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Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by mgysgtfl, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. mgysgtfl

    mgysgtfl New Member

    Have an artillary luger with 1914 stamped over the chamber a scroll design
    DWM on the slide and 4 marks on the left side of receiver it appears to be 1 on top of an m with a line under the m and 1B below the line then to the right of that the number 84. Can you tell me the date of mfg or other info about this piece?
    I also have a german luger that has the word Gesichert stamped under the safety. Appears to be a G on top of chamber. The number 29 is stamped all over the piece. S42 stamped on the slide. 529 stamped on the left side pf receiver. Also on left of receiver are the mnumber 7 with a line under the 7and 5 short tick marks under the line and the number 63 under the tick marks ,the is also a small rectangle with 6 tick marks under the rectangle. Can you also provide any info on this piece? Thanks.
  2. kalash

    kalash Well-Known Member

    not trying to be a smartass but the luger forum would probably be a better resource.
  3. robert garner

    robert garner Well-Known Member

    Arty Luger

    cool beans aint it?
    1914 is the date of manufacture
    Most all parts on the luger were stamped with the serial #, part too small used last three digits,smaller last two digits, the lugers parts were fitted to high tolerance mixed pieces(new) had to be fitted properly. under the barrel,front of frame you will find8,8 or 8,9 or? this is the actual gauge of the bore at manufacture.
    giesheshert(?spelling) is German for safety, on top of barrel front of action is Geladen(Loaded)
    Go back to the safety,toggle up and down, you should see a flat bar rise and fall above the left grip,these were added to the pistol to prevent anyone handling it to set the pistol off by pressing the lever it covers,the pistol will fire if you press this lever while loaded,EVEN if the barrel is removed from the frame.
    A previous poster suggested the Luger forum, I highly recommend it also,good and helpful people with much knowledge available.
    good luck
  4. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

    DWM is the monogram of the manufacturer at the time, Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken; which is pretty easy to translate as German weapons and ammunition factory.

    A Luger with a "G" mark was made in 1935 while Germany was still being secretive about their rearmament program. ("K" date guns were made in 1934.) By 1936 they figured they were strong enough for it not to matter and started back putting the actual date on guns. S/42 is the manufacturer's code for Mauser, which took over from DWM and its successor company BKIW. They remained secretive about manufacturing locations, later on, Mauser made weapons were marked "42" and then "byf."
  5. mgysgtfl

    mgysgtfl New Member

    Thanks was not aware of that site
  6. Jim K

    Jim K Well-Known Member

    Just for info, you can't fire a Luger by just handling it, because the side plate covers the end of the sear bar. The problem can occur if the pistol is disassembled loaded (!!!) and the barrel/receiver assembly is taken off the grip frame. There was even a safety, called the Schwiy safety, that prevented the sear bar from moving if the barrel/receiver is off the frame.


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