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M1A & AR-10 - Best QD Scope Mount/Rail/Rings for Picatinny Rail

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Anthony, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Anthony

    Anthony Well-Known Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a custom built AR-10 and M1A that I am looking to mount scopes onto and am looking for the finest QD Mount/Rail/Rings I can buy to mate to the Picatinny rails already installed on these two rifles. Oh, by the way, the M1A has Smith Enterprise's excellent steel scope mount in the standard length configuration while the AR-10 is a flat-top model.

    What I am primarily interested in is the least amount of change in my zero (if any) when removing and replacing the scope with an emphasis on the ruggedness of the mount/rail/rings.

    Thanks to everyone for your input.
  2. Mainiac

    Mainiac Well-Known Member

    I hav a couple AR-10's and have used, with great sucess, their one piece scope mount. I regularly swap it between the AR-10's and an AR-15 flattop. Absolutely no change in zero once I reset the clicks on the scope for each rifle.
  3. Anthony

    Anthony Well-Known Member


    What brand is the QD rail you are referring to?

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