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mag springs for metalform 10 rounders w round metal follower

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Full Metal Jacket, May 30, 2010.

  1. anyone know the wolff spring# to use?

    i ordered one from brownells, and the top loop is smaller, allowing the follower to slightly nose dive and not lock the slide back.

    i need a 10 rounds 1911 .45 mag spring that's the same loop size, top to bottom.

    wolff's website is useless for this, and ismi springs i tried were horrible.

  2. fastbolt

    fastbolt Well-Known Member

    I've encountered this situation before, myself, for another brand of 10-rd mags.

    I ended up speaking with one of the folks at Wolff about it. He recommended a set of their extra length springs, in my case for Colt-type mags & followers.

    (Quick trip out to the bench to dig through my spring drawer ...)

    The Wolff stock number is 77463, but that's for a spring design which has different size/shape coils at each end (Colt). You'll probably have to find out from them if they have any which have the size/shape of end coils that you need.

    Anyway, the description on the package reads ...

    Pistol Magazine Spring
    Extra Power

    **Extra Coils on Spring**

    For Use In:
    Colt 1911 & Commander .45 for REPAIR ONLY of existing custom capacity single stack magazines.

    They're serious about that fitting bit, too. ;)

    The gentleman discussed how to measure the compressed coil stack height within the mag body so the slide's pick-up rail will have proper clearance room to compress the mag load when the fully loaded mag is inserted in the gun. It took some time doing it 1 coil at a time and checking the mag for clearance under a full load. Subsequent live-fire function testing confirmed everything worked as expected in an early model Kimber and a Colt Gov Model.

    Frankly, unless some company selling 10-rd mags offers replacement springs for their 10-rd mags, I'm not interested in doing that each time someone needs a new spring for their whatever-brand 10-rd mags anymore. Not really cost-effective when it comes to my bench time for the questionable benefit of an extra 2 rounds, in my opinion, anyway.

    Call Wolff and ask to discuss it with someone familiar with the issue. Make sure you get the right shape/style of top coil winding for your followers.
  3. Thanx for the info, and checking on that spring # for me, my friend! :)

    I was thinking of tying that 18 coil extra length one you referred to, bit since the top coil is smaller I guess that's not the one I need either.

    What a pain in the neck! I had no probs with the wolff springs in my 7 round metalforms, as the have standard gi followers like colt mags. The 10 rounder has the round metal follower though.

    Guess if it comes down to it, I can just change out the follower to the gi one....

    Guess I'll call wolff, or a tech at brownells.
  4. Oops, double tap
  5. Ismi springs suck

    By the way, don't waste your time on those chrome silicon ismi springs.

    I tried their recoil, & mags springs--all were weaker than the springs they were replacing.

    Retuned all seven of them to brownells.
  6. ^^everyone i know that's tried wilson springs says they don't last very long, guess that's why wilson replaces them for free if you buy their $40 mags lol

    don't know where to get mcCormick springs. don't really hear much about those...
  7. :eek:

    thanks for the link, doc. i'll do some research on chip's springs. i just never really hear anything about them.....makes me suspicious lol :)

    you ever order stuff from that site?
  8. ^i thought you didn't like 1911's.....:eek:
  9. of course! but you really don't hear much about the quality of their springs....:eek:
  10. you know, i just might order the cmc follower that goes with the spring i got. it'll make replacing the springs easier in the future too.

    good call, doc glock.

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