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Makarov mag extender

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by cls12vg30, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. cls12vg30

    cls12vg30 Well-Known Member

    Sort of on a goof I picked up a +2 magazine extender from eBay for my Mak. I figure for 3 bucks what have I got to lose? It arrived yesterday, and I must say I am pleasantly surprised. I have heard other people say that have installed extenders and the magazine would no longer lock in, but I do not have that problem. You have to snap the mag in with authority, but it will always catch the mag lock.

    Installing the extender required me to modify it slightly, since the channel that was molded into the extender for the magazine follower tab to travel in needed to be enlarged to accomodate the Bulgarian's follower. This possibility and the procedure for the modification were clearly spelled out in the excellent instructions that were included with the extender. A few minutes with a Dremel and the job was done. The extended mag now functions perfectly. I won't be using the extended mag when I CCW the Mak, as it of course adds height, but it's nice to have a spare that will hold 10 rounds.

    My Mak with the extended magazine loaded:

    Here you can see the difference between the stock and extended mags:
    And a shot of my little Eastern Bloc arsenal, including the CZ-52 which just got a beautiful new set of wood grips from Makarov.com, I am amazed what a difference they made in both the look and feel of the '52, it's like a new gun!
  2. clipse

    clipse Well-Known Member

    uhhhh. Isn't it difficult to get the mag out? I would think the extended part would get in the way of the mag catch.

  3. NoScreenName

    NoScreenName Well-Known Member


    thx for the pics too.

    Just a thought: the mag removal problem might not be much of an issue with a ring on the mag release.

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