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LocTite Removal ?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by gunsmither, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. gunsmither

    gunsmither Active Member

    Anybody know what chemical to use to remove CURED LOCTITE from the top of a Blued Receiver? I've Tried acetone, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, RB-17, Sweets 7.62, and Paint remover with Methylene Chloride. Nothing worked! Even tried heat! :fire:

    I'm thinking Nuclear Weapon at this point! :cuss: Any Ideas, anyone ? Called locktite, they said Methylene Chloride, hence the paint stripper. Maybe Pure MC ? Thanks in advance! gunsmither :D
  2. DeBee

    DeBee Well-Known Member

    I'm stunned that paint stripper didn't dissolve the stuff. I've used Kleen Strip Premium Gel and that crap will melt just about anything!

    Next I'd try super glue remover. While you are looking for that, email Brownells tech department and ask them what they'd use.
  3. Pistolsmith

    Pistolsmith Well-Known Member

    Do you own a soldering gun? It will remove the glumpf in just a few seconds. Heat it and when it gets soft, scrape it away with a matchstick or Q tip.
  4. gunsmither

    gunsmither Active Member

    Loctite ? More like CONCRETE!

    :confused: I tried heat again today. Really poured the coals to it, and it didn't budge!:banghead:

    I went and bought some carburater cleaner- didn't touch it!:evil:

    I should add that the top of the Marlin receiver appears to be bead blasted for a non-glare surface. Perhaps this slight texturing is what makes this Locktite(?) so tenacious.

    Finally gave up, and installed rear sight, and said "To h--- with it. Don't know what else to do. Whatever this stuff is, it's impervious to anything available that I have access to. This could be Space Shuttle Grade Locktite, perhaps?:eek:

    Thanks for your suggestions. Safe Shootin! Joe:D
  5. Walt Sherrill

    Walt Sherrill Well-Known Member

    One other thing you might try is Automotive Paint Remover.

    (I used it to remove the Polycoat finish from a pre-B CZ-75. Nothing else would touch it.)

    You can get it in spray cans at auto parts houses.

    Be sure it doesn't hit wood or anything plastic. (Spray some into a small container, and use a paint brush to apply it.)
  6. Dogsoldier

    Dogsoldier Well-Known Member

    I remember Loctite use to sell a releasing agent. It came in a little bottle with a paint brush, much like nail polish. This stuff dissolved even the red stuff on contact. Maybe you could pop over to the locktite site, they must have one, and email the customer service department.

    Good luck.
  7. JOE

    JOE Member

    the only way i've been able to remove loc-tite is using the wire wheel on my bench grinder
  8. Pistolsmith

    Pistolsmith Well-Known Member

    Bead blasting works, also.

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