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Looking for a thread on carry in NYC

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Christoefor, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. Christoefor

    Christoefor Member

    I remember a thread on what I can carry in NYC but of course now I can not find it. I have looked for hours and would like to show it to some people, seem to remember something about a Coldsteel City Stick Cane and pepper spray.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. I've carried into NY City the following: A Smith and Wesson Model 60 .38 (multiple occasiosn), a Kimber CDP .45, a Kel Tec P32, and a Kahr P9. Don't tell anyone, though. :)
  3. hifi

    hifi member

    Anybody who has any sense and values their freedom should carry themselves out of that godforsaken hole.
  4. That's just what I did.
  5. Taurus 66

    Taurus 66 Well-Known Member

    hifi, are you talking about New York City or the state?
  6. Christoefor

    Christoefor Member

    Tarus66 That would be NYC Manhattan to be exact,thanks.
  7. Christoefor

    Christoefor Member

    Found it thanks. :)
  8. beerslurpy

    beerslurpy member

    Just leave the damn state. Unless you are a stockbroker, advertising agency goon or a type of lawyer that can only get work in NYC, I would leave immediately. Everywhere else will be cheaper to live and less politically insane.

    I lived 18 years in Manhattan. My parents have rent control so they refuse to leave.
  9. gunsmith

    gunsmith member

    I love NY but wont even visit. btw you can carry spray

    and some knives oh yeah that cold steel cane is a good idea.
    I would bet that you should only carry the smaller sprays and knives.
    but as a native NY'er I'm telling you life in America is 100% better.
    I have a gun that lives in my car,no tolls on the roads,you can walk out of the gun store with your AR15 and a box of ammo.
    I live in Reno NV and it's great here-you can even legally rent a girl friend if your feeling lonely,you can bet on your favorite team...
    it's allmost heaven for an ex NY'er gun owner-needs some improvment but it's better then NY by a long long shot
  10. hifi

    hifi member

    Yes, NYC.

    Though the whole state of NY is pretty disgusting in an of itself. Seems also 9 out of 10 A-holes you meet on the internet are from NYS. NYS is also the only place where I've been given s*** from an FFL about not mailing a firearm to them through an FFL here. In short, I told them to go **** themselves. ;)
  11. Graystar

    Graystar Well-Known Member

    That's because NYS law doesn't allow them to. Not their fault.
  12. This is true. Additionally, in order to send an "assault weapon" or handgun, you must do it through an FFL both ways, i.e., both the sender and the receiver need to be FFLs.

    I once sent a Colt revolver back to Colt for work, and did it through an FFL, but was surprised to see a few weeks later that same revolver sitting by my front door one day. They sent it back to me UPS drop off, no signiture required. I'm fairly sure that's not legal in NYS. Made me pretty nervous for a while, though I don't see how they could ever pin a crime on me for that. Knowing NY, though, they'd find a way.
  13. AirForceShooter

    AirForceShooter Well-Known Member

    I lived most of my life in New York City and Westchester.
    I never had a CCW. I Always carried.
    Screw em.
    Oh yeah, I can say it now it's staute barred.


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