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M&p 340

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by DAdams, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. DAdams

    DAdams Well-Known Member

    Since there are sufficient numbers of S&W M&P 340s showing up now that the supply and prices are becoming more available and reasonable I thought there might be interest in a dedicated site.

    This will assist others in their quest for the "ultimate snubbie", and cover the care and feeding of the beast.


    Model: M&P340
    Caliber: .357MAG/.38+P
    Capacity: 5 Rounds
    Barrel Length: 1.87"
    Front Sight: XS Sights® 24/7 Tritium Night
    Rear Sight: Integral U-Notch
    Grip: Synthetic
    Overall Length: 6.31"
    Weight Empty: 13.3 oz.
    Material: Scandium Alloy Frame/Stainless Steel Cylinder
    Finish: Matte Black
    Frame Size: Small - Centennial Style
    Action: Double Action Only



    With the Factory Supplied Crimson Trace 405s and including the S&W Logo.

    Share your experiences:

    Holsters/carry methods.
    Range Reports.
    Likes and Dislikes.
  2. DAdams

    DAdams Well-Known Member

    340 Shots

    Here are some photos of my recent 340 acquisition.

    I purchased it NIB with CT 405s. $779 included shipping.
    Same dealer had it w/o the CTs for $599 including shipping.
    At the time Bud's was at $603 plus shipping.



    Here it is with a set of Hogue Monogrips.


    In a DeSantis Nemesis Pocket Holster.


    In a Robert Mika Round cut.
  3. 20nickels

    20nickels Well-Known Member

    I noticed that instead of all lightweight materials they are now adding steel cylinders. How has this helped recoil management, Is this a welcome change?
  4. Brassman

    Brassman Well-Known Member


    You probably know from the 642 Club that I have an M&P 340 laid away. I hope fiVe doesn't throw me out of the club for joining here. My wife will still have the 642 with her at all times, while in 90 days, I will be carrying the M&P. I found it very easy to pick up the M&P and shoot center mass at 50 ft. with the skills I have learned from practicing a high grip with the 642 for about 2 1/2 years. Not much difference in perceived recoil with this weapon between my heavy .357 loads and factory Remington .38 sp. FBI loads. I was very pleased with my first outing with it yesterday. It's definitely a keeper! When it finally is mine I will probably get some wood grips since my Hogue monogrip will probably be put back on the 642 for my wife. She loves that grip and shoots the 642 very well.
  5. DAdams

    DAdams Well-Known Member


    As long as we all have our 642's I'm sure fiVe will be ok. ;) There are enough differences in the two and since it is new handgun from S&W current owners should be able to provide guidance to prospective owners so they don't have to wade through the hundreds of pages for Club 642.

    You are further ahead of me. Iv'e had mine for a month and it is still NIB.
    I haven't had a chance to get to the range with lots of family activities and work keeping me from one of my favorite activities.

    I am not recoil sensitive so I'm relatively certain the speciality .357 loads for short barrels will although not be perhaps a day at the beach also will be quite tolerable. Glad to hear it wasn't a "howitzer". Empirically it should be somewhere between a 642 and a Scandium, Titanium 340pd in terms of proportional weight and felt recoil.
    I really plan on carrying +P anyway and was just looking for something lighter to pocket carry. I have to admit I like the looks the sights and with the SS cylinder it should be easier to maintain.

    My wife has my 642 with the CTs when I am out of town and I am still using it until I get a couple hundred rounds through the 340. I also have other auto carry options as-well. I am just more a fan of the snubs and can target with no problem.

    Glad to have you here.

    What is your favorite pocket carry holster?

    20Nickels....two ounces worth of felt recoil reduction over the lighter versions. :rolleyes: Just kidding, or two ounces worse than the 642. :D with the ammunition all being the same in our hypothetical test.
  6. Brassman

    Brassman Well-Known Member


    I have the Nemesis that I used for about a year. The holster I use now is from K&D Holsters. It's leather and called the Combination Pocket Defender.

