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Mac 90 furniture replacement

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Dale M, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. Dale M

    Dale M Member

    I have a Mac 90 that had the thumb hole stock which was broken before I got it and orderd a nice Standard AK set of furniture for it,,the stock and hand grip were easy to install.

    Now the hard part is the hand guard/fore end,,I know i will have to modify the lower piece but how in the heck do you remove this assembly,,I found this info on line but when I got my parts and went to find the info again,I'm having a brain fart and can't seem to locate this info.

    And pictures on what to hit with a hammer ect would be helpful, so if anyone knows of a site with this info I would be greatful Thanks.

    And on another note this rifle seems to have a tripod attachment without it's legs any help with this would also be apreaciated.
  2. kimberkid

    kimberkid Well-Known Member

    You shouldn't need a hammer for the upper or lower handguard.
    To remove the hand guard, you have to pull out the bolt/gas piston. Then flip up the lever on the right hand side of the rear sight block to remove the upper hand guard/gas tube ... to get that piece of wood off it rotates around the gas tube. To remove the lower, there is a small lever on the right hand side that locks the retainer in place ... rotate it 180 degrees forward and slide the retainer forward. Of course if there is a cleaning rod it will have to be removed too then the lower hand guard will slip right off.


    Oh, by the way ... in order to keep in compliance with 922r, you should replace 5 of the foreign parts, or 6 if you have a threaded barrel ... the easiest to replace are the stock, handguard and pistol grip ... that counts as 3, then if you replace the trigger, hammer and disconnecter that takes you to 6 so you are well within the law ... and you can use any AK mag ... another common part to replace is the gas piston.

    Also ... is it a MAK-90 or 91? The 91 has a long barrel and if you have a collar at the front of the barrel for a bipod you may be able to pick one up on line by searching for a MAK-91 ... or it could be something someone has added if its a MAK-90 as I've never seen anything like that from factory on a 90
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2010
  3. Dale M

    Dale M Member

    Thanks, I'm sittin here reading your reply and it just fell apart in my hands lol.

    And I heard from a couple places to wack something and couldn't bring myself to hit it with anything until I knew for sure what I was doing.

    And it's a 90 without the third rivit I've been reading about, I was worried until I checked.

    I also have a romanian AK 47 with the single stack 10 round clips thats a blast but I wanted something with a larger mag,,And am I required to add more to this gun to make it compliant,And am I also required to do the same with my other AK,I've had this one since new and it's still in perfect cond.
  4. Dale M

    Dale M Member

    I thought about a couple other questions after I posted my last response,,,,Are the made in USA parts better/the same?

    And I've read that adding a USA made flash supressor and the gas piston could get me in compliance.

    My barrel isn't threaded and I would like to keep my guns in compliance without ripping it apart and making it less reliable,,,,,And what determinds when you have to bring your gun into complience
  5. TIMC

    TIMC Well-Known Member

    I went with Ironwood designs furniture and a Tapco gas piston and AK74 style muzzle brake. They are all compliant parts. My Norinco looks much better now!

  6. Sheldon

    Sheldon Well-Known Member

    Nice!!! I gotta do that to mine one of these days!!
  7. JTH

    JTH Well-Known Member

    Yeah that lever had me stumped for a while. I'm in the process of removing the furniture. My Norinco MAK 90 came with the compositite thumbhole stock and since I didn't live where I couldn't shoot often it wasn't a priority but had this project on the back burner. I now live where I can shoot on weekends, I came across some laminated wood furniture at Centerfire marked down to 49.99. I saw the furniture on AK47 pics at another forum and it looked really nice. I know about the adjustments that will need to be made due to the thicker receiver. Got a dremel tool and wood file, I'll will take it slowly, I want the shoulder stock to be centered properly. Some how projects are never as easy as they look. I'll post pics once finished!
  8. kimberkid

    kimberkid Well-Known Member

    If you haven't altered the Romanian, I would just leave it alone ... the 10 round mag is a compliance issue too ... you could take a dremmel and open the mag well up to take a standard mag but then you would need to bring it back into parts count compliance too ... plus, if you do this the mags are very wobbly (side to side) because the receiver doesn't have the dimples in the receiver to hold them straight.

    Back to your MAK-90

    As to quality of US made parts, I've never heard of anyone having trouble with the Tapco or Red Star parts ... I have heard of people having trouble with trigger slap and hammers that break with other brands.

    The thing most people get confused about; its not how many US made parts you can add (such as a flash-hider) but how many foreign made parts you can replace to change the classification from an imported firearm to a domestic firearm ... yeah, this is stuff you can't make up ... it takes lawyers to come up with crap like this :)

    Adding a flash-hider to a gun that doesn't have one doesn't change the imported parts count as you haven't removed any imported parts.

    Here's a list of the parts for the AK that 922r considers to determine your weapons status ... if you have 10 or less foreign parts from this list then you have a domestic weapon if you have 11 or more you have an imported weapon.

    1. Barrel
    2. Receiver
    3. Front and Rear Trunnions (Applies to stamped receivers only)
    4. Bolt Carrier
    5. Bolt
    6. Gas Piston
    7. Butt-stock
    8. Pistol Grip
    9. Upper and Lower Hand-guards (Both count as 1 part)
    10. *Muzzle Device*
    11. Hammer
    12. Trigger
    13. Disconnector
    14. Magazine Body
    15. Magazine Follower
    16. Magazine Floorplate

    Since you have a MAK-90 which does not have a threaded barrel/flash-hider you only have 15 from this list so you only need to replace 5 parts ... to get to the magic number of 10.

