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Loaded M1a SS barrel synth stock, headed my way

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by jlott00, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. jlott00

    jlott00 Well-Known Member

    very excited, after months of trying to find something cheaper ect i finally just got what i wanted, an m1a. i thought if have buyers remorse but i dont! im excited as heck to have her in my hands

    it was 1427 NIB...was that a good price?
  2. Almond27

    Almond27 Well-Known Member

    Heck yeah thats a good price my standard used was $1300 you did well. We need pictures.
  3. jlott00

    jlott00 Well-Known Member

    will do when she gets in!
  4. Gunfighter123

    Gunfighter123 Well-Known Member

    Nowadays that is a pretty good price ---I own a M1A loaded stainless and a SOCOM. I've owned about all the "BRs" made --- H&K 91s , FALs , FNCs , AUGs , BM 59s , etc. etc. --- I still think my M1As are the best of the bunch. As far as "buyers remorse" -- you won't even think there was such a phrase after you shoot some targets over 200/300 yards. And if you ever get to shoot a boar , deer , or even varmints with the power of a .308 , you will wonder why a .223 was ever made !!!!!
  5. jlott00

    jlott00 Well-Known Member

    well i saw some old post from 2003 where a guy bought a used ss loaded m1a for 1300 and everyone was going nuts bc it was a great deal, so i figured i couldnt go wrong

    if you include inflation i think guns are actually priced right now. if you look around
  6. 61chalk

    61chalk Well-Known Member

    Did you buy from individual or dealer? Sounds like a good deal....
  7. jlott00

    jlott00 Well-Known Member

  8. MTMilitiaman

    MTMilitiaman Well-Known Member

    Congrats on a sweet rifle! I have the same one and paid $1300 NIB for it, but that was a few years ago, before Bama. I think that price sounds decent considering the market now.

    In hindsight, I wish I had gone with the Scout version, as it would fit my needs better. However, for reaching out and touching, even with just the rifle's excellent iron sights, the Loaded's medium contour 22 inch barrel will get you there. It just won't be as well balanced or handy as the Scout for everything else.

    But yeah, congrats. The M1A is an excellent rifle. You're in for a real treat as long as you can afford to feed her.
  9. skipbo32

    skipbo32 Well-Known Member

    i purchased a standard springfield M1A off gunbroker.com and noticed it came with a national match front sight. it also had a nicer "two-set" trigger pull than other standard M1As that i have shot. is it possible they sent me a M1A "loaded" model? or do some standard M1As come with NM front sights?
  10. Almond27

    Almond27 Well-Known Member

    Skipbo32 is your stock glass bedded? Have you called Springfield and asked them? They are super friendly I called and asked for info on my Standard. I then called back a few weeks later and asked for an owners manual they sent me all kinds of stuff.
  11. skipbo32

    skipbo32 Well-Known Member

    almond27: no the stock is not bedded. i sold the stock to buy an original M14 stock. i actually have several M14 stocks that i collect. the problem with those is they do not fit (lock up) as tight. does having a loose lock-up really effect accuracy that much? i have a thick "match" birch that should fit tight, but somone modified the bottom where the trigger group rests, and therefore has a lock up that has no tork what so ever. is a "bed" job worth it? do they cost much to have done? and i heard they dont last after 1,000 rounds, but does a worn out bed-stock effect accuracy as well?

    any answers would be great....thanks.

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