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Looking for a gun for my wife to carry

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by Poppaj78, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Poppaj78

    Poppaj78 Member

    Can anyone help me out. My wife just started shooting and i dont want to scare her away from it. She has shot my full frame 9mm, and my glock 40. I want to get her a revolver. Something kind of small that fits her hand better. Something along the lines of a 38. I would like to get as many openions as i can i have never owned a revolver before. THANKS!!
  2. RustyFN

    RustyFN Well-Known Member

    I don't have a lot of experience with revolvers. I got to shoot a woman's revolver that belongs to our club and I thought it was very nice. It was a S&W Ladysmith in 357 mag. The trigger was very smooth and the gun was very accurate. It was a little small for my hands though. I am going through the same as you with my wife. We are going to different gun shops in the area so she can touch a lot of different guns and see what fits her hand best. I just wish we had a range close that rented guns so she could try them.
  3. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

  4. Legion489

    Legion489 member

    The police turn in Model 10 .38 Specials were all over and cheap for awhile, still see them every so often now. Good, solid revolver, common as corrupt courts, easy to get parts/holsters/speed loaders for, great shooters. The other gun I would look at is the same thing in .357 (probably stainless) and have her shoot only .38 Specials through it. That way if she wants to she can shoot .357 and .38 Spec in the same gun and it will have a higher resale value.
  5. MtnCreek

    MtnCreek Well-Known Member

    My wife has a Taurus ultra light Ti in .38. The barrel is ported and does not recoil much. She has small hands, so it was hard to find something small enough to fit her without much recoil. I have some K-frame .357's, but they were too big. J frame .38 fit her well, but the recoil was a little too much for her when she was starting out shooting. .32long J frame was a good fit, but she ain't getting that... :) It came down to the Taurrus UL 38 and a smith .32 (not the long, but was going to shoot longs through it). The smith was made of scanduim (spelling???) and cost twice as much, so Taurrus it was.
  6. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

    While the guys are making good recommendations, I don't see why a couple of men who say "i have never owned a revolver before." and "I don't have a lot of experience with revolvers." just naturally assume that their wife will be better served with a revolver than the big powerful complicated autoloader that they prefer.

    My observations and personal batting average getting women comfortable with an auto have been pretty favorable. I have one contact who has not made use of the auto provided and depends on the revolver her Father gave her years ago. Perhaps I did not spend enough time with her to get her confidence up. I'll work on it. The rest are doing well with the autos, whether for defense or sport.

    The makers are working to deal with hand size, within the limits of a butt to accomodate a magazine. S&W, Glock, Walther, and H&K all make plastic pistols of simple operating mode with interchangeable grip sections to suit hand size.
    The clunky old 1911 can be had with short or long trigger, flat or arched mainspring housing, and thick or thin grips to suit.

    A good revolver is not a bad choice, but it is not the only choice.
  7. Poppaj78

    Poppaj78 Member

    Thank you everyone. She is not 100% against an auto. The only one she has shot was my large frame auto and she shoots it well bet ist a little too big for her hands. WE WILL KEEP LOOKING TIL WE FIND WHAT SHE LIKES. NOT going to count anything out. We also went to a few different places to look at guns. But every store around the house is dry with all the buying frenzy. I do thank everyone for taking the time to reply.
  8. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    Sir, it is very important to let her pick the handgun she will carry. How would you like it if someone picked your carry gun? Your only job is to be there so some wise-guy gun dealer doesn't try to take advantage of her or talk down to her just because she is female. As long as she doesn't try to buy pure junk let your wife choose what she likes and feels good in her hand, not something you think would be good for her...

    That said, I feel she might like an all Steel J frame after she learns to shoot well because a J frame is not for the beginner. It's more difficult to shoot well although they are extremely accurate handguns. If your worried about "scarring her away" don't stick an ultra-light 2" revolver in her hand loaded with +P ammo and expect her to like it, no one does. You might want to look at the S&W Bodyguard 38 with a polymer frame which will aid in soaking up some of the recoil. It also comes with a built in laser.
  9. gamestalker

    gamestalker member

    I got a gun for my wife, good trade!

