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M&p 340

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by DAdams, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Monster Zero

    Monster Zero Well-Known Member

    What kind of grips are those?
  2. DAdams

    DAdams Well-Known Member


    Those are Crimson Trace model 405 with the SW logo.

    Thanks for paying us a visit Monster Zero.
  3. XTrooper

    XTrooper Well-Known Member

    Here's mine. It gets carried nearly every day usually in an outside coat pocket this time of year since my primary is now buried under a couple layers of clothing. I hate winter! :cuss: :D

  4. DAdams

    DAdams Well-Known Member


    Welcome and thanks for stopping by and posting. Did you do your own lock work? Looks good.
    Are those the standard grips coming from S&W on a 340 now?

    Nice 627 you have there too. That's on my to buy list some day if I live long enough and I can find one w/o the ILS. In the meantime I'm on the lookout for a K Frame 3 inch or less Model 19 or 66.

    You guys have had some tough sledding this year and I hate to say it but the Winter is young. ;)

    I hear rentals are cheap this year in FL, which has now warmed up.
  5. XTrooper

    XTrooper Well-Known Member

    DAdams: Thanks for the welcome!

    Yes, I bought "The Plug" and did the "lockectomy" on the M&P 340 myself. I also did a partial lockectomy on the 627 PC effectively disabling it, but leaving the "flag" in place because of the, to me, unsightly gap it leaves between the frame and the left side of the hammer when removed.

    Regarding the grip, the boot grip it came with was too small for me so I bought the full-size version to replace it. This is the grip that comes from the factory on the M&P 360 and a few other models.

    Winters do SUCK here in the mountains and are always nasty, but I still love living here. :)
  6. DAdams

    DAdams Well-Known Member


    Does that grip have the backstrap fully covered?
    Does that have a "pocket" at the top?

    I like that idea as an alternative to the Hogue Monogrip.

    Put another log on the fire.
  7. RetDep310

    RetDep310 Well-Known Member

    Had the same set of grips on my 642 that XTrooper has on his 340. Got a Hogue Monogrip instead because they were a little thicker due to the palm swells. The Smith's were just as long, but skinnier.
  8. XTrooper

    XTrooper Well-Known Member

    DAdams: Yes, it has a covered backstrap. I'm not sure what you mean by a pocket at the top. It's about 1/4" from the backstrap at the top, but it's sealed/covered. They have a slight palm swell, but they are, as stated by RetDep310, quite thin overall and on the hard side. In fact, they are every bit as hard as any wood grips. The one real advantage they have is that they're long enough so that you can get three fingers on them while still being very concealable because of their slim design and lack of bulk. They're the only full length grips I can fit in my BMW motorcycle jacket pockets. :)
  9. Murcielago

    Murcielago Well-Known Member

    Just got a no-lock 340 M&P today. I'm excited to shoot it. It's much tighter fitted than my 442, and I love the sight picture with the tritium dot.


    I plan to have Nelson Ford in Phoenix give it an action job and then I'll put a Hogue Bantam grip on it. I can't imagine a better CCW piece.
  10. Streamer 71

    Streamer 71 Active Member

    Man oh man I hate the lock thing on my 340, Can the factory remove mine now that they offer one w/out?
  11. AStone

    AStone Well-Known Member


    IMTHDUKE Well-Known Member

    If you guys with the 340PDs will feed them right....they will grow up to be a big PD.
  13. DAdams

    DAdams Well-Known Member

    Mr. Duke

    That PD has more text and logos on it than a safety ladder. :D

    Is that 7 or 8 rounds?

    Don't forget to take the Seecamp .380 off your roundup list. ;)

    IMTHDUKE Well-Known Member

    That is a 7 rd.....yes the seecamp when bye bye.....Now, considering one of those M&P 340 CT

    What is the model # for the no lock one?
  15. Murcielago

    Murcielago Well-Known Member

    sku 103072

    IMTHDUKE Well-Known Member

    Where can I buy one?
    Of the no lock.
  17. Murcielago

    Murcielago Well-Known Member

    Your local gun store should be able to order one for you! Mine did, though I had to wait the better part of a month for it to arrive.
  18. DAdams

    DAdams Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Jan 7, 2011
  19. DAdams

    DAdams Well-Known Member

    EBR with EBR

    Evil Black Rifle with Evil Black Revolver

    I got a new AR (BCM 14.5 Midlength) so I thought some 340 posing would be in order.

  20. royal barnes

    royal barnes Well-Known Member

    I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I am a retired LEO and carried various Smith j frames for years as backups(36, 60, 38, 49, 642). Since retirement I have carried my off duty gun, a Colt 1911, daily for the last 11 years giving my last j frame to one of my daughters. I recently started experiencing back and hip pain(sciatica)that has prevented me from carrying any handgun on or in my belt. I just purchased a Smith M&P 340 and have put 100 rounds through it so far. Being very familiar with the platform I found the gun easy to shoot with several different .38 loads but I wanted to try .357. Bought a couple of boxes of the Remington Golden Saber 125's and loaded her up. I didn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. The recoil was stout but manageable. All five shots, slow aimed fire, were in the 10 ring at 7 yards. The second cylinder was fired as fast as I could acquire a sight picture and squeeze the trigger. All five were center mass and inside the 9 ring. Remainder of the first box was the same. I know the Remington round is considered a mid range .357 but it still appears to be better than a 125 +p .38. I will next try a low light shoot to check for excessive muzzle flash. I have small hands and short fingers so the factory grips are fine for me. I will be carrying in right front pocket with one of several leftover holsters but haven't decided which yet. Do those of you who carry and shoot .357's in yours have other suggestions on loads to try?

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