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M1A NM collectors edition

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Sharp669, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. Sharp669

    Sharp669 New Member

    I saw a classified for an older M1A NM wood stock "collector's edition" from around 1980. Any advantage to these rifles versus a new M1A? Were these springfields at one time made with forged receivers? What would one be worth?
  2. Match14

    Match14 New Member

    Well I not an expert armorer, but I am an engineer and have studied materials some while I was in school.
    M1a's have had cast receivers since they were commercially introduced. The key to remember is that casting has improved a lot in the last few decades. I have never heard of a cast receiver becoming wore out.
    As to the advantages used vs new M1a's I would consider the following.
    1. Price, a used national match rifle should cost less than a brand new one, unless it has been customized or build by a renowned armorer. The difference in price can be used for ammo.
    2. USGI parts are more common on older rifles.
    3. I have heard that certain Springfield armory receivers have had scope mounting issues. But I don't think that this apply to ones built in the early 80's.
    4. For price I would say expect to pay about 80% of what a new NM M1a sells for if your looking for one in good shape. Judging by the my experiences in Indiana I would say a nice used NM rifle will cost around 12-1300, unless it has been customized or build by a renowned armorer.
    Hope that helps.
  3. Sharp669

    Sharp669 New Member

    Thnx, Match 14!
  4. MythBuster

    MythBuster member

    When it comes to SA Inc rifles the older the better.
  5. Sharp669

    Sharp669 New Member

    He wants like 2400 for it which sound like a ripoff since it is not unfired NIB.
  6. 30Cal

    30Cal Active Member

    Too much. M1a's don't really have collector value. If it's got nice GI parts, it's worth maybe $1500-1800 as a NM.

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