    Seriously, go with her and let her handle, and if possible, shoot a variety of handguns, even auto loaders if any interest her. But as for revolvers, a 38 spcl. with the right loads is nice to shoot. my wife is also not an AL type and prefers a revolver any day of the week. Even a .357 mag with full tilt loads feels more comfortable to her than any of our .40's and 9mm's in her hands.

  10. critter

    critter Well-Known Member

    My wife USED to carry a Taurus 85 (that's a snubby .38-5 shot) and liked it. That is, until I brought home a Ruger LCR in .38. First time she handled it, she declared it "HER GUN". I sold the 85 and she has since been very happy carrying and shooting the Ruger.
  11. RockyTop

    RockyTop Well-Known Member

    Interesting. I'm actually looking for a wife for one of my guns.
  12. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    My GF absolutely hated the snub 38 I had. Harsh recoil and in her words, "wimpy bullet". She also didn't like how it reloads.

    She much preferred my Glock 21sf.:eek:

    Moral of the story, don't assume she'll want a revolver.
  13. Deer_Freak

    Deer_Freak Member.

    No offense intended, but the wrong person is hunting the pistol. Your wife should pick the pistol she wants. After all, in the end, the pistol has to fit her hand. I quit trying to buy a pistol for my wife. She gets first choice of the pistols we have in the house. It seems like she needs a different gun for every outfit she owns. I also quit trying to understand why she needs a different gun every day. That would be like trying to figure out why she needs so many pairs of shoes.
  14. TarDevil

    TarDevil Well-Known Member

    What he said!

    Gal came to the house so I could help her learn to shoot her revolver. She did OK, but she knocked the bull's eye out with my SR9c.

    I helped my daughter pick out and buy a shotgun from a large, well known gun store in Charlotte. She returned alone to lay away a handgun. When I found out how much were GOUGING her, paid them a visit and got her money back (minus stocking fee) and took our business elsewhere. We still saved money after the stocking fee.

    Much to learn in this hobby. Help her learn, but let her learn.
  15. psyopspec

    psyopspec Well-Known Member

    www.corneredcat.com. If you and she spend some time on this web site, it will be a wise investment.
  16. Poppaj78

    Poppaj78 Member

    I asure u my wife will pick out her own gun. I was just looking for a few suggestions what to look for. Again thanks alot for the info. I REALLY LIKE THIS SITE ITS REALLY HELPFUL.
  17. rugerman

    rugerman Well-Known Member

    My wife has got several handguns, sp101 dao .357, walther ppk .380, keltec p3at and a ruger lcr with chrimson trace grips. She carries the keltec p3at the most but likes to shoot it the least (small with sharp recoil) but it is the easiest to conceal & is light weight. The sp101 is kind of heavy so its her bedside gun. The ppk has small sights and the slide is hard for her to pull back. The lcr with the chrimson trace grips is light and the laser makes it easier for her to shoot, good trigger, fits her hand better and is easy to load. The laser also helped her see that she was pushing the gun when she fired & therefore improved her accuracy. If you can let her try several different guns and see which one suits her best, you'll both be happier. Good luck.
  18. Byrd666

    Byrd666 Well-Known Member

    What rcmodel said.

    And you could also look into the Taurus line, the Rossi line, now owned by Taurus, or a Charter Arms. I have a Taurus Mod 66B4, a 4" .357 mag. that is perfectly accurate and reliable. A friend of mine bought his a wife a Charter Arms Bulldog, and now she won't even let him look at. Let alone touch or shoot it.

    There are multiple options out there, just let her pick the right one.
  19. firesky101

    firesky101 Well-Known Member

    My wife was smitten with the lcr. It is extremely important that it is her decision. I have tried to surprise her with other guns, but it rarely works. Thats ok since I love them all though.
  20. smalls

    smalls Well-Known Member

    There's even a sticky on this. :banghead:


    1. Set a price limit.

    2. Eliminate junk guns right off the bat. THIS IS THE ONLY SAY YOU HAVE IN THE ENTIRE PROCESS.

    3. Go to gun shop, and have her hold every single one in that price range.

    4. Have her shoot as many of those as possible.

    5. Open wallet, give wife money for purchase.

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