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Major issues w/ new Ruger SR 1911

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Johnny Lightning, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. Johnny Lightning

    Johnny Lightning New Member

    My friend just got into shooting and purchased his second pistol an SR 1911 by Ruger. The gun looks great and seems to have a great slide to frame fit along w/ bushing to barrel fit but the good things seem to end there. We loaded up the factory 8rnd mag and started to shoot. The first round just about hit the bullseye at 15yrds then the second round was just low of the bullseye in the 9 ring then we had our first failure to eject. I cleared out the FTE and loaded the next round and had another failure to eject and then another....not good. I have a Wilson combat mag for my Springfield Loaded so we tired that and same scenario...FTE after FTE. Along w/ the FTE's I had a couple of issues w/ getting the Ruger into battery and had to use a good bit of force on the rear of the slide to return to battery. After about 20 rounds of Winchester white box we gave up and shot our Glocks...not an issue w/ either glocks :p Back to the Ruger...I also noticed the trigger was very loose and jiggled about where the trigger on my springer is not nearly that loose. My friend is going to call Ruger on Monday and send it back for the FTE and trigger issues. Any one else having any issues w/ their new SR 1911?
  2. I have not heard of any issues with the ruger but I dont have one. All of the reviews that I have read on the ruger indicated that it is a really nice 1911, granted most said somthing like I got my new 1911 and put 100 rounds through it flawlessly.
  3. Johnny Lightning

    Johnny Lightning New Member

    I am just bummed for my friend that got a dud 1911. I know that Ruger will fix the problems and I am fairly sure it will come back working 100% it just the hassle and irriatation of have to wait to use it. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later...anyone that is a gun enthusiast is going to get a dud eventually even from a reputable company...I just thank my lucky stars it was Ruger and not another company w/ lousy customer service.
  4. NMGonzo

    NMGonzo New Member

    Even Rolex has a faulty product once in a while.
  5. Moose458

    Moose458 New Member

    You're right, Ruger's customer service is first rate and they WILL make good on it, and fix anything wrong. It's too bad it has to happen, but everybody has to spend some time in the barrel once in a while.
  6. MovedWest

    MovedWest Member


    Might be that the slide spring needs some wear or some stiffer ammo through it to break in. If it's still giving you problems, contact Ruger. They'll make it right.

  7. Rinspeed

    Rinspeed Active Member

    Did you check the extractor tension and make sure it looks alright.
  8. Johnny Lightning

    Johnny Lightning New Member

    I figured w/ all of the issues that the Ruger 1911 has that my friend should send it back to Ruger and let them fix it. Another thing I noticed when I was shooting it was that before firing the slide felt smooth and then gritty after firing? Does anyone else think their trigger is really loose also? We are going to call Ruger today and talk to their customer service...I will let you know how it goes. I have a feeling that w/ the high demand of this 1911 they are pumping them out too quickly and there are issues due to this.
  9. Apocalypse-Now

    Apocalypse-Now New Member

    sounds like maybe a tight extractor.

    some 1911's do come with loose triggers, as long as it's not too loose, it won't cause any issues. however, if it were me, i'd try to get ruger to remedy it, or just fit an aftermarket trigger.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2011
  10. dtsdave

    dtsdave New Member

    Did you lube the slide with good oil. I have Dan Wesson 1911's and that is a classic mistake. Strip it and lube the heck out of it and try again.
  11. Nakanokalronin

    Nakanokalronin New Member

    Try checking the extractor tension to see if that's the issue. The 1911 has its own personality and one will not be the same as the next one, even if its same brand and model. The extractor can come incorrectly tuned from any manufacture and is one thing that has to be realized by every 1911 owner out there. I would also suggest trying some other ammo like Federal in the maroon colored box.

    I have an SR1911 and have not had a single malfunction in over 2,500 rounds now.
  12. mike.h

    mike.h New Member

    On a different forum a couple of the guys reported that they were having so so results with the WWB ammo. Personally my springfield mil-spec doesn't like the stuff or I, too, have a box of the so-so stuff.

    Before you send it back, try a little oil on the slide and some different ammo.
  13. rellascout

    rellascout member

    I am not 1911tuner but I do not think this is an ammo issue. I woud check the extractor as others have pointed out.

    Either way Ruger should fis it and send it back without much hassle. It is pretty diasspointing to get a new toy and have it crap the bed right out of the box.

    Let us know how it turns out.
  14. tension

    tension New Member

    How would he check the extractor?
  15. thefamcnaj

    thefamcnaj New Member

    I have a Ruger Sr40c in the shop right now for repair. It had a 15% failure rate out of the box, all FTE. I'm 2for2 with Ruger. Both pistols right out of the box.....right back to the factory. I like Ruger but probably will not buy another pistol from them.
  16. rellascout

    rellascout member

  17. Johnny Lightning

    Johnny Lightning New Member

    Today at work my friend called Ruger in Arizona to see about sending back his 1911. At first they resisted in having it sent in due to not being fully "broken in" they said it should be fired 200 times before being considered "broken in". I told them that it was FTE-ing almost every round which was becoming in my opinion unsafe after about the 15th FTE. We also explained the failure to return to battery and having to use a sufficient amount of force to get it into battery. Then we put the icing on the cake and explained the loose jiggly trigger that we didn't feel was fitted correctly. At that point they said to send it in and it would take around 15-20 days to fix. I feel he just got a dud...I have a loaded springfield and have never had any of the issues he is having w/ his new Ruger 1911. Like I said before I feel it will come back working 100% in a couple of weeks.
  18. Johnny Lightning

    Johnny Lightning New Member

    question about shipping

    Ruger said we can ship from a UPS hub to Ruger...is that true? I tried to send a handgun through the same UPS hub a couple of years ago and they told me I had to go through my FFL.
  19. 1KPerDay

    1KPerDay Active Member

    Trust ruger. You can ship back to manufacturer without going through FFL.
  20. Apocalypse-Now

    Apocalypse-Now New Member

    local employees at some UPS and Fedex stores are clueless about shipping firearms and often give out wrong info. yes, you can ship through either.

    i've shipped plenty of guns back to manufacturers through both, and personally, i would go through fedex.

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