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M1A Club

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by g5reality, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. g5reality

    g5reality member

    With the success of other club threads Here's on for the M1A. Doesn't matter whether you have a Standard, Loaded, National Match, Supermatch, SOCOM, Scout or Garand. Springfield or Fulton Please share your experiences

    I have Springfield M1A Loaded. Synthetic Stock. I've added a QD Stud to accomodate a Harris Bipod. It has a Bushnell 4200 6-24x40 scope witha 3rd generation mount. I like the 3rd generation mount because it still allows use of Iron Sites. I currently shoot Cheap Winchester 147 grain NATO stamped ammo and have it currently zeroed in at 100 yards with a 1-1.5" moa. I will be bedding the stock as soon as I can outshoot the current setup.

    If or When the AWB gets signed I'll get another just to have possibly a SOCOM II or SOCOM 16 I haven't decided yet.
  2. crazed_ss

    crazed_ss Well-Known Member

    I have a M1A Loaded w/ Synthetic stock and Stainless Barrel.

    It was expensive ($1580 at the local gun shop), but it's the only option Californians have for a quality, reliable, acurate, and fully functional semi-auto battle-type rifle.

    I had an extractor problem when I first got it, but SA fixed it without any fuss and it's been flawless ever since. Absolutely loves South African surplus :D

    Here's a pic.. just because..

  3. g5reality

    g5reality member

    Nice. I got the carbon barrel with the thought that carbon disapates heat better than stainless. how far does your moa open up when rapid fired? I have found it to go from 1-1.5" to 3-3.5" after rapid fire.

    I also had excellent customer service with Springfield. Teh stock had a hairline crack above the trigger where they fill the fully auto switch. I sent it on a Monday Fed Ex and got it back with the factory installed QD stud on Thursday. Dawn Olsen the West Coast regional Mgr. is great if you ever need anything. I am looking to buy again from springfield because of their excellent customer service and warranty.

    I'm up in LA. Sad that we can't have other types of battle rifles.

    Happy Shooting
  4. I just ordered a Springfield M1A Scout/Squad in "mossy oak" camouflage from an out-of-state shop... hope to have it soon but I'm not sure how fast it will be shipped to the transferring FFL.

    I'm not sure whether I like the camo stock or not... but it was cheaper than wood, and I can always pick up a cheap used stock from Freds and refinish it.

    Unfortunately, the only milsurp available is 70's OFV...:banghead:

    I like the M14-clones; they're the only battle rifle which isn't covered by most of the AWB laws (except HR1022 :barf: ) and when loaded with a 5-round mag, they might pass as a hunting rifle to casual observers.
  5. Jeff White

    Jeff White Moderator Staff Member

    I have a very old National Match. It was made when Springfield Armory was in Devine Texas. Unfortunately the gunsmiting required to keep this shooting the way it should has proven to me that the Army was right in dropping the M21 as a sniper rifle. Just too much work to maintain.

  6. mattw

    mattw Well-Known Member

    I've had my M1A standard for about 5 or 6 years now. I bought it new at a gunshow for $1200.

    Mine is zeroed for 200 meters and I've shot some 3 inch groups from a bench with no rest.

    I am concentrating on buying hi-cap mags for it before they get banned or dry up.

    I've only got probably 300 rounds though it. I don't have anywhere to shoot long distance currently due to my location and work schedule. But I am happy to report that I've never had a problem with it. No FTFs or stoppages for any reason.

    The only problem I have had is disassembly. Its still really tight from the factory and I am sure my shooting it infrequently has not helped it to loosen up. I just can't seem to get the oprod to come off the reciever.


  7. mattw

    mattw Well-Known Member


    I've got the mossy oak stock on mine. I chose it because the wood stocks at the gun show were over-sized and felt too thick for me (I like the GI cut) and the standard black stock does not have the flip-up butt plate and cleaning kit compartment.

    These "club" threads are getting pretty cliche, but I always like pictures of M1As. Once someone starts a 1911 club in the auto loaders forum I predict the club threads will crumble. The 1911 club thread will be like the second coming of Christ, it will bring about the club thread apocalypse. (The 642 thread is the first messiah of club threads).
  8. g5reality

    g5reality member

    My M1A

    I finally got out the camera and started taking pics. Here are a few of my M1A.

    Attached Files:

  9. detcord

    detcord Member

    loaded standard in a un-springfieldified*coughbondocough* synthetic stock.

  10. Farnham

    Farnham Well-Known Member

    Standard SA Inc M1A, in a USGI stock. Bought for something like $1100 a few years back, and was shocked to find everything but the receiver, oprod, and (of course) the Cali legal muzzle brake were H&R USGI parts. It came in a Boyds walnut stock, but I like the GI better.

