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Looking for a $350 mid-sized semi-auto for CCW

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Fat Boy, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Fat Boy

    Fat Boy Well-Known Member

    I have considered a Taurus pt145 but read lots of bad things
    I have considered a Century Bulgarian Mak but worry about ammo availability
    Looking for suggestions- thank you
  2. dusty14u

    dusty14u Well-Known Member

    I would still consider any of the Makerovs. I have had no issues finding ammo and I reload and bought a set of dies for the 9x18. Bullets have been in stock everywhere and cutting a 9mm Luger down 1mm means brass is very easy to come by.

    I bought a Russian hi-cap model this week for less than $300 with 250 rounds of Silver Bear. I have a couple of boxes of Hornaday Critical Defense for when I carry it.

    For $350 and under your options are pretty limited.
  3. farscott

    farscott Well-Known Member

    There is a new batch of S&W 4046 pistols (.40 S&W, DAO) hitting the market right now. CDNN is selling them for $340 (used) to $430 (new). They are essentially unbreakable and very reliable.
  4. jimbo555

    jimbo555 Well-Known Member

    You can get a ruger sr9c on gunbroker for close to that. Nib buy it now for 379.00.
  5. HankR

    HankR Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't be afraid of getting the PT145, but I would agree w/ Jimbo and suggest saving a bit more and going w/ the SR9c.

    MICHAEL T Well-Known Member

    Couple of Bersa in that price range Just little more for the 9mm or 45
  7. rockhopper46038

    rockhopper46038 Well-Known Member

  8. GyMac

    GyMac Well-Known Member

    My choice for several years has been the Makarov. I just like the gun.
  9. 7mmb

    7mmb Well-Known Member

    Check out one of these. MSRP is over $500 but when I hit instant quote the out the door price is less than $350 from several of my LGSs. Don't worry about EAA's customer service. If you buy from Davidson's you'll never need to deal with EAA. Davidson's no BS warranty is truly no BS. I have a Witness P-S with a 4.5" barrel that is a really good shooter, especially at its price point. These 3.6" pistols should work great as a CCW.

  10. Furncliff

    Furncliff Well-Known Member

    cz 82. about $250 Mine's accurate with cheap Brown Bear 9mm Mak ammo. CZUSA services these and they are good to deal with. I had CZUSA work mine over and the gun has been 100% reliable since. The trigger pull might be the best in its class. I buy 9mm mak ammo in case lots and have never had trouble locating what I need. If you like this but insist on .380 the CZ 83 (same gun) is available, but a bit more $.

    Mine was painted and the finnish has held up well, otherwise some of the surplus pistols can have considerable finish wear.

    The Makarov pistol is a good choice also, very reliable about the same size/weight as the CZ but slimmer, it may not have as good a trigger.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2013
  11. mljdeckard

    mljdeckard Well-Known Member

    I would look for a used G-19. It may seem optimistic for that price, but I found my wife's (barely) used XD-9 for $300.
  12. frankiestoys

    frankiestoys Well-Known Member

    I have the C100 , it ran me about 375$ and worth every penny .. very well made CZ copy 400+ rounds through mine and can't believe how good it shoots. Plus 2 mags !Its a great deal and makes a nice edc
  13. MrWesson

    MrWesson Well-Known Member

    Pf9 is a very nice carry gun(substitute LC9 if you want the ruger copy)

    Unfortunately 350 doesn't buy you much these days.
  14. railroader

    railroader Well-Known Member

  15. tarosean

    tarosean Well-Known Member

  16. Pilot

    Pilot Well-Known Member

    The Canik/Tristar CZ clones seem to be good guns for the money. The PCR clone would be my choice in that price range.

    Last edited: Oct 21, 2013
  17. leadcounsel

    leadcounsel member

    I have a PT145 and it's outstanding.

    I'd also look into the Canik (CZ 75 clones). They are getting great reviews.

    And the 3rd Gen Smiths are outstanding also.
  18. krupparms

    krupparms Well-Known Member

    The S&W S.D.9 or S.D.40 are great buys in my opinion. Alot of people gripe about the trigger. But S&W will fix it free if you tell them it is rough & or gritty. These are accurate & reliable guns. And Hold a good amount of rounds, & will still conceal easily! They also feel great in your hand & are very comfortable to shoot! Also you can get them new at that price range. And it's a S&W made in the U.S.A.! Check them out! Just an old shooters thoughts! Good luck with whatever you pick!
  19. SwampWolf

    SwampWolf Well-Known Member

    Double this. And if the op prefers a 9mm chambered, mid-sized pistol, it'd be mighty hard to beat a Model 5906. In good condition, they can usually be found for under $500.00 or so.
  20. Goju

    Goju Well-Known Member

    Sig P6
    Kahr CW model in 9 or .45

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