But that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy some range time with it. I think the reliability of a gun is partly decided by the manufacturer and then either validated or eliminated by the end user's ability to care for it properly. That said, I'm expecting to burnish this gun into a nicely-operating firearm at some point in the relationship. :)

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  5. NMGonzo

    NMGonzo Well-Known Member

    It is a utter waste of money.

    Give me the owner's info to scald him properly.
  6. potmetal

    potmetal Well-Known Member

    C5rider, I've often wondered how many bad reports on guns like the Llama come from someone getting one that has been owned by a previous owner that never bothered cleaning it. Then when the gun malfunctions because of years of crud buildup from neglect, we blame the gun. When I worked in a gun store, the owner had a list of customers that he was reluctant to trade with because he knew these guys never cleaned any gun they owned.
    I've got a Max 1 LF .45acp Llama. It was clean when I got it, and I try to keep it clean and it's been a fine, reliable, and accurate shooter for me.
  7. Mad Magyar

    Mad Magyar Well-Known Member

    If it's a ridiculously low price; take your chances...Since my experience has been with the Llama .45acp; can't be specific about your pistol. I had positive experience with mine...You hear about parts being a problem. My problem was I spent lots of time-money stocking up on parts that were available: never needed them....:)
  8. BossHogg

    BossHogg Well-Known Member

    I've had both the 45 and 9mm and miss them both. Mine were 1911 style and worked great. I would really like to find a nice 9mm 1911 again. Great fun guns for the range.
  9. ravot

    ravot Active Member

    i dont have experiences. but based on the feedback here, the price should be on the lower side. if not, then you can definitely purchase something newer for a low price. rock island armory has the 1911 for 379 or 429 for the tactical version on center fire systems....

    as far as RIA brand goes, i'm not sure but i haven't heard bad things about them, definitely comparable, if not better. especially for the price.
  10. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    If you can shoot it first and it works you should be OK, I'd not go near one without being able to fire it before buying. Llama is out of business for a reason, seems they took Star and Astra along with them.

    If its anywhere near the price of the RIA 9mm 1911 "Tactical" (~$430 from Centerfire Systems) I'd stop considering it. Love my RIA Tactical 9mm, trouble is my wife likes is so much I'll probably need to get another, although I'm also considering its STI upgraded version the "Spartan" for about $650.
  11. Sniper X

    Sniper X Well-Known Member

    I figured you would get as many don't do it's as I did when I asked about buying a used like new AMT Hardballer! Well, I bought it, even after all the negativity and hubub! It is one of the best shooting stock 1911s I have ever had! AND I have probably had 100 or more 1911s and all have been COlt, Kimber, or Springfiled. Now I have not had a LLama but would not hesitate at ALL to buy one if the price was right. Seems like a perfect loaner 1911 and something I could leave in my hunting trailer all the time and not worry so much about it getting ripped off.
  12. Mad Magyar

    Mad Magyar Well-Known Member

    I'm kind of refreshed seeing a thread on Llama where the replies were sensible and not overly-emotional; regardless of one's point of view. I try to refrain as much as possible about indicting certain firearms as a "POS", "You get what you pay for.." "paper-weight", etc all thought out for maximum effect:rolleyes:..Most pistols have common similarities regardless of origin. Once you maintain it: the vast majority of the time you'll be okay....
  13. C5rider

    C5rider Well-Known Member


    I read a post one time from a gentleman who put it this way. Folks buy a 1,100 dollar gun and "modify" it to shoot better and they've got a "custom".

    If you buy a 250 dollar gun and work on it to get it to shoot better, it's a POS.

    I am relatively new to handguns and I'm learning something almost every day, but that kind of put it into perspective for me. :p
  14. Mad Magyar

    Mad Magyar Well-Known Member

    Amen brother.....Putting it in another way, with the exception of proficient competitive shooters which makes up a miniscule per cent of gun ownership; for the rest of us the $250 to $1,100 gun will out perform the person holding it.....
  15. Notspartacus

    Notspartacus New Member

    I've got an IX-A in .45 - I don't know how directly it compares to your 9mm, but mine is going on 30 years old and looks every year of it. My great uncle used it as a truck gun, so it's never been treated quite right. Still, it shoots just fine...I've even used it at Steel Plate Challenge matches with some success.

    The external extractor popped out one day last year because the pin had backed out. I found it a few feet away and put everything back together. No problems since.

    It's rattly, it's kind of ugly, the wood grips are too slick for me and everybody looks at it a little cockeyed because it's got a shotgun-style rib running down the top of the slide, but it feeds whatever I put in it, from JHP to ball to cast lead. I can't ask for much more than that.

    It's the sort of pistol that's kind of fun to trot out when the other guys show up with their high dollar race guns.
  16. JR47

    JR47 Well-Known Member

    The Spanish government had more to do with that than anything else. In Spain, especially under Franco, the government decided who would build guns, for whom they would build them, and how many they could build. After they were allowed more freedom, they found themselves behind the curve of the rest of the manufacturing countries. Then , the government decided to saddle them with regulations that would make Schmuer, Boxer, and Feinstein drool in envy.
  17. Mad Magyar

    Mad Magyar Well-Known Member

    My favorite......I've had two and they both performed great...
    Absolutely correct about the grips...I voted them the ugliest, had to cover them up with some Black Cobra skin...

  18. tigeroldlone

    tigeroldlone Well-Known Member

    I figure at $275 it isn't a bad deal. I did wonder whether the 9mm would shoot HP with the feed ramp polished.
  19. Cearbhall

    Cearbhall Well-Known Member

    I had one and I'm sorry I sold it. The only weak part was the magazine. Pretty accurate. $199, brand new back in '83, I think.

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