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Looking for a 1911

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Magnus1959, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Magnus1959

    Magnus1959 New Member

    New to the board here. I currently own a Glock 21. I love it but there is still a place in my heart for a 1911. I'm looking for a 5 in.1911 .45 in a mid price range. Suggestions?
  2. Cougfan2

    Cougfan2 New Member

    Depends on what you mean by mid price. You can pick up some of the Springfield Armory 1911's depending on what features you want in the $600 range. For a good quality value priced 1911, Rock Island Armory 1911's can be had for under $500 and are actually a lot of gun for the money. Welcome to the addiction!:D 1911's are like potato chips. You can never have just one.!:D
  3. USMC Tanker

    USMC Tanker New Member

    "Medium" price range recommendation: Springfield Armory Mil-Spec, a good bang for your buck choice.

    Just one more step up: Springfield Armory Loaded

    My ultimate, end-all 1911: Springfield Armory Full-Size MC Operator

    Did I mention that I like Springfield Armory? You can't beat their value or lifetime warranty.
  4. chubbmann

    chubbmann New Member

    I have a Rock Island 1911 GI type .45 and love it. I paid 390.00 for it and have yet to see another piece come close to the value for the money.
  5. Magnus1959

    Magnus1959 New Member

    Springfield Armory Full-Size MC Operator
    Nice looking gun. Maybe I'll keep saving for something like that.
  6. tlen

    tlen New Member

    Range or carry ? Check out the S&W SW1911 series. For range consider the #108284, for carry #108293.
  7. Cougfan2

    Cougfan2 New Member

  8. Eric F

    Eric F New Member

    No sir I cant allow you to tell this fib.:neener:

    That title belongs to STI:evil:

    Ria tactical is going to be the very best for your money I would thinklow end spending. SA is good too.

    But for about $500-$600 look at STi Spartan made mostly by Rock Island under contract.

    DRYHUMOR New Member


    700 and change for stainless 38 Super on gunbroker.
  10. Mad Magyar

    Mad Magyar New Member

    Chubbmann, I really liked that one....One of my son's is enjoying it after so many years....:)
  11. weisse52

    weisse52 New Member

    A Colt is always the right answer!

    And when it is not a SA Mil-spec or GI is a close second.

    If you "got the bucks" a world of custom and semi-custom await your call.
  12. bluetopper

    bluetopper New Member

    An STI Spartan or Dan Wesson 1911's.

    Best buys in the 1911 market.
  13. possum

    possum New Member

    i have to agree with what the above poster said, it depends on what you think or what your "mid price" range is. my 1911 is a sa mc operator and i love it, it is the most expensive handgun that i own,but it is worth every penny, it only has a woppin 750rds through it, but it runs. last week it had 600rds in 2.5 hours and i can't wait to take it out again. you can't go wrong with the operators, the trp's, or even the loaded models for that matter, but if i had the money i would go with the mc atleast if not a trp.

    pics of my operator.
    this was the first 14rds that i put through it. i am much better with it now.
  14. VegasOPM

    VegasOPM New Member

    The Dan Wesson series are okay, as is the Taurus line. The going price for a Taurus is about $500 and they already have most of the stuff that you are going to want anyway (beavertail safety with speed bump, skeletonized hammer and trigger, oversized safety, flat mainspring housing, proper checkering). IMHO, shy away from the mil-spec guns. The sights are awful, the hammer bites (literally) and the safety is too small. They are hard to shoot accurately and quickly.

    That being said, I do have a mil-spec and I do enjoy shooting it. I just like my hot-rods more.;)

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