    In the early days of the ban a lot of people replaced the Stock, handguard pistol-grip, Magazine Follower and Floorplate (the early ones came in with no threads like your MAK) ... but to stay in compliance you would have to change every Magazine Follower and Floorplate in every mag you have ... now days with more US parts available most shooters choose parts that are part of the gun so you can use any mag and not worry about it.

    For any AK the easiest and most common parts to replace are the Trigger, Hammer & Sear ... the Tapco G3 set is one of the best. The Pistol grip is another easy & cheap part to replace ... now you only need to replace 1 more part. The cheap and easy parts are the hand-guard, stock or the gas piston.

    I've built a few AK' and for compliance parts I use a US made receiver and I like to replace the Trigger, Hammer, Sear, gas piston and muzzle device as these parts don't alter the original look of the weapon ... but if you are going to replace the stocks anyway its just as easy (although generally more expensive) to replace with US stocks. The gas piston is a little tricky ... you have to punch out the rivet that holds it to the bolt carrier and drill a hole through the new piston to install the rivet in.

    Here's a link that goes into more depth but feel free to post again if you have more questions ...

    Here's a picture of a few I've built ... the top 3 still need sand-blast and paint ... the bottom one is a AK pistol I built in 2008 in definance to the Obamanation of our country.

  9. InkEd

    InkEd Well-Known Member

    Those look pretty good. What were the base guns for them?
  10. kimberkid

    kimberkid Well-Known Member

    They were all built on AMD-65 parts kits. The bottom one has an original AMD barrel but the other 3 have Romanian 16" barrels ... The top one has original Hungarian AKM hard wood which I believe is Beech. The side-folder is an AMD-63 clone (same as the 65 but with a 16" barrel. The underfolder has a Romanian underfold stock as well as barrel.
  11. Dale M

    Dale M Member

    KimberKid, I have read your responce to compliance parts and you mention that I still need 2-3 more parts to be in complience with the Mac 90 and the trigger/hammer and sear being one of the changes I could make,,,,And you mention cheaper than dirt which is where I've been getting my supplies and their newest catalog shows a G2 trigger group will that actually count as 3 922r compliant parts and keep me legal?

    And they ask weather I want a single or double hook??????

    I'm a union carpenter by trade and modifying my fore wood to fit is a no brainer,,can I install this trigger myself and will this kit be enough,,I'm mechanicly inclined ,do I need special tools or a gunsmith.

    I can't wait to go play with this one and want to be legal.
  12. MAKster

    MAKster Well-Known Member

    The simple way to convert a MAK-90 is the Tapco fire control group (considered 3 parts) and the Ironwood stock or a K-var stock set with some filing (2 parts). You need to also use a U.S. pistol grip, but it doesn't count towards the 5 U.S. parts since it is not replacing a foreign part.
  13. briansmithwins

    briansmithwins Well-Known Member

  14. kimberkid

    kimberkid Well-Known Member

    If you replaced your foreign furniture with US made furniture the G2 trigger group will count toward the last 3 pieces you need.

    You can replace a double hook with a single but usually not vise-versa. So its always safe to go with a single hook ... What "they" are referring to when they ask single or double hook are the hooks on the trigger that "hook" over the hammer when it goes back into the cocked position. I believe the MAK's came with double hooks in them (and they were one of the smoothest triggers I've ever pulled in an AK).

    Anyway here are a couple pictures showing the difference, highlighted in green:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    You don't need any tools to change the trigger except a small screwdriver. The only tricky part to replacing the fire control group in an AK is the retainer which is a piece of spring wire referred to as the Shepperd's hook. This little piece of wire can drive you crazy ... or you can get a pin retaining plate for $6 from Apex gun parts ... they also have double and single hook G2 triggers for $29.

  15. Dale M

    Dale M Member

    Thanks for all your information,,I just orderd the tapco g2 trigger assembly and they say it contains a retaining plate,,,Is this the retaining plate you're talking about and if so cheaper sells this entire set for $28.

    And my 90 has the double hook so I orderd a double as mine is identical to your pics,,and I just looked at my romanian and it's a single but seems like the hook is slightly longer?

    I live in AZ and have no issues with going anywhere with my guns anytime,,gotta love this state and just want to stay legal, we can even strap on a holster and open carry.

    And by the way we just passed a law where we don't even need a ccw to cc anymore but you still have to be legal to even own a firearm to enjoy the new law,,And our self defense laws are rewritten so you no longer have to prove your innocent/the intruder no longer has to be in your house,or be armed,,,just a real threat to your safety/or others.

    Everyone said the blood would run after the self defense law was passed,,never happened and when the cc law was passed they said the same thing,,again never happened,so it may get hot as hell here sometimes,but this is a great place to live.
  16. kimberkid

    kimberkid Well-Known Member

    Glad to be of help!

    Kansas is slowly catching up, on gun laws ... we can open carry but some cities prohibit it. We've had SBR's for as long as I can remember but until a couple years ago no full auto or suppressors then we got that law repealed too ... and 4 years ago we over-rode the governor's veto and passed concealed carry with a license ...

    Wow ... prices have really come down, thats a great price compared to a year or two ago when I was building!

    I've always loved AZ's gun laws ... I lived in Winslow from '73 to '76 when I was in high school but am a Kansas boy at heart ... 3 days after graduation I was on a train back home and been here ever since.

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