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México´s .380

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by TATANKA, Apr 3, 2007.


    TATANKA Member

    Down here in my country (México), the largest caliber authorized for civilian in auto handguns is the .380, we wish bigger ammunitions, but is a felony. I would like to ask you a few questions about the caliber.

    How do you consider the .380 caliber for personal defense? I have read lot of posters that use it for CC

    What is your opinion about the fact that the .380´s Glock isn´t saled in your country? I think is the only advantage we have instead. Glock designed the 25 and 28 model for latin american countries, where civilians buy it like the bigger we can.

    I have the G25 and a 84f, I like both. The accuracy, the little recoil, the high capacity, the weight, the good looking, the only difference is that the G25 is fat for the hand and the 84 is bitter slim, but both are confortable.
  2. HorseSoldier

    HorseSoldier Well-Known Member

    380 ACP will do the job, if the shooter does his job, but it less forgiving in terms of barrier penetration, poor shot placement, and the like.

    I think the .380 Glocks would sell here in the US relatively well if they were sold. A number of the really enthusiastic Glock shooters I know would like to have them, either to try out how they run or to complete collections.
  3. Mad Magyar

    Mad Magyar Well-Known Member

    I like it just fine, especially during the summer months for concealibility & less clothes barrier for the "perp". A quick burst of 2 or 3 shots will get the S.O.B.'s attention....:) Welcome to the Forum.....

    TATANKA Member

    Thanks for the welcome

    I am a forum member in México and we use the vbulletin format too. So I am used to this. I will try to participate as much as I can, but the idiom is really an issue, jajaja. Salutations for all.
  5. longeyes

    longeyes member

    Is the Makarov 9x18 legal down there?
  6. jwerlc

    jwerlc Well-Known Member


    I doubt it, only "non-military" calibres are sold to the public.

    TATANKA Member

    No,any 9mm.

    The biggest is .380 or 9mm short, all the 9 mm luger 9x19 or else is military exclusive.
  8. briansp82593

    briansp82593 Well-Known Member

    what about 40's?
  9. koussevitzky

    koussevitzky Member

    Greetings my fellow mexican!
    I'm from Mérida, and by the way If .380 ACP feels underpowered to you, it's possible to register a nice 1911 in 38 super, I had the choice between the 25, the 28 and a Colt Goverment in 38 super. Got the Colt. Now I'm working out in getting the 28 and an ankle holster.
    By the way I've heard some guys registeringSIG's in .357sig. How?
    Well the law says that you're not allowed to use anything larger than .38 of an inch (bye bye .45,.40, 10mm) and calibers used by the military (9mm) so as you see the .357 is in one of the many legal holes. So if the guy in charge is not very smart... well you know.

    PD. Chingaos, hablando en ingles con un compatriota jejeje, saludos desde la blanca Mérida y bienvenido!!!

    TATANKA Member

    Qué onda? Koussevitzky.

    No estás en los foros de enlamira o mexicoarmado??? Oye, yo leí mucho acerca del registro del .357 sig y según sé no se lo registraron, les espantó que el nombre fuera similar al .357 magnum, aunque la balística y la técnica permitieran su registro, optaron por no otorgarlo. Saludos desde Chiapas.

    About the caliber mentioned, no 40, no 45, no 357 sig, no 38 super in autos. In revolvers we can get .38 spl, no .357 magnum or bigger.

    The law is aged in 72´ and it obeys to the goverment fear to inserruction or guerrilla problems. We have historic conflicts, like all latin american countries. But the paradox is that the people like me, that respect laws, can´t protect very well. And the delinquencie wear all kind of weaponry, even bazookas. How do you think we feel?
  11. Sistema1927

    Sistema1927 Well-Known Member

    I am wondering if a Glock in .380 would withstand some "judicious" handloading. I imagine that a .380 pushed to +P+ velocities would be a very fine defense load.
  12. koussevitzky

    koussevitzky Member

    I had no problems with my 38 super, again, it is up to the local army officer, and some are more "flexible" than others....

    Yes this law is old and stupid. Narcs have AK, M16, etc... most of the cartels are better equipped than a lot of smalls countries, yet the people who respect the law are limited to .38's.... Rubbish!

    On the other hand I lived in a city with 1 million inhabitants, but with a murder rate of no more than 10 deads per year or something like that...
  13. Caimlas

    Caimlas Well-Known Member

    .380 seems way underpowered. Can you get a revolver? .41 mag, .367 mag, et al, aren't military calibers as far as I know. I have a friend in Mexico who goes about with a .41 mag. Granted, he is friends with several federales, so it's possible that they're just overlooking his carry of it with a blind eye (he also bought all his firearms from them, so... I'm guessing it's a bit under the radar).
  14. koussevitzky

    koussevitzky Member

    Por cierto, bienvenido a este foro, esta increible, mucha gente de aqui son verdaderas enciclopedias en lo que a armas se refiere, lo malo que da envidia ver tantos juguetitos y no poder tenerlos en nuestro pais, al menos no legalmente.
  15. CountGlockula

    CountGlockula Well-Known Member

    Glock .380s are also available in Europe.

    Here in the US, I guess there's no need for them since we're busy with: 9mm, .40S&W, .357SIG, .45ACP and .45GAP.

    I'd like to see some pics of the Glock .380s.:rolleyes:
  16. yongxingfreesty

    yongxingfreesty Well-Known Member

    38super for the WIN!!!
  17. The Amigo

    The Amigo Well-Known Member


    Can u use hollow points there? If so stick with Remington golden saber in 102g or winchester silver tips they penetrate to 10.66 inches average and expand up to .57 if penetration is your game stick with Santa Barbara FMJ made in spain can penetrate 13-15 inches and its hot as hell but hard to find heres some pics. Another thing to consider is your gun if its barrel is more than 3 inches some rounds will work better then others if less than 3 then stick to the above ones. For example a corbon will not expand most of the times if fired from a P3at -3inch but will out of a Bersa +3. Y yo tambien hablo espan~ol saludos.

  18. DWARREN123

    DWARREN123 Well-Known Member

    I have a Bersa Thunder .380 Duo Tone in .380 ACP. I like the gun and round. The gun has been flawless and the round, with proper bullet, will do the job.
    Just my opinion.
  19. dbarale

    dbarale Well-Known Member

    Do I understand that you are allowed a .38spl?
    I know it's only 6rds but a .38+P out of a 4" revolver is really not that bad...
    It's still what I use for the house even though I have access to larger calibers.
  20. Geronimo45

    Geronimo45 Well-Known Member

    "Here in the US, I guess there's no need for them "
    One of those darned import point laws keeps 'em out of here. You've got to have X number of points to get in. Smaller calibers don't get as many points as bigger ones. Weight's a factor, sights... it's hard getting mouseguns into the USA.

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