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M1 Carbine front sight

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by 10X, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. 10X

    10X Well-Known Member

    Need to replace the bayonet lug and band because of stripped screw threads.

    How is the front sight removed so the bayonet lug can be removed?
  2. Dave Markowitz

    Dave Markowitz Well-Known Member

    There is a special tool which works like a gear puller to remove the front sight from an M1 Carbine.

    It might be more practical to send your Carbine to someone like Fulton Armory and have them do it. Proper reinstallation of the front sight looks like it would be difficult (e.g., making sure that it's straight).
  3. 10X

    10X Well-Known Member

    Do you just drive out the pin in the front sight and then use the "tool" to pull off the front sight?
  4. dfariswheel

    dfariswheel Well-Known Member

    The sight is pinned in place with a staked pin.
    Under the sight is a "key" which is staked into a keyway milled in the barrel.

    To remove:
    First you must have the barrel and sight in a well-braced, no-move/no-bounce setup.
    If when you tap the pin the barrel moves around, the force of the blow is dissipated and the pin won't move.

    Use a "starter pin punch" first. This is just a standard punch cut off to about 3/4" working length.
    This short starter punch won't bend of flex and makes getting tight pins moving easier.
    Once the pin is moving, switch to a standard length punch to remove the pin.
    The pin comes out from Left to Right.

    With the pin out, try to gently tap the sight forward by using a brass or nylon drift and a small hammer to bump the sight.
    Be sure to tap all the way around the sight band, NOT just on the sight portion.
    This will prevent distorting the band and locking it even tighter.
    DO NOT attempt to rotate the band. The key will prevent this and you can do serious damage if you attempt to turn the band on the barrel.

    Carbine sights were typically pressed on VERY tightly, and Ordnance used a special puller tool to remove it, and a installation tool to press it back on.

    With the band off, remove the key from the keyway and do whatever you need to the barrel band.

    To reinstall the sight, insert the key back in the key way and use a slightly dulled chisel or flat punch to re-stake the key in the keyway.

    Keeping the sight properly aligned, use the brass or nylon punch to tap the sight back on. Apply a coat of a good lube to help it slide on.
    If the sight is really resistant, make up an expedient installation tool by slipping washers over the muzzle and using a section of pipe to help drive it on.
    The washers should be a snug fit over the muzzle to help support and pad the sight band.
  5. 10X

    10X Well-Known Member

    dfariswheel, that is extraordinarily helpful, thank you so much.

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