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Lyman Deerstalker sights, 57SML or not

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by earlthegoat2, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. earlthegoat2

    earlthegoat2 Well-Known Member

    Want to purchase a Deerstalker really bad and was wondering if the supplied sights with the rifle are adequate or if the upgrade to the 57SML is well worth it. This will be used as a primary hunting rifle during the regular firearms season.
  2. mykeal

    mykeal Well-Known Member

    The stock sights are pretty rudimentary but are better for hunting than a peep, or aperture, sight such as the 57SML. The reason is that it's much easier to pick up both the target and the front sight with open sights, and in the hunting situation you don't have the time you do at the range.
  3. earlthegoat2

    earlthegoat2 Well-Known Member

    are there other options for the stock sights that will improve them besides the 57SML?
  4. mykeal

    mykeal Well-Known Member

    I like the stock sights, personally. That's a very subjective thing, however. I'd give Lyman a call and see if they have any recommendations, then buy the sights from Brownell's - they sell Lyman sights at a pretty good discount.
  5. arcticap

    arcticap Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Sep 1, 2008
  6. Omnivore

    Omnivore Well-Known Member

    I've never been real happy with the stock sights. Though adequate, I figure they were made for a longer sight radius. As it is on the shorter Deerstalker, the front bead is a just a tad too big for the rear notch. One could certainly open up the rear notch without much difficulty.

    Then there's the issue of adjustability. As it is you have to drift the rear for windeage, and for elevation you have to loosten two screws, fumble the rear leaf up or down, and tighten the screws without letting the leaf shift in the process. It works, but it's a pain. I have mine set up for PRB now, so if I want to use conicals I have to it all over again. I'm resisting that.

    In theory, there's nothig wrong with an aperature sight for hunting. American Military rifles have had aperatuire sights for decades running. You just want an aperature size that works for you. I'll tell you without hesitation that I'd much rather use the AR-15A2 aperature sights, for example, than the ones on my Deerstalker any time of day-- I consider them vastly superior.

    Be aware that some states restrict the type of sights you can use for ML seasons.

    Any good adjustable sight would be an improvement, as it would let you change loads easily.

    ALERIC Member

    I have a deer stalker with the factory sight and one with the 57m they both are good but the 57m gives much more accuracy I have a flint and a percussion in 54 cal.

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