    The reason I don't use the Nemesis is that the grip was hard to conceal in short pocketed dress pants. I started to cut the Nemesis off at the bottom and keep using it since it never comes out of the pocket on the draw and is the easiest to draw from. I didn't have the heart to take a razor to it, so I just kept it.

    I had a Pocket Defender made for my P3At and liked it very well. Then I had one made for my P11 as well as for the 642. The Defender lets the weapon ride lower in the pocket, but has nowhere near the draw capability of the Nemesis. I'm still trying to break the 2 newer holsters in. The one for the 642 is loosening up some and makes for an easier draw. I must admit I very seldom carry the P11 because it's too thick and heavy for the pocket, even though it has been 100% reliable right out of the box in the last year.

    If I ever get another pocket holster, it would have to be the Mika since that seems to be most everyone's favorite.
  7. DAdams

    DAdams Well-Known Member

    A comment from Florida Bob over on the S&W Forum about light weight snubs.

    When I bought my new 360SC Saturday as my main new carry weapon, I really had worries about recoil after reading "a dream to carry and nightmare to shoot" and other like comments.

    Took one look at the Bantam grip and decided that is nuts. Changed to the Hogue that gives me room for my pinkie on the grip. Felt 100% better and immediately convinced me that it would likely not be that bad on recoil.

    Got to the range last eve and was majorly surprised. The recoil is not at all scary. Significant, but not much more than any small .38 or .357, including my wife's 60LS. The Hogue seems to have made the difference.

    Accuracy was surprising, too. Shot the first 10 rounds at 21 feet and put all into a 8" target with 4 inside the 2" bullseye. Handed it over to the wife and she did about the same thing.

    If you are even thinking about the 12oz weight, carry-ability and stopping power of this S&W, go for it. If you are a novice, it will open your eyes but in one afternoon, you should get comfortable.

    This should bode well for anyone considering a M&P 340 since the sc is 2 oz lighter yet. Hey who knows, I may get one of these too. :banghead:

    See a photo of the Hogue Monogrips above. Great for control with a full hand grip and I don't find them a negative for concealment or draw unless you have shallow pockets. Anyone purchasing a 340 has to have deep pockets anyway. (drum roll).
  8. Brassman

    Brassman Well-Known Member

    I found no difference in accuracy with the one I shot yesterday and the 642 I've had for 2 1/2 years. The first five shots at 21 ft. could have been covered with a half dollar. These were my light .38 wadcutters. Then I changed to my light .357 LSWC's and the next 5 shots at 50 ft. could have been covered by a 45 record album, if there's anyone here who remembers what 45's looked like. That's about what I'm accustomed to with my 642. All of this was slow-fired, of course. I'm sure using a Monogrip could tighten any of this up a bit.

    We found out that using the Hogue kept my wife from twisting the weapon in her hand as she was squeezing the trigger. She loves that grip! She doesn't have big hands, but it made her grip more stable.
  9. Brassman

    Brassman Well-Known Member

    Yes, I do hear that drum rolling........$635 tax and all! And that's for the M&P!
  10. buzz_knox

    buzz_knox Well-Known Member

    DAdams, you wouldn't happen to make it out to Coal Creek Armory in Knoxville on occasion would you? I'm considering the 340 and would love the chance to try one beforehand, if that were possible.
  11. AStone

    AStone Well-Known Member

    I am NOT interested in a 340

    Hmmm. Sure are a lot of familiar user names in this thread. I wonder why? :rolleyes:

    Just subscribing to read. I'm not really interested in a 340. No, really, I'm not interested. You believe me, don't you? :uhoh: Really, I'm not interested in a hand-held howitzer. Really ... I just want to read all the stories about broken wrists from firing fullbore loads. :neener:

    But I'm not really interested in ...

    OK, so maybe just a little curious.
    But I won't buy one. No way in hell ...

    Well, OK, maybe someday ...

