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Made the mistake of visiting Gander Mountain

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by MilsurpShooter, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. MilsurpShooter

    MilsurpShooter Well-Known Member

    I finally found a Gander mountain location and took my buddy up on Saturday to peruse the used gun section. I wasn't too happy with what I saw. A few shotguns, some Remington 700's. There were 3 things that caught my eye however, a Mini-14 with threaded barrel, nothing on the end however, no magazine, and quite a bit of dust down the barrel, price wasn't so bad though. What really had me almost reaching for my wallet was a K-31. They had two of them, stocks were dinged up and dirty but the crown and the metal all looked nearly 100%. Bright metal on the bolt, someone had recently put some oil on them too. Drawback was neither of them had a magazine. I'm going to hit up my usual store sometime this week, see what kind of selection he has as far as the K-31's go. They wanted $250 for it, as is, so I guess the question is, is it worth it and how hard would it be to find a new K-31 Magazine? lol
  2. Trebor

    Trebor Well-Known Member

    They likey have the magazines in the gun vault in the back. They probably removed them to keep them from being stolen. Just ask.
  3. only1asterisk

    only1asterisk member

    You should be able to get 2 K31's for $250.

  4. MilsurpShooter

    MilsurpShooter Well-Known Member

    I actually did ask the gunsmith, when he finally got a minute. Swear theres 4 people for every one sales person in that place lol. Said the way they're on the rack is the way they sell them and in order to get a new magazine I would need to contact the manufacturer. :confused:

    Might drive back up this weekend but my first opinion of the place wasn't much... Maybe a second try will change my mind
  5. davera

    davera Well-Known Member

    K31 magazines

    Those prices on the K31's are pretty high from my experience even at overpriced gunshows. Magazines for a K31 are seldom to never found by themselves - I've never encountered a stray mag anywhere.
  6. offthepaper

    offthepaper Well-Known Member

    And both of them should come with their mags. :scrutiny:
  7. MilsurpShooter

    MilsurpShooter Well-Known Member

    See this is why I ask, don't want to pull another Mitchells Bone head manuever :eek: So no go on the K-31's. Decent condition Mini-14 for $450? lol

    Aww well, at least I've gone to a big sporting goods store now. Living in Westchester County (What I'm sure will soon be another satellite California soon) I don't have access to the big chain sporting goods. I have a gun store 32 miles north of me, and Wal Mart, that's about it and no, the close one's in White Plains, they wouldn't dare sell firearms there lol. I hear so much about Gander and the Big 5 that I just wanted to see what the big thing was about and if it really was such a change. I admit, I did drool a little when I went in and saw the sheer amount of firearms there, but I should have known better because the newer stuff never really appealed to me. Even when I look at the new stuff it's the Marlin lever, or the Colt SAA or 1911. They had 3 really nice Blackpowder pistols there that I will be reading more into soon. Think I'm just going to stick to the little store I know. They've been good to me so far.
  8. toivo

    toivo Well-Known Member

    I'd also recommend Thruway Sporting Goods in Walden, NY (Orange County). Their prices aren't quite as good as the chain stores (except occasionally on ammo), but their gun selection is a little "tastier."
  9. m.p.driver

    m.p.driver Active Member

    When k31's were still $79 at aimsurplus i went ahead and bought a second one just for the magazine for rapid fire matches,magazines were $69 if you could find one.No magazines in a k31 on the shelf?someone made a little money.
  10. lee n. field

    lee n. field Well-Known Member

    Threaded barrel? Was the front sight mounted midway down the barrel, by any chance?
  11. ReadyontheRight

    ReadyontheRight Well-Known Member

    I learned from a bad experience at a match that K31 magazines are NOT necessarily interchangable. Tough to shoot rapid fire prone when your 2nd magazine falls out after every shot.

    Buy one for $79 at www.AimSurplus.com. Or two.
  12. Koobuh

    Koobuh Well-Known Member

    ^ what he said.
    K31 magazines were painstakingly hand-fitted and serialized to that rifle.
    You MAY get another to work, but it's not worth the trouble.
    You can almost get two K31's for that price, WITH magazines, from online sellers like AIM surplus, etc. Pick up a Shotgun News and scour it, you will find several sellers.
    All you need to do is have one of your local FFL dealers fax a copy of their FFL to the company you want to buy from, call them up the next day to make sure it's on file, and place your order, telling them to send the item to the FFL you had fax their stuff in. When it arrives, you pay the FFL the transfer fee they specify (usually between $10-$50), do the check thingy, and it's yours.

    Or you could get a C&R FFL for $30 and a few weeks of waiting, then get eligible items sent directly to your door, but that's a whole 'nuther can of worms. ;)
  13. Trebor

    Trebor Well-Known Member

    I briefly worked at GM awhile back. The gunsmiths and the sales staff are separate and one area doens't always know the answer about the other.

    The gunsmith's answer sounds like the standard answer he'd give without really thinking about it much. I bet if you ask one of the sales staff, you'd find out they do have the K-31 mags stashed in the back. Store policy where I worked was not to have detachable mags in the guns on the sales floor. I bet they do the same at that store.

    I could be wrong, but I bet those mags are in the back and you just got a bad answer.
  14. Titan6

    Titan6 member

    Been good to me too

    And they keep the mags in the back.

    And they negotiate as well, if the piece has been around a while. Sometimes even if it is 'new'. Now the ammo prices on the other hand....

    And still the local fuzz came in and bought all of the on hand .223 last month - all of it... Because it is still hard to find.
  15. Prince Yamato

    Prince Yamato Well-Known Member

    I can't remember the name of it, but there's good shooting store right in the heart of Victor, NY. I remember it being in a red building.
  16. MilsurpShooter

    MilsurpShooter Well-Known Member

    The one in Middletown is where I went, just a half hour drive from a friend of mines house so we made a trip out of it and Lee, I don't believe so, going by photos online this is the closest approximation I could locate, however instead of stainless it looked almost parkerised


    And regarding the mags and what not, I'll give them another chance this weekend, going to go to my local store and see what he has in terms of the K-31... Who knows, maybe he'll even have my holy grail in... Wishful thinking lol.

    And now I'm leaning towards the C&R... I've always put it off simply because of the money. Need a new safe, more ammo storage, more dies and reloads :rolleyes: ... [Bat Fastard from Austin Powers] It's a vicious cycle [/Bat Fastard]

    Also just got a call from a friend of mine, he's looking to "dispose" of some firearms in his collection... I'd been good for about a year since I bought my Mosin Nagant but all of a sudden the bug came up and bit me again HARD lol
  17. MHBushmaster

    MHBushmaster Well-Known Member

    Victor, NY gunshop...

    ...is Pro Gun shop, on Route 96, about 1 mile outside of downtown village of Victor. There is another gun shop on the other side of Victor in next door village of Farmington called Liberty Gun Shop. both are nice stores, a bit overpriced but that is to be expected for what merchandise is in the store. The do transfers for the going rate of $25 for rifles, $35 pistols. They are Black Rifle friendly and also advocate voting Hilary and Chuck out of office and provide info on how to register to vote if they run across someone that hasn't taken that step...good people. They could do a transfer for a K-31 for much less than the quoted price from the downstate Gander Mtn. Of course one should get a 03 FFL and just have the UPS folks deliver it to your doorstep especially if one lives out in the country.
  18. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    The GM near me will work with you on used gun pricing. They might come down some with you as well.
  19. sorensen440

    sorensen440 member

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