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M1 Carbine at auction

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Flyboy73, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. Flyboy73

    Flyboy73 Active Member

    I saw a local auction has a M1 carbine on the block. Can any one tell from the pic if this is GI or a clone? Is there a easy way for me to look at it and tell?


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  2. Jon Coppenbarger

    Jon Coppenbarger New Member

    looks military from the photo but here is a list of the manfs for you. if it is not one of these then it is not. The manf is marked behind the sight on the reciever.
    irwin pederson
    standard pro.
    quality hardware
    national postal meter

    I listed the rarest at the top to the most common at the bottom.
  3. Flyboy73

    Flyboy73 Active Member

    Oh i forgot to ask Whats a GI carbine going for these days?

  4. cracked butt

    cracked butt New Member

    $450 on up for a GI mismatched parts gun, $650-700 on up for an original carbine.
  5. Ed

    Ed New Member

    I need to move where you live to see prices like that. In my wanderings searching for Carbines, those prices might be seen 1 in 100 carbines. Most non import mixmasters I see for over $500 and an origional non mixmaster non import will be most likely over $1000. At least it will be worth that. There are deals out there.

    From the SN that should have an Underwood Reciever on it.
  6. Flyboy73

    Flyboy73 Active Member


    got the M1 at auction for $525. I checked and yes it has a underwood receirver. Not sure how good a deal it was. I will post some better pics when i can.


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