  12. T. Bracker

    T. Bracker Well-Known Member

    How much heavier is the 340 M&P than the Scandium version?
  13. Brassman

    Brassman Well-Known Member

    642 is 15 oz. empty
    M&P 340 is 13.3 oz. empty
    340PD Scandium is 12 oz. empty
    These are S&W's numbers.

    The M&P 340 that I bought weighed in at 14 oz. on the dealer's scales.
  14. Brassman

    Brassman Well-Known Member


    Please, read all you want to, but you KNOW you WANT one. Come on now, admit it. You can have the 642 for your 870's partner, but you know your 336 or 39A need a playmate. Why not come over to the dark,... and I do mean dark....side?

    Somewhere off in the future for me: SP101, PF9, Bushmaster A3, Remington 1187, Vaquero in .357................They're all out there, somwhere.
  15. coach22

    coach22 Well-Known Member

    Is a 340 PD welcome?


    Attached Files:

  16. fiver

    fiver Member

    Damn, I am really kicking myself here. I've been looking for a M&P 340 with CT grips for a while now. Everyone was either out of stock or asking too much.

    I ffinallyl ound a stocking dealer with the standard model and figured what the hell, I'll order it and get some LG-405's off ebay or something in the next few months.

    The gun will be here tommorow. In all the reasearch I did before purchasing, I never noticed that little S&W logo on the factory grips. So now I will probably have to pay $250 to Smith so I can have the damn logo on there instead of the CT logo :banghead:

    I don't normally care about these things but with a gun this nice it'd kill me not to have the smith logo on the grips.
  17. jfh

    jfh Well-Known Member

    count me in--

    My M&P 340 is at the 'smith's, getting its action job. Got it about a month ago, and I even used it to shoot my (very basic) CC qualifying. Incidentally, I weighed it on my postal scale here, and it came in at 13.34 oz...so the S&W specs are accurate.

    Mine has the Meprolight front sight, and I added the aftermarket CT-405 grips. Courtesy of you guys in the 640 thread, I got a couple of Mika pocket holsters as well.

    FWIW, the hard rubber speedloaders from speedloaders.com are clearly the best speedloader I have used. Takes a bit of practice, like any other defensive skill, but they work, and work fast. IMO, 'way better than a Speed Strip. Here's a link to the 'factory' page--http://www.speedloaders.com/ Brownell's and other places carry them.

    Until I get more familiar with it, I think I'll be carrying the FC .38 Spl 110-gr. PD loads, or possibly the 129-gr +P loads.

    And, I even bought a 640 to practice with.

    Jim H.
  18. DAdams

    DAdams Well-Known Member

    Coach, Come on Down

    Coach if you are a glutton for punishment and a hand canon handler, you are welcome.

    We will take on all S&W snubbies with exotic metals under 15 oz. :scrutiny:

    So, what's the largest .357 load you put through your pd and your hand was able to sustain the pain? What is your carry round? Do you have to sign documents with the "other hand" now?

    Do you see a M&P 340 in your future or are you happy with what you brought? :evil:
  19. DAdams

    DAdams Well-Known Member


    Nem really is a closet 340 wannabe but he is on another mission right now ;) he is pumping iron in preparation of the new Model 65 and all the polishing ahead. He is heading in a heavier direction at this time in his life (K Frame) :rolleyes: if you know what I mean. :eek:
  20. DAdams

    DAdams Well-Known Member

    Fiver, Welcome

    Fiver, welcome. I feel kind of the same way about that brass logo thingy on the Pachs I didn't get as standard grips. ;) when I got the 405s.

    Yep, gotta have those S&W logo grips fo sho.

    If you get off for $250 at S&W let me know, it may become my most fashionable shopping address for CTs. Now, if they would only offer optional 305s. Don't forget to get a set of Hogue Monogrips. Inexpensive and feel real nice. Don't loose the lanyard post in the shagadelic carpet if you change out your grips. :D

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