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Loading Silvertips

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by bullseye308, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. bullseye308

    bullseye308 Well-Known Member

    I'm looking to load some 147gr silvertips in my .357 using Alliant 2400. Have not located load data for this specific bullet and was wondering how much difference it will make over a common JHP. If it matters these will be loaded for a Ruger GP-100 with a 6" bbl and just a little hotter that factory would be nice. :evil:

    Also looking for the same in 9mm. 115gr silvertip with Bullseye

    These will most likely be loaded in nice pretty nickel cases shined up and fired into melons while demonstrating to new shooters the power of what they are "playing" with. Taking new shooters out is so much fun. :evil:
  2. 3sixbits

    3sixbits Well-Known Member

    14 grains of 2400 with a bullet of that weight is a good safe load with all the normal warnings.

    For any loads with 9mm, you want to look at 700X or 800X it is a vary good powder or powders and loading information is available on line for these powders. I have loaded many pounds of these powders in all pistol ctgs with perfect success. I highly recommend them to any pistol shooter.
  3. bullseye308

    bullseye308 Well-Known Member

    Thanks so far. I have a couple of pounds of Bullseye and a fresh pound of 2400 on hand. I will not be buying powder for a while, so I have to use what I have. I'm thinking that i can use any jacketed data for these, but wanted other's thoughts just in case that is not the case. :rolleyes: You know?
  4. Steve C

    Steve C Well-Known Member

    Use data for 158gr jacketed bullets and you will be fine. Silver tips are nickle plated copper jacketed bullets, some of the early ones had an aluminum jacket I believe but I don't think they where ever sold as a reloading component by Winchester. Use standard primers with 2400 as its easy to lite off and magnum primers will increase pressures significantly. (ref. Speer manual 13)
  5. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Hold on there pardner!
    If you are looking at 147 grain Silver-Tips, you are looking at .355" 9mm bullets, not .357 bullets.

    The .357 Silver-Tip is a 145 grain bullet.

  6. bullseye308

    bullseye308 Well-Known Member

    You are correct, I have both on hand and got ther number wrong. These are 145gr. I will be loading in both 9mm and .357,
  7. Mark whiz

    Mark whiz Well-Known Member

    I know you are working with different powders - but for what it is worth, with the Silvertips, I found that Win 231 actually worked the best in my 4" Security Six - specifically 6.6gr of 231.
  8. Sport45

    Sport45 Well-Known Member

    The extra .002" bullet diameter may cause chambering problems if any of your brass is on the thick side. Not to mention pressure concerns if you are loading near max. I'd think it safer to shoot 9mm (.355") bullets in the .357 than the other way around.
  9. bullseye308

    bullseye308 Well-Known Member

    Let me clarify this a little more. I have some .355 115gr and .357 147gr bullets to load, not just .355 for both.:eek: I will be using the correct bullets for the caliber it will be fired from.:cool: As an aside, I will be loading these in S&W headstamp nickel plated brass just cause I think it is funny. :rolleyes:

    Sorry for not making this clear in the beginning. I see what is on the shelf, you guys can't and I weren't thunking. :banghead:
  10. moooose102

    moooose102 Well-Known Member

    i always like the 158 grain silvertips in my .357 mag. but it was so long ago, i dont remember much about the loads. it was a long time ago. sorry i cant help you.

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