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M&P 15-22 OEM fixed sight experience?

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by basicblur, May 16, 2013.

  1. basicblur

    basicblur Well-Known Member

    Just got an M&P 15-22 MOE version - I've been looking at buying some of the fixed sights as come on the regular 15-22.

    Just wondering if anyone in here had experience with them?
    1. The only reasonably priced replacements I can find that look like OEM get a lot of bad reviews for being foreign junk.
    2. The aftermarket reviews claim a lot of folks (UTG brand) have problems with a rear sight that has to be cranked all the way to one side in order to get on target (poor tolerances on mounting system?).
    I was wondering how your OEM 15-22 fixed sights are working? Do you have the problem of having to crank your rear sight full stop to one side?

    I'm trying to find reasonably priced fixed sights with the Colt style? mounting screws for both front / rear sights.

    Don't suppose anyone knows what sights are on the OEM 15-22?
    (made by S&W, aftermarket, etc)

    I'd be willing to bet S&W gets the sights from a 3rd party, but so far I've found none I'd have confidence in.

    I'm seeing way too many folks buying the UTG stuff and mounting them on regular ARs! If I can find reasonably priced units, they're going to be used on my low cost 15-22 only.
    Heck - I can't find any that sound like they may be reasonable quality for a lowly 22 - ain't no way I'd mount some of the stuff folks are on a regular AR!

    All these at Leapers appear to be UTG (box picture)
    http://www.leapers.com/prod_detail.php?mitem=Mounting Systems&itemno=MNT-950CS
    http://www.leapers.com/prod_detail.php?mitem=Mounting Systems&itemno=MNT-950RS02-B
  2. Owen

    Owen Moderator Emeritus

    I;m not sure what is on the 15-22s, but My MP-15T has Troy sights on it.
  3. basicblur

    basicblur Well-Known Member

    I doubt seriously the 15-22 has Troys on it - too expensive for a lower cost unit like the 15-22?

    I threw in one of the UTG detachable front sight towers (low profile) in my last Amazon order - can't decide if the UTG stuff is junk or not?
    I visited their website - some of their stuff is made in the U.S., and it appears not everything is just for paintball, etc.
    I saw a number of reviews that claim they think the sight tower is poorly made and does not line up with the rifle's centerline when mounted, but I can't tell if they are UTG sights or counterfeits.
    From what I can tell, I wouldn't use a lot of UTG stuff on a real AR, but for a 15-22 I'll the sights a try. UTG's front page has a warning about counterfeit UTG stuff out there, so how much of their reputation is based on counterfeit products that folks thought was true UTG?

    It's getting really bad with the counterfeit stuff out there - I just received (and returned for refund) a Magpul CTR stock - come to find out it was the PTS version - I didn't know there was such a thing, and the ad description did not mention it in the headline, but he did have a blurb about it being the PTS line buried in the fine print. He also had info 'bout how he'd been using these on REAL guns for some time with no problem.

    I wasn't happy when I realized what it was, but what really put it over the top was that it was not only a clone of a "true" Magpul stock, it was a counterfeit to boot! Unfortunately, I've had to learn much more than I wanted to about Magpul, the PTS line, and counterfeits.
    The counterfeit I received was so poorly made, I wouldn't even put it on an airsoft gun if I had one!
    1. The friction lock did not work.
    2. The adjustment lever fell off TWICE just while I was fiddling with it during installation.
    3. The pin the adjustment lever activates (besides being unfinished), has no detents etc. to keep it from completely coming out of the stock - if you didn't notice, the pin could fall completely out.
    4. General quality is poor - the seams on the top / bottom are much rougher than a true Magpul stock.
    5. The Magpul logo on the box was correct, but the one on the buttplate was not!
    6. Have not verified yet, but true Magpul stocks have Magpul stamped on the screws that hold the butt pad on (true) - I don't know if the PTS line does, but the one I received did not. While I did not pull to check, I also understand Magpul uses standard threads for their butt pad screws - counterfeits use metric.
    7. According to the site below, the PTS line has PTS stamped on the angled part of the stock so it will not be confused with at true Magpul.

    I'm going to use the 15-22 to play with a few things to see if I like for the big ARs, but I'm now finding it difficult to determine if what I'm considering is true Magpul or counterfeit (AFG2 Angled Fore Grip, RVG Rail Vertical Grip).

    I think I may start a thread on spotting counterfeit stuff?
    Here's a start: http://thecounterfeitreport.com/product/227/

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