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Mag vs Mag

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by culpepper, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. culpepper

    culpepper Member

    Her I am again:banghead: My original randall mag always feeds fine, when I use a colt mag it does not feed properly, usually jams after 4 or 5 rounds, whats going on, any help out there:banghead:
  2. swabjocky

    swabjocky Member

    Colt gave you one of their Chinese cheap a$$ mags.
  3. 45TxN

    45TxN Member

    I have a 1977 full size 1911 with two original colt mags and three kimbers (2-series 1 and a Warrior (also series 1).

    I have never used the kimber mags. :eek: :D

    The colt mags occasionaly will not feed properly. So I do not use them....anymore.

    I use Chip McCormick Shooting Star mags......and as of late, the CM Power Mags. I have had some of the older (4-5 years) shooting stars fail to feed. They could use a cleaning and a new spring and I bet they would be fine. None of the Power Mags have had any fail to feed.

    I just purchased my first Wilson Combat 47D last week. I sent approximately 200 rounds each through two of the kimbers useing the one 47D. No problems what so ever. I plan on buying at least two more 47D's even though they are almost twice as much as the Power Mags.

    Oh, and I'll continue to buy a few more of the Power Mags as well.
  4. Steve C

    Steve C Well-Known Member

    There are all kinds of reasons a magazine may not feed relaibly. If the mag is brand new it could be the springs are too strong. If the magazine will feed when loaded with 5 rounds or 6 but hangs up when loaded with 7 or 8 then it should get better over time as the springs weaken a bit. It could be the magazine spring is oriented incorrectly in the magazine allowing the follower to drop in the front. It could be there are burrs or other roughness on the magazine lips that are causing the rounds to tilt when fed. It could be a bent mag lip.

    There are probably many other reasons but these are some that I can think of right away.
  5. culpepper

    culpepper Member


    Well my randall mag spring is strong and the colt spring is weak,and also at the top of the randall mag it is round and the colt is flat, and the original clip is stainless steel, I wonder if randall made their own mags or did they contract out. Would any other mags work:confused: :confused: :confused:

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