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Looking for knife please help!!

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by samuelcmm, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. samuelcmm

    samuelcmm New Member

    So I've thrown "tradition" knives in competition (like the first and larger one below) oh and its about 2 pounds.. since I was 10 or 9 years now. I have always thrown overhand holding the hilt and throwing the knife so it turns blade over hilt. Now since this requires practice at every distance and practice controlling the rotations. So a lot of practice but to my point not to long ago I met an older man who showed me a new way to flick the knife out in one fluid motion to make it fly strait without rotating. It stuck in the target every time from every distance without fail when he did it. I've practiced and I havent quite got it down yet :banghead: . But heres my question does anyone know the second knife or give me a clue to one just like it preferably wood handled. This isnt the exact knife but it's close. It was very very well balanced and heavy for its size (around 10in and id say around 1ish pounds). So there are your clues help me if you can.

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  2. kBob

    kBob Active Member

    I can not help you with the nameing of knives, but I was wondering if you might describe this techneque the older gent showed you.

  3. samuelcmm

    samuelcmm New Member

    I believe it was something like this. however that could be a bit off

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  4. lemaymiami

    lemaymiami Active Member

    The one technique I'm familiar with (I was one of those kids....) involves laying the knife flat in your open hand point first. In use you lower your hand then extend it quickly hand still open so the blade flies out point first (it just slides off your hand in the direction you want to go, hopefully...). I never attempted any distances at all with that technique but it is very fast, and quite good at close quarters. The idea is that the blade slides off your hand and towards your target (in my case a much abused piece of plywood....).

    I did some pretty foolish stuff as a kid...
  5. blindhari

    blindhari Member

    Find a cheap knife, practice an underhand throw, do not do a softball windup. For me underhand does not rotate end over end. As a kid I saw disney movie "Saga Of Andy Burnett" As I was not old enough to know better I learned to throw underhanded, point first with no rotation. I throw an axe the same way. I do not get the same distance overhand people get but out to 10 yds I have surprised a lot of people with accuracy. Beyond 10yds, I generally use a rock.

  6. mnby1

    mnby1 New Member

    Check Utube

    There is a video on utube- search for knife throwing.

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