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Lube Pills

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by pohill, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. pohill

    pohill New Member

    At the end of Smokin' Gun's posts he mentions Lube Pills for sale by contacting "90# Junk Yard Dog" (rifle@vol.com). I bought a box of .36 caliber and tried them out today. They kept the barrel much cleaner, and actually helped with accuracy. I've tried making lube pills but could never get the right consistency - these are just right. I'm usually a Crisco/Bore Butter guy, but these lube pills have converted me. Anyone else try them yet?

    Junk Yard Dog lube pills - (rifle@vol.com)
  2. Smokin_Gun

    Smokin_Gun New Member

    Glad to hear the lube pills worked out so well for you. I wouldn't steer anyone toward using them if I didn't know how well they really work. I fully back them up for accuracy and longevity of shooting time with out having to clean the Rev. (lubrication/fouling) And making clean up easier when done.:cool:
  3. Plastic Cowboy

    Plastic Cowboy New Member

    is a lube pill different than a lubricated felt wad? It almost sounds like you guys are using a small disk of hard grease...is that correct?
  4. Steve499

    Steve499 New Member

    Yep! I make mine out of half and half, olive oil/beeswax. Melt them together, pour the mixture out onto a tray to the thickness you want the finished "cookies" to be, then cut them out after it cools. I use a .45 case with the rim cut off for a cookie cutter.

    Some put these pills between the powder and ball but I like to put them on top of the ball. Probably doesn't matter if you aren't going to leave the pistol loaded for a long period of time, though.

  5. Plastic Cowboy

    Plastic Cowboy New Member

    That is a great idea-- seems simple too-
    I have been using a glob of bore butter over the ball but in warm weather or after the cyclinder gets hot the butter tends to liquify and drip out. I'm going try and mix up a batch of this stuff as soon as I get ahold of some bees wax!!

    Thanks:) !!
  6. Steve499

    Steve499 New Member

    You can get it lots of places, www.dadant.com being one. They are a beekeeping supply place and buy bulk wax from beekeepers, as well as sell it.

  7. Low Key

    Low Key New Member

    I use the same process and the same .45 case with no rim for a cutter. I load between powder and ball and I also add a dry vegetable fiber wad between powder and lube pill if I am going to leave the cylinder loaded for awhile. I recently shot out a cylinder thusly loaded about six months ago...all six shots fired out just as if they had been just loaded. :)
  8. Steve499

    Steve499 New Member

    Putting that dry wad over the powder to keep it away from the lube would alleviate my discomfort about having the lube under the ball.

    I tried all kinds of load configurations when I was regulating my sights and the lube on the very top seemed to be the most accurate from my pistol, but I don't recall trying it your way. Hmmmmmmm.

  9. rifle

    rifle New Member

    pills of lube

    I think the best place for a lube pill is under the ball where it doesn't get pushed out by the ball and do little good slicking the bore or acting like a gas check. Gas checked round ball?:D Sure, they are more accurate when gas doesn't blow past the ball making yer gun shoot like the crown is bad.The powder melts some of the lube pill but not all and it thus acts like a gas check to stop up the little spaces in the grooves where the balls are swagged a little smaller because of the under sized chambers most all the Italian repos have. When the grease is leached out of the wax by heat and pressure it coats the barrel before the powder gets there. That way the powder fouling can't adhere to the barrel walls because they are greasy and waxy. Some lube pills leave the bore blackish but still leave the grooves open and not filled with hard fouling. Some lube pills with the best recipe leave the bore and the chambers shiny after shooting even 200 balls. I know because I've tested the recipe before giving Junk Yard Dog the nod to sell. The lube/wax is washed down over the arbors and keeps the cylinder from dragging for a good long time. I've been on a crusade of sorts since stumbling on the lube pill idea.The danged things work so well with shooting cap&ballers I wouldn't shoot without them anymore. They make shooting cap&ball revolvers more fun and less hassle and more accurate.One thing that I find strange is that when the lube pills are the right consistancy they don't seem to affect the powder at all even when they are right on the powder under the ball. In fact that is where they seem to shine. On the powder. Make some and try them. I think they are better than wool wads saturated with lube or lube/wax and the wool wads are good performers too. Especially for those that don't like playing with little cookie cutters making little cookies of wax/lube. :D Actually I think it's kinda fun making lube pills. Maybe because I love my cap&ballers and they love the lube pills. ;) Anyhow, I'm not on a selling spree. I don't care if anyone buys any lube pills from Junk Yard Dog. Not a priority. I do like to hear from folks that find out the pills make shooting cap&ballers more fun. That's the name of the game. Fun.
  10. Low Key

    Low Key New Member

    You should give it a shot! uugggh...that was a bad pun, I know. Had to do it anyway, :p

    Seriously, the dry wad works...you'll like the results. Between the dry wad and the lube pill you really do have a poor man's gas check. :)
  11. Steve499

    Steve499 New Member

    Rifle and Low Key, that makes good sense about the gas check principle and having the lube melted into the bore behind the ball. I'll try it! Only problem is, if it makes my Remington shoot better than it does now, I shall soon become an insufferable braggart and you all will probably put me on your ignore list!


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