    I'd like to say it's been trouble free, but the bolt came apart once while shooting when the extractor broke, and I had to send the bolt back to SA. Cost of shipping and had it back in 8 days, all better. Gotta love that warranty.

    Currently have 1000 rounds of Port (shoulda kept it), ~600 rounds of Aussie (kept an undisclosed amount of that), and about 600 rounds of SA (with another 720 on hand) through it, and it shoots decent 3 or 4 inch groups at 100 yds from a sitting position. Before somebody says "that sucks," a non-accurized Standard isn't made for MOA, and I think it's just fine. It's also a ton of fun to shoot in the local carbine matches, it makes the M4gery and AK shooters all sit up and notice with that boom. :D

  11. High Planes Drifter

    High Planes Drifter Well-Known Member

    I have a Springfield Armory Standard. I've been having it for about 3 or 4 years now. Great rifle. I think I've got it sighted in prefect as of today. I love the rifle. Farnham, your rig out looks like mine; an M1A and a 1911! I put 250 rds. of Wolf thru my Springer GI today, not 1 hiccup. My 1911 runs like a sewing machine.
  12. RockRifle

    RockRifle Well-Known Member

    mattw- Don't fight it, it only gets more inaccurate as it loosens up. My loaded standard has the same problem, so I just move the bolt back or forward and use q-tips to clean. If the oprod runs the same track on every shot and doesn't rub anywhere, it is inherently more accurate than if it slops all around. Of course you have to break it in, but consistancy shot to shot is key!
    The barreled action Should be snug in the stock, and the bolt and oprod should slide freely on the barrelled action when you have the recoil spring off of it.
    Tight and smooth, that is the beauty of the Garand action!:D
  13. BADUNAME13

    BADUNAME13 Well-Known Member

    I had a Roller retaining pin break while I was shooting (Port)
    It acted like a jam. I taped, racked and kept shooting. I didn't know it was broken till I took it apart to clean it!

    Springfield paid to have the bolt air overnighted both ways. (My spare bolts were on order at the time.)
  14. Geno

    Geno Well-Known Member


    Is your standard a chromed bored?

    Back in 1999, I had a wood-stocked M1A "Loaded" and a stainless barrel. I sold it because the doctors told me I would never hunt or work again...still kicking myself. Then, after the very successful surgery to implant an electronic stimulator into my spine, it became possible for me, and painless I might add, to fire longguns. Praise the Lord!!!

    So, a couple of years back, I celebrated that fact with the purchase of a new SA M1A "Loaded". This time, I purchased the fiberglass stock with carbon barrel. How sweet! I also have the 3rd gen. scope mount, 30MM rings, and a 2nd gen. SA scope. In addition, I have a reddot sight to use when I choose. It's a nice package and is darned accurate! I keep it locked ultra-securely away and fire it for special occasions basically. To date, I still have not fired more than perhaps 250 rounds. I want this rifle to last me a lifetime.

    A SOCOM sure is tempting as an addition. But sell this? Never!


  15. mattw

    mattw Well-Known Member

    I am ashamed to admit that I have no idea. Are they usually that way? Mine is bone-stock off the rack.. I haven't done a thing to it.
  16. Geno

    Geno Well-Known Member


    Very nice firearm! I think stock is how the M1As are best! I read some years back that the standard M1As had chromed bores. I tried to locate one, exactly like yours, but they had none in stock. I actually wanted a standard, not the "Loaded". They are much lighter, and I understood (but not positive) had chromed bores.

    I will have to e-mail or call SA.


  17. nwilliams

    nwilliams Well-Known Member


    My Scout Squad with Leupold Scout Scope. One of my favorite guns, loved it from day one a few years ago and love it just as much to this day! Fun, accurate, reliable, ect. There's nothing I don't like about it!

    Attached Files:

  18. mattw

    mattw Well-Known Member

    Doc, I'll have to take a look at it when I get a chance and get back to you. I'm not at home right now but I'll try to remember to PM you about it when I can get my hands on the rifle.
  19. RockRifle

    RockRifle Well-Known Member

    Reading the Barrel Stamp

    hey mattw- just lock your bolt to the rear, and the barrel stamp will be exposed ahead of the oprod. My SA loaded standard has a H&R Aug '68 barrel mounted. She will shoot with my dad's Supermatch in slow fire.
  20. nbkky71

    nbkky71 Well-Known Member

    Here's mine. A loaded-standard that was upgraded to NM specs by my gun-plumber.


    I started shooting highpower with this rifle and it will easily hold the 10-ring @ 600 yards using match ammo (...and when I'm holding up my end).

    I shoot the AR now but still pull it out of the safe from time to time so she can stretch her legs. :)

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