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Load data for 9MM 125 gr lead?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Shinbone, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Shinbone

    Shinbone Well-Known Member

    Anyone have load data for 125 grain lead RN for 9MM? I've searched my reloading manuals for this and can't find anything.
  2. NVMM

    NVMM Well-Known Member

    What powder do you want to use?
  3. scott5

    scott5 Well-Known Member

  4. Eb1

    Eb1 Well-Known Member

    4.8 grains - 5 grains Unique loaded to magazine length use taper crimp.

    I shot these in my XD. They shot good with a hard cast lead bullet.
  5. buckeye8

    buckeye8 Well-Known Member

    I've been loading 125gr LRN's from a local casting company on top of 4.0 to 4.2 grains of Bullseye with nice results. Works well, doesn't lead the barrel, and is dirt cheap. I'm sure more experienced reloaders have some great loads, but I'm satisfied enough after my first 500 rounds that I think I've found my 9mm load. Around here, Bullseye is ~$17 per lb, so 4.0 grains per charge averages out to 1,750 rounds per lb of powder. Stuff goes a long way.

    The more handgun calibers I try with Bullseye, the more I wonder why anybody plinks with anything else. There are lots of better-performing powders, but I haven't found anything better for plinking and keeping costs down over a variety of calibers. I'd rather have a little extra money than a few extra fps for plinking loads.
  6. RidgwayCO

    RidgwayCO Well-Known Member

  7. bds

    bds Well-Known Member

    From my recent range tests, for MBC 125 gr "Small Ball" with rounder nose profile, these provided good accuracy with moderate recoil (Note shorter OAL of 1.10"):

    Promo - 3.8/4.1 gr at 1.10" OAL
    Green Dot - 3.8/4.1 gr at 1.10" OAL
  8. srsmith

    srsmith Well-Known Member

    I have just changed to the MBC SmallBall 125 gr for my CZ85 9x19.

    5.6 gr AA#5
    Win WSP
    OAL 1.050 (the tight CZ likes them short)
    Mixed brass.
    MV 1060 fps.

    Not a max pressure load.
    Very consistent.
    Clean brass lands in a nice little pile.

    This is a good plinking load.

    Be Safe and Have Fun !

  9. jfremder

    jfremder Well-Known Member

    When I plug your data into QuickLOAD I get just under 37,844 psi and 1161 fps
    at your stated 1.05" OAL with MB 125 gr. LRN and 5.6 gr. AA#5

    My CZ-75 needs a OAL of 1.05" as well, but QuickLOAD shows your 5.6 gr. AA#5 as an unsafe load by about 0.3 gr. Does your brass show any excessive pressure signs?
  10. Shinbone

    Shinbone Well-Known Member

    These all sound good. Thanks. Sorry I couldn't get back sooner, but all "weapons" related web sites have been blocked where I work. :cuss:
  11. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    I load theLee tumble lube bullet for 9mm, and I use a load that really is listed as too light. I work's great in my P01, but wouldn't cycle the P07 reliably. Lead casting can really save money, if that's what your doing.
  12. Shinbone

    Shinbone Well-Known Member

    I am casting, but for my 1858 Remmy. .454 round ball of nearly pure lead. I don't have a mould for 9mm. I also cast for 38/357, but with an alloy, of course. I love the Lyman #358101 mould. Makes a nice 75 grain for 38 and has almost no recoil at all. Good for someone just starting to shoot.

    BTW, what is MBC small ball?
  13. Seedtick

    Seedtick Well-Known Member

  14. Jumping Frog

    Jumping Frog Well-Known Member

    The Ramshot powders loading guide does a good job of publishing load for lead pistol bullets in calibers where other powder manufacturers often publish only FMJ loads.

    Ramshot Load Guide V4.3b
  15. LotI

    LotI Well-Known Member

    125 MBC Smallball & Bullseye

    I have played with Bullseye & Smallball and here's my results.

    Rem brass, CCI primers, 1.070" COL-just off the lands. SD from 8-12fps.

    CZ-75D PCR 3.8"bbl
    3.7gr. 983fps
    4.0gr. 1032fps
    4.2gr. 1081fps

    CZ-75 SP-01 Tactical 4.7"bbl
    3.7gr. 1014fps
    4.0gr. 1074fps
    4.2gr. 1110fps

    I've settled on 4.0gr. which puts the brass about 2 feet from the SP-01 and the compact ejects them smartly. Accuracy is fantastic. Price is great.

    This is how it prices out for me per hundred, YMMV:
    $5.94 bullets
    $2.88 primers-bulk local w/tax
    $.76 powder-bulk local w/tax

    $9.58/100...I can live with that. Although it's about twice what I was paying in 2007 :(
  16. Six

    Six Well-Known Member

    I shoot Small Ball over Bullseye.

    Mixed brass, CCI primers, 1.100" OAL

    Glock 19 / 4" barrel

    4.0gr Bullseye puts me right at 1100 fps
  17. rbernie

    rbernie Well-Known Member

    4.5gr of Unique.
  18. evan price

    evan price Well-Known Member

    Between 4.0-4.5 grains of a fast pistol powder (Titegroup, Red Dot, Bullseye, Clays, 700-X, etc) work fine with cast 124-125 grain slugs, load to as long as you can get but feed reliably and not hit the leade of the chamber. Work from there.
  19. 71Commander

    71Commander Well-Known Member

    3.7 titegroup @ 1.125 OAL. A nice, accurate shooter.
  20. srsmith

    srsmith Well-Known Member

    To answer the question from jfremder:

    The brass does not show signs of excessive pressure.
    The edges of the primers are rounded.
    Operation in 2 different guns is normal.

    The 9x19 is a small case, so it is quite sensitive to differences in loading components.
    The MBC SmallBall bullet is very blunt and so the 9x19 loads need to have a short OAL, especially in a tight gun like a CZ.

    A short OAL with a "normal" bullet will reduce the case capacity and can dramatically increase the max pressure.
    Caution is definitely in order !

    In addition to being blunt, the MBC SmallBall is also a short bullet.

    Before modeling this in QuickLoad, I measured the actual length of a handful of SmallBall bullets.
    Then I tried QL models using several bullets that were similar to the SmallBall
    and adjusted the model by changing the bullet length to the actual measured value.
    The pressure calculations showed around 32K psi.
    I backed off quite a bit and worked up slowly.

    Be Safe and Have fun !


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